357 Fourth Prince 3

    "Before you say anything. Let me explain first!" The Fourth Prince said quickly.

    "I knew what you will decline this. But let me explain first. If, after hearing my explanation, you still want to decline, then that is fine."

    The Fourth Prince had guessed Auron's thought. The first thing that came up to Auron's mind when he knew that the Fourth Prince gave him a village was his secret. It was unconsciously coming up to his mind. He had to protect his secret, so he was going to decline it.

    Auron was still weak. If he received this village from the Fourth Prince, it would pique everyone's attention. They would begin to investigate Auron's background. Although there were only a handful of people that knew Auron's secret, he still had fear inside his heart.

    Moreover, Auron believed even though he was weak right now, but with his cheat, he would become stronger. Way stronger than ordinary people. At that time, Auron would obviously get a village on his own. So, instead of taking a risk here, he wanted to decline the offer.

    But, the Fourth Prince had something to say. Obviously, Auron would listen to him first. There was nothing wrong with listening to a prince's explanation.

    "I know you will be afraid that your secret will be exposed. That was why I offered some solutions. I know that these solutions would not eliminate all the possibilities that your secret could be exposed."

    "I introduced you to Uncle Wang because I intended to use him as a cover for your identities. I will spread out a rumor about him being the village's head instead of you. While the real village's head would be you."

    "As Uncle Wang will be used as a cover, I will send him to help you develop the village. When you feel that you have strong enough, you can show yourself to the world."

    "However, I have to tell you something. Although I can lie to the whole world about your identity. I cannot lie to my family. If you accept this offer, I have to tell the truth to my family, especially my father."

    "I will not tell them about your secret, but I need to tell them that I gave the village to you and use Uncle Wang as your cover."

    "I knew they would be suspicious. But, I will try to convince them about your contribution to the expedition. I hope that they will leave the matter alone. That was why I can only help you as far as covering your identity."

    "As you have heard that some people who receive a village from us will get at least some resources to help them build the village. However, I cannot do that. I will not give you anything lest they will be more suspicious. Not only that, but I will also put your village in the most remote place."

    "That is all that I can try to help you. Now, it is your call whether to accept it or not." The Fourth Prince ended his explanation.

    Auron pondered for a minute. It was a difficult choice for him. The temptation from the Fourth Prince was real. However, the risk was also big.

    The Fourth Prince saw Auron was pondering. So, he gave Auron some time. He just stood up there and waited for Auron's answer. Meanwhile, Uncle Wang also astonished about this news. The Fourth Prince never told him anything about this.

    However, as a loyal servant, Uncle Wang didn't ask anything and stood politely behind Auron. He was also waiting for Auron's answer.

    Inside his mind, Auron started to weight everything. The pros and cons always moved inside his head. He wanted to accept, but the cons made him waver. He tried to decline, but the feeling of missing a great opportunity made him dejected.

    Time passed by. While Auron was still fighting inside his mind, 10 minutes already passed. He already made a prince wait 10 minutes for him. This could be an achievement for him.

    Several seconds later, Auron woke up from his mind. He looked around and felt embarrassed when he realized the situation. Fortunately, these 10 minutes of waiting was not in vain. He already got his answer.

    Facing the Fourth Prince, Auron said apologetically, "Sorry, Your Highness! But I have to decline your offer."

    "The risk was still too big for me to shoulder. I still have no power."

    Auron had decided to decline the offer. It was such a shame, but he didn't want to take the risk. Moreover, he could still receive a village in the future. It was just a matter of time. So, he decided to be more patient.

    The Fourth Prince was disappointed with Auron's decision. He was guilty because Auron got a lousy reward. To mend that guilty feeling, He wanted to give Auron a village. However, now, Auron declined his offer. This means that he would still have a guilty feeling.

    Well, the Fourth Prince could not force Auron to accept his offer. As Auron had decided to decline, then that's it.

    "Such a pity, I can't wash this guilty feeling. Oh, well. Let me think of other rewards for you then." The Fourth Prince said truthfully.

    "I am sorry, Your Highness. You don't have to repay me anything. I am already grateful for the fact that you thought so highly of me." Auron apologized once more.

    "Well, then. I cannot leave the village without a leader. Uncle Wang, can you help me to manage the village?"

    "I will do my best if you wish it, Your Highness." Uncle Wang also surprised that Auron would decline the offer. Now, he would really be the real village's head. Of course, he would not refuse the request.

    "Thank you, Uncle Wang. I owe you a lot." The Fourth Prince thanked Uncle Wang with a smile.

    "Now, what do you think I should give you?" The Fourth Prince asked Auron.

    "I have one thing in my mind. I will shamelessly ask it. Do you have a way to make me stronger quicker?" Auron asked.
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