351 Rewards Distribution 2

    "Sword Of Life," The assigned officer called Auron's swordsman character.

    It was Auron's turn to pick the treasure. He went forwards to the portal and got transported to the treasure room.

    Not long after, Auron opened his eyes, and he already arrived at the treasure room. The treasure room was not something extraordinary. Its shape was like a plain big cube. However, inside the treasure room, there were many treasures inside.

    There were already many people inside. However, they were the princes and the princes' general and also the royal guards. There was also some big guild's leader present. However, the number was not a lot since most of them already left the place.

    The place was already arranged neatly. The princes and the generals were on the left side of the site. Behind them, there was a massive pile of treasures. Meanwhile, on the right side of the place, there was also a pile of treasures. However, it was not as much as the treasures behind the princes. Then, to the right of the treasures, there was the exit portal to the outside of the ruin.

    Auron was led by the soldiers to the treasure on the right side of this place. He walked slowly and glanced a bit at the princes' location. Fortunately, the Fourth Prince was also glancing in his direction.

    Auron stopped for a bit. Then, the Fourth Prince smiled at him for a second. After that, he turned his face and continued his conversation with his older brother and the guild's leaders.

    "Come on. Why do you stop? There were still some people who were waiting for their turn." The soldier who led Auron urged him to move forwards.

    With the soldier was urging him, Auron stop looking at the Fourth Prince's location and continued to the treasure's location.

    Auron arrived in front of the treasure's pile. However, there was not much treasure left there. Moreover, the treasure left was not that extraordinary. Some of them were still difficult to find things outside. But, it was not one of a kind thing. There was another way to get that treasure.

    This situation happened because he was at the end of the queue. The princes had allocated some treasures for the players to have. Moreover, there were some great treasures mixed in them.

    However, of course, the one who went first would take the most priceless treasure upon the pile. As the precious or priceless treasures got picked by the other, the one at the end of the line like Auron would get the leftover.

    Even though Auron was feeling a little bit disappointed looking at the rewards in front of him, but he could not complain to anyone. After all, he was the one who decided to hide his way of transferring the item. Moreover, it was not like he didn't get anything.

    After the crystal died, it gave everyone a tremendous amount of experience points. Because of Auron's low level, he would get some boost because of that. The crystal alone gave him 4 levels. Combined with the experience from the monster besides the portal, he got 5 levels. So, in total, Auron got 23 levels from this ancient ruin's expedition.

    Not to mention, Auron was getting acquainted with the Fourth Prince. He even felt that the Fourth Prince would remember him more than the guild leader even though his level was low.

    However, Auron also could not hide his disappointment for the treasure in front of him. It showed in his face. Since the leftover items were not that special to him, Auron just picked one of the treasures in from of him.

    Auron picked a heavy spear. It was an excellent spear for a player who was level 500. However, as level 500, was still too far for him and he also didn't get used to using a spear, Auron decided to sell it for golds.

    After picking the spear, Auron walked to the exit portal. As he just stepped one step forwards, a general came to him. It was the general who knew his secret along with the Fourth Prince.

    The general came to him and hugged him. He also patted several times to Auron's back. The other soldiers looked at this touching situation, all of them immediately felt the general was a magnanimous person.

    However, in reality, the general was not there to console Auron. The general whispered the Fourth Prince's message to Auron. He told him to go over to a location three days later. Auron replied with a nodded and continued to the exit portal.

    When he was about to exit the portal, a notification appeared in front of him.

    [You are about to leave the Sckilemd Ruin]

    [The system had detected you have a lottery chance coupon]

    [After exiting the ruin, you will not be able to use the coupon again]

    [Do you want to use the coupon now?]

    If not because of this notification, Auron would already forget about this lottery chance coupon.  Fortunately, the system would remind him for the last time to use the coupon before it would go wasted.

    Auron didn't waste any more time and picked yes. After he picked the yes button, a roulette appeared in front of him. There were 32 sections on the roulette with a prize in each section.

    Then, the roulette started to spin over. The roulette spin quickly. Auron didn't even have the chance to look at the prize in each section. Auron could only see a blurred image of the award in each section. However, it was not enough for him to recognize the prize.

    It took 10 seconds for the roulette to slow down. After several seconds later, the roulette slowed down and came to a stop. The roulette's pointer pointed at one section.

    [Congratulation! You have received a 'Strengthened Elixir Recipe']

    After that notification, Auron's sight went dark, and he got disappeared into the exit portal. He could not even check what he got beforehand.
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