349 Fourth Princes Order 3

    "Come in," Auron shouted from inside the room.

    The store's manager went inside the private room with a bulk of mana potions in his hand. Then, he gave the mana potions to Auron and said, "Here are 100 million golds worth mana potions. We still need some time to prepare the other mana potions."

    The store had enough mana potions worth more than 500 million gold. However, that stocks of mana potions, obviously, would not be put in one store. They were scattered all over the store's branches across the kingdom. And, they would need some time to retrieve the mana potions.

    "Okay, no problem. Put it on the table. After this, I need some time alone."

    "Knock the door three times. If I don't open the door, just try again in the next 10 minutes," Auron said.

    Auron said that because he needed to go over to his other character to transfer the mana potions. Because of that, he could not receive the store's manager. Even though Auron could assign the AI to do that simple task, but he didn't want to do it. He was afraid there was something unforeseen happened.

    The store's manager nodded understanding and left the room. After the store's manager left the room, Auron began to prepare everything. He took the mana potions and stored it one by one to his inventory.

    Unfortunately, Auron could not bring everything in one go because of his limited inventory space. He had to do this several times. After filling his inventory, Auron went over to the other character.

    The general had been waiting for Auron's return. After he distributed the last batch of mana potions, he directly went back to beside Auron.

    While waiting, he was carefully seeing Auron from top to bottom. It was so weird that this unimpressive person could do something like this. The general continuously guessing on Auron's way to transfer the goods inside his mind.

    Not long after, the general saw Auron's moving. He woke up from his thought and immediately went to Auron.

    Auron, who saw the general bowed and greeted the general, "Hello, general!"

    "Here is the next batch of mana potions." Auron began to give the general the mana potions he had.  After he emptied his inventory, he commanded the AI controlling his mage character to store the mana potions again.

    This was Auron kept on taking out the mana potions as if he had a magic bag that could summon mana potions. Soon, the general's hands were full of mana potions. He asked Auron to help him distributing the mana potions, which agreed by Auron.

    Auron took halves of the 100 million golds worth mana potions and began to distribute to the nearest soldiers or players.

    "This is from the Fourth Prince, please use it wisely!" Auron said to a mage beside him. Then, he went over to the cleric next to the mage and said the same line.

    Auron did this until he had distributed all of the mana potions. During spreading the mana potions, Auron more or less got the gist of the current battlefield's condition.

    The previous 10 million golds worth mana potions were a lot. However, because of the mysterious aura, that much mana potions means nothing. It was like drinking water.

    The situation improved because of that 10 million mana potions. However, it didn't last long. The improved condition only lasted for several minutes before beginning to decline once more.

    With this new batch of mana potions, the situation began to get better. And, this time, it would last longer than the previous. After settling everything, Auron went back to his last spot. Then, he went to his mage character.

    Auron went outside of the private room and asked the store's manager for the next batch. Then, he went back to the mage character. Auron had to go back and forth for two or three more times before all of the money spent.

    It took almost an hour for Auron to went back and forth as well as distributing the mana potions.

    Although Auron had spent all of the money, he didn't let the mage character went yet. He was standing by in case they needed more mana potions.

    After settling everything, Auron was controlling his swordsman character and looked at the battlefield situation. Thanks to the mana potions distributed, the players and soldiers had pushed back the monsters.

    Everyone also used their full force and area skills. The portals and the crystal's location were close. So, with one area skill, it could damage all three of them at once. Not to mention the monster around them.

    With the combined force from everyone, the damage soared up and drastically reduced the monsters, portals, and crystal's health. Both of the [Giant Papillon]s were at their end. They were low in their health. Meanwhile, the two portals were at 50% of their health while the crystal's health still at 80%.

    Several minutes later, both of the [Giant Papillon]s died. With two strong bosses who died, the players became braver and more aggressive.

    The situation got better and better. In the next half an hour, one of the portals destroyed while the other portal had low health. A minute later, the other portal followed the first portal and destroyed.

    With both of the summoning portal destroyed, the players and soldiers only needed to kill all of the leftover monsters, and there would no be monsters left beside the crystal.

    The troops' morale was high. Thanks to the mana potions given that turned back the situation. After every monster was killed, everyone started to focus on the crystals.

    Even though the crystal had high health and regeneration, with everyone attacking the crystal, its health still reduced faster.

    Meanwhile, with the situation under control, the Second Prince went to his younger brother, the Fourth Prince. He knew who made this situation could happen. It was thanks to the mana potions given by his younger brother. He wanted to know how could his younger brother did that.
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