3 Duel Start 1

    "Really?" Roan still feel insecure with the bet. "Yes, just believe in me. I have my own plan." Auron assured. "Brother, look at this dagger. I think this dagger suitable for you," Auron handed over King's level dagger to Roan. "Remember, this dagger is for you to use, so don't sell it. Even though this is a bad king's level equipment, it is still king's level after all. It can boost your fighting power."

    knock.. knock..

    Cold Candle walk into the office bringing a pile of paper, "Guild leader, Am I disturbing your meeting?".

    "No, it is okay. I am leaving," Roan walk to the door turning his head. "Be careful, bro".

    "What a kind brother," Cold Candle handing pile of the paper, "Here is what you asked me to investigate. I see there is no suspicious movement from Raging Bull and Red Storm. I still cannot figure out what makes him confidence".

    "Thank you Cold Candle you always can be relied on. I will read this first, call me when the time comes," Auron replied.

    At 7 pm.

    "That's weird, I can't find anything weird from this report," Auron looked confused. "The only thing that possible is this thing. He got a new fund from his sponsor but he doesn't seems spend that much money."

    Knock.. Knock..

    Cold Candle walk into the room. "Guild leader, do you find anything weird?"

    "No. One thing that bothering me is, recently, his gives him a new funding, but he doesn't seems spend that much money. It is really not like Raging Bull. I know he is the type of guy who will spend almost all of his money just to show off his might," Auron pondering. "Cold Candle, do you know something about this?"

    "I heard he request that fund just to defeat you. He promise to his sponsor that he will defeat you so that he can become ranked no. 1 player, that way his value will rise and it benefiting his sponsor, that's why his sponsor agreed to give that. I also heard that if he lose this battle his sponsor will pull all of their sponsor to his guild. I think that is also why he willing to raise the stake very high," Cold Candle handed out a piece of information. "I also got the latest rumor, that he actually spend a lot of his money to change all of his equipment to King's level. He carefully selected the equipment attribute so it can maximize his fighting power. He also bought some items that can temporally boost his fighting power. The rumor also said that, right now, his equipment actually beats your equipment."

    "Why I don't see that piece of information in the document you handed me first time?" Auron furrowed his brows.

    "He keeps all of the his spending information tightly. I just got this news before I come here. This is just a rumor, but I think I still need to give you this information so you can be prepared for it," Cold Candle said.

    Auron solemnly look at Cold Candle, "Cold Candle, in your opinion, between me and Raging Bull, who's stronger?"

    Cold Candle cross her arm and pondered deeply, "I think you are stronger since your skill level and your equipment stronger than Raging Bull. However, if we include all the information we just gathered, and if the information are all true, then your equipment will we slightly lower than Raging Bull, but your skill will still stronger than him. However, this advantage can be overcome by consuming buff potion". Cold Candle continued, "With your difference right now, Raging Bull needs to consume epic buff potion or higher to defeat you. What I don't know is whether he has that potion or not. Calculating by his money, I think he could afford epic buff potion but for higher grade, I don't think he has the money for it."

    Auron asked, "If all what you said are true, then how do you think I can win?"

    After thought for a while Cold Candle answered, "I assumed that all the information are true and he has an epic buff potion also since there is no news about him raising his skill level, then I assumed he can't raise it yet. Based on all of this, I think your way to win is to consume a buff potion. It don't have to be epic buff potion, if it is uncommon buff potion then you will be on par with him and all will go to your way of fighting. if it is rare buff potion then you can slightly defeat him as long as you don't make any mistake. I remember that there's a buff potion in the pile I give you last time, do you find it? what grade is it?"

    Auron smiled and showed over [Giant's Strength potion], "I found it, it is an epic grade buff potion and it is a pretty decent one."

    "Great, with this potion you can easily defeat Raging Bull, you should bring it. Keep it first, if all the rumor are true and Raging Bull has a buff potion, then you can consume this to assured our chances for winning." Cold Candle excitedly advised Auron.

    "Ha ha ha. Great, it is time to move, get all of our brothers to the arena and let us how Red Storm disbanded" Auron laughed.



    "Boss, are you sure we can win this bet?" Red Storm's vice guild leader asked nervously.

    "Yes, just trust me, I have my own plan, you just need to record all of this and make sure it is spread widely" Raging Bull smiled. "Today, I shall defeat God Of Sword then become no. 1 ranked player and our guild will become no. 1 ranked guild".

    A few moments later, a group of people came into the arena. They all released a mighty killing intent. Their combined killing intent could even make a corpse rose from the dead and ran away.

    "I guess you are not running away from our bet." Raging Bull laughed disdainfully. Auron furrowed his brows, "Why should I run away from a weaker player? Can you see our ranked?"

    "Ha ha ha. All will ends today. Prepared to delete your character, oh and if you start over again, look for me, I can help you" Raging Bull smiled evilly.
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