354 Alchemist Test 2

    After arranging every processed herb neatly, Auron began to take a position in front of the potion cauldron.

    During the second stage of making a potion, there were two critical things. First, the flame. Each step would need a different level of fire. Some required a high degree of flame while the other step required only a low degree of flame.

    The Second thing was to follow the recipe precisely. If the recipe stated to use a 5 gram of a herb, then you needed to use that same amount of the same herb. If you pour a 0.1 gram more then, it could affect the result.

    [Pour out 5 liters of water]

    [Add halves the amount of herbs A]

    [Raised the flame to 180 degress]

    [Stir until the water boiled]

    There were several notifications appeared in front of Auron. It was the guidance provided by the system to help the alchemy process. Since alchemy was a long process, the system provided guidance for the players to help them.

    With this guidance, the players didn't need to reread the recipe during the making process. This system guidance attracted several people to become an alchemist.

    This system guidance ensured that the alchemist would have a 100% probability to create a potion. While this guidance gave a benefit, but it also had its own demerit. It made people became lazy and made them rely on this guidance.

    When an alchemist relied on this guidance, they would have a delay in their movement. There would be a slight delay between reading the guidance until they did the action. This slight would mean nothing if it only happened once. However, many steps needed to be applied when creating a potion. Slowly, this little delay would become more and affect the resulted potion.

    That was why, if you want to become a high-grade alchemist, even though there was system guidance, you would need to memorize the potion making steps and knew when to act.

    Although you could apply every step correctly, if the delay between each step was significant, then the result would not be good. Usually, an average potion concocting would result in 5 - 10 potions for each batch of ingredients. But, if there was a massive delay between each step, then the result would be lowered, even it could result in a failure.

    When an alchemist did it perfectly, they could get 15 potions at the end of the potion-making session. This would undoubtedly make their profit from the potion grew bigger.

    The true alchemist would pursuit such perfection when making a potion. As for Auron, he was still a newbie in this alchemy world. So, of course, he would rely on the system guidance.

    However, Auron had also read the disadvantages of relying on system guidance. But, he had no choices since he didn't memorize the step. He could only react quickly to minimize the delay.

    Auron followed the steps quickly. In this potion-making session, each step would usually last for 3 - 10 seconds. The longest lasted for a minute.

    Auron was busy following the guidance like a robot. He tried his best from raising or lowering the flame's degrees until putting the herbs inside the cauldron. Auron even had to stir the liquid counterclockwise.

    [Take out the herbs, that were floating in the cauldron's liquid, out]

    [Insert herb G and herb H into the pot]

    [Wait for 30 seconds before pouring another 3 liters of water]

    Auron calculated for 30 seconds. Then, after 30 seconds, he dumped 3 liters of water into the cauldron. After that, he followed the next step.

    Right now, Auron had already finished 75% of the potion's recipe. Soon, the potion would be finished. The examiner was looking at Auron carefully. As an examiner, he already memorized the steps needed to make this [Training - Basic Health Potion].

    The examiner looked at Auron and scribbled something on the examination paper. Some of Auron's movements were clumsy, so he had to deduct another point from Auron.

    After several more minutes, Auron was at the last step of the recipe. He put the rest of Herb A inside the cauldron. 10 seconds later, he put out the flame and waited until the mixture cool down. After the mixture cooled down, a notification appeared in front of Auron.

    [Congratulations! You have successfully created Training - Basic Health Potion]

    [You receive 5 Training - Basic Health Potion]

    Finally, Auron finished making the potions. He gave the potions to the examiner for him to examine. The examiner looked at the potions and smiled knowingly.  Everything was just like what he had thought. Only 5 potions came out from this session.

    Then, the examiner scribbled something on the paper for the last time. After that, he gave the paper to Auron, "Congratulations, kid! You passed. Unfortunately, you made a lot of mistakes. So, I have to deduct some points from you. What a pity!"

    "Gave that paper to the reception at the front."

    Auron received the paper and bowed to the examiner before exiting the exam's room. Then, he went to the receptionist to receive his alchemist badge.

    Along the way, Auron looked at the examiner's writing. He noted almost everything that Auron could improve. Most of the comments were that Auron's movement was to slow.

    Auron also saw the points that the examiner gave to him. It was 75. Auron smiled and thought, "It was not bad."

    What Auron didn't know was that his examiner was the strict one. If he got a less strict examiner, Auron could score at least 100 points.

    Auron arrived at the receptionist and gave the exam's result paper to her. The receptionist scanned the document. Then, she went to the back and took out the badge.

    "Here is your badge! Your initial point had been recorded inside. If you lose the badge, you have to quickly report it to use and ask for a new one. It will also cost you 50 golds."

    After 5 minutes long of explanations, Auron finally freed from the receptionist. He exited the alchemy's hall and smiled. This was his new beginning as an alchemist.
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