355 Fourth Prince 1

    Three days passed by. The kingdom's situation became peaceful once again. Although there were still some skirmishes with the demonic monster, the situation was not as grave as previously.

    There were even two times when the demonic monster was hurt and fled. Seeing the wound, it would take a month before the demonic monster healed utterly.

    All of this was thanks to the effort from everyone. The kingdom started to take seriously on finding the demonic monster whereabouts. Not only that, but the large guilds also participate more often in the battle.

    The situation was excellent. However, actually, it was not the most important news that happened during these three days.

    The biggest news that everyone had been waiting for was the ancient ruins. The story about the expedition resulted in success had spread all over the kingdom. Some people who participate in that expedition even tried to boast about their achievement and rewards that they got.

    Due to the success in the expedition, the kingdom decided to reward the people that participate in the expedition. As the area around the ancient ruin had been destroyed, the kingdom wanted to rebuild the area.

    The king decided to give some of the areas to the player to maintain. However, they only said that they wanted to give some land to the one who participates in the expedition. They didn't mention who would get it or how vast the land that would be distributed. This news even made the players became curious.

    The large guild's leaders who participated in the expedition even became anxious. They sent people to the princes and princesses to take their favor. They felt that the closer their relationship with the princes or princesses, their chance would be raised.

    Unfortunately, the princes and princesses had expected this kind of action. So, all of them had refused all of the direct offers. However, the players weren't stupid. They created some ambiguous reason so that the princes and princesses could not refuse, such as helping the refugees or for military supplies in the Bridge World.

    During these past days, many speculations were rising up on who would get the land. Until it was yesterday that the news on who got the land rewards answered. Although there was no announcement from the royalty or the guild who received the prizes, the sight of development in the affected area could not be avoided.

    Players who roamed around the impacted area saw some development in the area and began to visit the area. This way, the news started to spread by word of mouth.

    The royal family was generous. They had given more than 15 areas to the players to manage. Of course, not all of them had the same size. Some were bigger than the others. However, the land was still land. No matter how small it was, if it was managed well, it could give them a new source of income.

    Most of the receivers were guilds. However, two people didn't have any guild. Of course, they were strong independent players. Even for a big guild, they needed to spend a considerable amount of resources to hunt them.

    As soon as these two people receive the land, they immediately created their own guild. They knew that they would never be able to manage the land on their own.

    Many independent players joined their guild. Some from the small guild even left their guild to join this newly founded guild.

    15 new villages were given to the players. However, 15 were not all of the villages that were built. There were another 10 villages that were created. However, it was managed by people who were selected by the princes and princesses.

    As soon as they got the land, the big guilds immediately focused on building their village. This decision made by the royal family to pass the land to the players was obviously correct. In just one day, the development was rapid.

    All of the 15 villages that were built by the players surpassed the villages that were managed by the NPCs. This surely would create new competition among the big guilds.

    Meanwhile, during these three days, Auron was submerging himself inside the alchemy's hall. Since his mage character didn't have any work to do, he hid inside the alchemy's building and practiced his alchemy skill.

    With the money he got from selling the spear, he bought several potion's ingredients. He also used some alchemy points, that he got from passing the entrance test, to purchase recipes.

    Since Auron still had a low level in the alchemy skill, he could only make [Basic Health Potion]. The newly created potions would be given to his swordsman character. Then, he told his swordsman character to hunt outside.

    Of course, these low-level potions would not be enough to cover everything in his hunting. But, it helped him a little. This way, he also raised his alchemy skill. So, he killed two birds with one stone.

    Auron spent all of his time in making potions. This way, his alchemy skill soared up. Combined with the fact that alchemy, in the beginning, was easy and the ingredients were cheaper than the other side class.

    In no time, Auron raised his alchemist rank and became Junior Alchemist level 2. When he raised his rank, he could now learn to create a new potion, [Basic Mana Potions]. With that, he focused everything on creating the mana potions.

    During these three days, Auron also gained one level from all the hunting. Successfully creating a potion also gave him some experience points. However, it was far too low compared to hunting a monster.

    It was already three days after the expedition ended. Auron began to pack all of his things. He had two things to do. First, to claim his rewards for the expedition from the military. And, the second and most important thing was he had an appointment with the Fourth Prince. After everything was done here, Auron exited the alchemy's hall and went to the appointed place.
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