4 Duel Start 2

    "Don't you think I should be the one who said that?" Auron refuted. "Are you still dreaming? Well, it is time for a baby to go sleep. Unfortunately, we still have a bet to conclude. Guys, can you help me look for her mom and wake him up he has a bet to conclude?" Auron said to his guild mate, followed by huge laughter.

    Raging Bull started to get angry, he raised his tone, "Auron, do you think you can beat me by making me angry?"

    Cold Candle, who stand beside Auron, whispered to him, "Guild leader, look at his equipment, looks like the rumor are true. His equipment are changed and slightly better than yours. You need to be careful. We still don't know whether he has a buff potion or not."

    Auron observed Raging Bull in front of him. From top to bottom, Raging Bull equipment changed and he looked more mighty and muscular than before. "Darius, do you think I am afraid with your new equipment? It look dazzling, but that's it nothing special with it? Don't you forget your skill level are lower than mine? I think it still hard for you to raise your skill level with all of the money you sponsored." Auron smiled.

    Darius didn't surprised to hear him know about the sponsored money, He maintained his posture, "We all know how hard to raise our skill level, even you the ranked no. 1 still can't surpass level 50, even my skill level are lower than your but the difference is not too far."

    In Two Worlds, there is no restriction on how many skill a player can learn, as long as the requirement were fulfilled. There are only two requirement which were, player could only learned skill based on his class and to learn a skill or raised it, player needed a skill book and the amount is varied depending on the skill level. To raise a skill, player needed to use skill book of respective skill double amount of the next skill level and every 10 level player needed to use a higher grade skill book. To raise from level 0 to level 1, player needed 2 common skill book, from level 1 to level 2, they needed 4 common skill book, from level 2 to level 3, they needed 6 common skill book, and so on.

    When player get to level 10, the skill book needed raise by one grade. From level 10 to level 11, they needed 22 uncommon skill book. From level 11 to level 12, they needed 24 uncommon skill book, and so on. This goes on until player's skill reach level 30, when a player want to raise his skill to level 31, he only need 1 epic skill book. From 31 to 32, they needed 2 epic skill book, and so on. Although the amount seems reduced, the truth is the difficulty to raise it still high even more difficult than before. Skill book from rare and below can be traded between player, but starting from epic grade, the skill book couldn't be traded because it was bound to the player who take it. Moreover, the skill book drop rate very low. The drop rate for common grade skill book almost the same as the drop rate of rare grade equipment or item. That's why, in Two World, even after ran for 10 years, common grade skill book still pretty expensive.

    Fortunately, for epic grade skill book and higher, Two Worlds gave a chance to exchange bounded skill book they grade. Player could exchange 10 epic grade skill book regardless of the class to 1 epic grade skill book of their choice. When player learn about this news, player started to make a service which was skill book's hunting service. The one who want to use this service will paid some amount of money to a group of player and made a party, then they went to hunt whether it was an expedition or grinding monster or even invading other worlds. When an epic skill book dropped, it will went to the one who use this service. Of course, it was very expensive to use this service, but still, many rich people used this service.

    Also, in Two Worlds, although one has the same class, one could be stronger than other. This can be looked from their skill level, their equipment, and their character's attribute.

    Raging Bull and God Of Sword, both of them, have the same class which was swordsman. So, this bet can actually be called duel of the two top swordsman. Although their class was same, however they built their character differently. Auron gave his attribute equally between strength and agility. On the other hand, Darius gave almost all of his attributes to strength.

    Auron looked calm and smiled, "Enough of the talk, let us start our duel now".

    Raging Bull and God Of Sword, both, stepped on the arena stage at the same time. Darius then handed over the signed contract to an NPC officer. "Both of you, have signed this contract and agreed to this. After this battle over, the loser will has 3 days time to execute the penalty. If he don't execute it in time, he will receive a severe penalty".

    The one who neglected to execute penalty from the contract will got his attribute permanently reduced by 99%, all of his skill level will be gone, and all of his equipment, money, and item will be gone. The penalty received actually almost the same as deleting a character. But, because the stake of the bet right now was very high, there was no different between the stake of bet and penalty.

    "Let the battle begin in 10, 9, 8, 7,.. 3, 2, 1, begin" NPC officer started the duel.

    When the battle started, Auron directly use his movement skill. Added with his agility attribute, his speed rose. He swung his sword directly to Darius' head.

    "Bang" Darius parried Auron sword with his axe. Darius was strength very high, because of the collision, Auron flew back. He spun once and landed smoothly on his first spot.

    Darius laughed, "Why are you so impatient?".

    "I am just testing the water." Auron also laughed. "Let's get serious"
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