352 Rewards Distribution 3

    Auron opened his eyes and saw the rewards notification. It was an alchemy recipe. He looked at his surroundings, and he was in the cursed city.

    Before Auron took a look at the rewards in more detail, Auron used [Return Scroll] and returned to Miderian.

    If a health potion would recover the health point and mana potion would recover the mana point upon used, then the elixir potion would heal both health point and mana point.

    Because of that, an elixir potion would worth more than a health potion and mana potion. Even though the elixir potion's recipe was not rare, but it was not a cheap one either. Moreover, from the notification that Auron received, it was a strengthened one.

    Undoubtedly, the elixir that came out from it would not be an ordinary one. Auron took a look at his inventory and tried to find the recipe. When he saw the recipe, he was astonished. It was because of the recipe was not containing only one potion formula, but it was a complete set of the strengthened elixir potions. It contained three formulas, the basic, intermediate, and advanced elixir potions.

    "This was such an incredible reward," Auron thought.

    An alchemy recipe was already a rare thing, to begin with. Moreover, with the fact that this was a strengthened one. Not only that, but this recipe also contained the complete formula from the basic level up until the advanced one.

    The recipe's value, that Auron got, surpassed the heavy spear he took by a considerable margin. Auron was very excited. He even wanted to laugh out loud, but he suppressed the thought.

    It was because he was in a public place. If he let out all of his emotions, people would think that he was a crazy bastard. That was why a giggle came out instead of a loud laugh.

    Auron already forgot about his disappointment from before. He happily walked to the auction hall to place his recently got spear.

    Auron already used a lot of money during this expedition, starting from the bandit's raid. He hoped that this spear would give him back all of the money he spent.

    After taking care of everything, Auron had nothing to do. He had already commanded his mage character to report back to the military. Unfortunately, he could not get any military point or his salary yet since it had to wait for three days for the generals to tallying the reward.

    Since Auron had free time, it was the time for him to look at the alchemy recipe. He read the detail of the [Strengthened Elixir Potion Recipe].

    It turned out that the strengthened elixir potion had an increased effect from the ordinary one by 25%. So, if a regular elixir potion would recover 100 health points and 100 mana points, then this strengthened would recover 125 health points and mana points.

    The advantage of this recipe was not only that. The requirement to use this recipe actually the same as the ordinary elixir potion. The basic elixir potion would require a level 8 junior alchemist.

    As Auron didn't even have any alchemist side class at all, it was time for him to take the class. His swordsman already had a blacksmith as his side class. He would not want to change that. So, he decided to make his mage character took the alchemist side class.

    Auron went over to his mage class. The military didn't forbid the soldiers to take any extra work outside as long as it didn't hinder the military's interests. Many soldiers took a side class to get extra money.

    As Auron had just finished the expedition, by the military's rule, he would get three days to break. He would use these three days to raise his alchemy level.

    However, the first thing he had to do was to take the alchemist side class. Auron controlled his mage character and asked for permission to leave the military base.

    After getting permission, Auron directly went to the alchemist's hall. It was a big hall with an empty potion flask as its symbol.

    Just like the blacksmith's hall, this alchemist's hall was full of people. Some of them were alchemists that tried to sell their product. Meanwhile, some of them were ordinary players who wanted to sell their things to be used for potion's ingredients.

    Auron ignored all these people and immediately went to the receptionist. He stated his intentions to become an alchemist.

    Unfortunately, the receptionist said that Auron had to wait for his turn since there were many alchemist applicants like him.

    The alchemist was one of the most popular side classes that many people would take. The reason was that potion was sought out by many people. It was easier to sell potions than to sell a piece of equipment.

    Moreover, when someone bought a piece of equipment, they would use it for the long term. Meanwhile, a potion would disappear once it was used.

    Although it was a one used item, nobody would dare to not bring a potion. Even though they had a cleric inside their party, they would still bring potions for safety measurement. At least, they would bring a mana potion.

    Because of this fact, many players tried to become an alchemist. Moreover, the higher grade potions were not sold in the NPC's store. They needed to search for an alchemist to make it for them. Many of the big guilds even have their own alchemist's team to keep their guild's supplies ready.

    Auron took the queue number from the receptionist. It was number 5. He needed to wait for four more people before his turn.

    Auron waited patiently. He was calm. Although he never became an alchemist previously, he had heard the test to become an alchemist from the other. There were even some people that posted tips to pass the alchemist entrance test on the forums.

    After an hour waiting, Auron's name was called. It was his turn to take the entrance test.
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