350 Rewards Distribution 1

    "What's your secret?" The Second Prince started the conversation with his younger brother.

    With everything under control, they didn't need to attack anymore as the firepower from the other was enough. So, the Second Prince used this chance to satisfy his curiousness about how his younger brother could do such feat.

    The Fourth Prince answered with a mysterious smile, "I have my own secret. If I tell you then it would not be a secret anymore."

    "So, now you have grown up and started to keep a secret from your brother? Okay, fine with me." The Second Prince pretended to get angry.

    The Fourth Prince only answered with a shrugged in his shoulder before the Second Prince continued, "How much did you spend?"

    "Around 500 million golds." The Fourth Prince answered didn't care.

    "Later, I will transfer half of that amount to your bank account."

    The Fourth Prince looked at his brother, shocked. Actually, it was not a problem for him to bear that number, and he didn't ask for his brother to repay him. However, before he could say anything, the Second Prince continued, "We ventured this ancient ruin together, so it is correct that I bear half of that amount."

    The Fourth Prince started to admire his older brother. However, it didn't last long before his brother said, "So, can you tell me your secret?"

    The Fourth Prince's expression turned weird. He ignored his older brother and surveyed the battlefield. He knew that his older brother liked to joke like this.

    With the two royal brothers talked to each other, the battle started to reach its climax. There was only 40% of the crystal's health left. Soon, it was going down.

    The battle went smoothly. Moreover, the crystal could not attack at all. It could only regenerate its own health and used the mysterious aura.

    Although it could regenerate its own health but the damage had long surpassed the amount of its health recovered, so it didn't affect much.

    As there were no more dangers, Auron joined the fight. However, he also stayed cautious in case the crystal did something extraordinary. Not only that, even though Auron joined the fight, he didn't use any skills at all. He only made regular attacks.

    The battle lasted for another hour. Finally, the crystal cracked from top to bottom. Then, it slowly descended to the ground before broke and shattered into pieces.

    As soon as the crystal shattered into pieces, the mysterious aura dissipated and gone. All of the players and soldiers could breathe a relieving sigh.

    The ancient ruin exploration had lasted for more than 10 hours, and, now, it finally came to an end. The casualties during this main stage was not small. There were almost 50 thousand players and soldier that died during this process. However, the number of players and soldiers that survived still a lot. There were still around 150 thousand that survived.

    As the battle had ended, now, it is the time that everyone was waiting for, the rewards time. At the crystal's place, there was already a portal appeared on. That portal was used to access the ruin's treasury.

    There was such a great opportunity in front of them, but none of the players dared to do anything. It was because there was a royal prince here. Not just one but two.

    Although the players could rebel, however, they knew it only gave them a small benefit. After all, even if they could kill the prince here and seize the treasures when they exited through this ruin, they would be a fugitive.

    Moreover, the royalty members were actually not a stingy person. They would give everything fairly. So, why should they offend with the royal members when they were kind enough to distribute the treasures fairly.

    Of course, the royalty members would have the most significant portion of the treasures. But, as they were the ruler of the kingdom, it was an appropriate portion.

    The Second Prince looked at his surroundings. The players in a guild and the guild leaders all knew very well about the princes' nature. So, they were not worried they didn't get any rewards. However, for the players who were not acquainted with the princes, they were restless. But, they could do nothing since all the big players didn't do anything.

    The Second Prince declared, "I, on behalf of the royal members, thanked you for your great effort that we can conquer this ancient ruin. Now, it is time for us to claim the rewards. I promise that we will not mistreat your effort."

    Then, the Second Prince and the Fourth Prince, along with several generals, entered the portal. Meanwhile, the players were still waiting. It was because the exit portal was inside the treasure room. They needed to wait for the princes to allow them to enter the treasure room.

    Not long after, a general coming back from the treasure room and declared, "I have a list of names compiled by the princes. We will let you all to enter the treasure room, one by one, to claim the rewards."

    Of course, the distribution of the rewards would only be given to the players. There would be a different session for the soldiers to claim their prizes.

    The general started to call the players' names one by one starting from the big shot. The list was actually sorted by the players' contributions. Time continued on. The rewards distribution was already going on for 1 hour. The number of players present, getting fewer and fewer.

    As Auron had low contribution because of his low level, he was at the end of the queue. Actually, if he wanted to include his contribution to transporting the mana potions, he could be at the top line. However, he didn't want to add that since he wanted to be secret about it. And, the princes' list showed that the Fourth Prince held to his words.

    As time passed by, the player's number decreasing. Soon, it was Auron's turn to select the rewards.
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