7 Cursed

    "An epic curse, damn it" Auron cursed. "How can I get inflicted by this curse?"

    "Ha ha ha. You only have 25% of you health left. Let's finish all of this," While Auron daze in thought, Darius laughed loudly and started to attack Auron.

    Auron reflexively moved to the side. He succeeded in dodge the attack. However, he still thinking about the epic curse. So, instead of counter attacking, he move away from Darius and make some distance.

    "Don't you run away! What a shame, player ranked number 1 is running away so miserably! You don't deserve the title. Let me take that title today!" Darius mocked Auron and started to charging toward Auron.

    "Damn this curse! Looking at my attribute right now, I still have 70% of chance to win this match. However, in the next 10 secs, my chance of win reduced to 60%. Another next 10 secs and it will go down to 50%.  Another 10 secs and it will be almost impossible for me to win this match" Auron calculated in his mind.

    "I need to finish this before 30 secs mark," Auron made up his mind. He started to attack aggressively. Auron attacked Darius like he was possessed by a madman. Auron swung his sword, whether the sword connected or blocked by Darius, he immediately moved circled Darius and launched another attack.

    This strategy actually succeeded. Auron managed to reduce another 9% of Darius health, but he also left with 12% health.

    "He is so defensive before, why he attack aggressively right now?" Darius shocked by this sudden changed. "He tried to finish me quick. He must had a reason to fight this aggressively. I need to prolong this battle" Darius enlightened. He started to move defensively. "Whoa.. why are you so aggressive. Be calm please. Do you need to take a pee?" Darius taunted Auron.

    It had been 20 secs, Auron felt more pressured. He used his movement skill and charge recklessly toward Darius.

    Darius not stood still, he swung his axe. Auron tried to dodge the attack. However, because of the cursed, even after using his movement skill, his speed greatly reduced. He couldn't dodge in time and got hit by the axe. Auron flew back and crashed on the ground. He only had a sliver of health left.

    "I lost" Auron had given up. "Where I got the curse?" Auron still didn't know where he got the curse from. "And it is even an epic curse. Wait... epic curse, I only consumed an epic buff potion. Both of them are epic item. [Joker's Trick]!!" Auron suddenly enlightened.

    [Joker's Trick] was an item used to change an item's description and appearance. It could change an item's description and appearance of the same grade for 24 hours. After the item changed, player could not identify it unless they used an identification skill or waited for the item's duration went off. When Two Worlds began, It was a very popular item to trick another player. A player used it to change the item into something mighty and sold it with high price to another player. Although they couldn't change the item grade, many player still tricked. Just imagined, A low level common equipment could be changed into another common equipment with an attack the same as uncommon equipment or even higher than that. Because of this, many people filed a complain to Black Eagle, the company behind Two Worlds.

    Finally, in the second year, the company give an updated to all player. They give all player an identification skill as soon as they create a new character. Although it had been updated, some player still got deceived. However, slow but surely, with the help of many newbie's guide in the forum, only a careless player got deceived by this trick. When Two Worlds entered the fifth year, almost none of the player got tricked. Because of this, the [Joker's Trick]'s popularity went down. Some people still used this tricked but on below rare grade equipment since the one who could afford bought an epic item or higher must had played the game for long time which made them couldn't fall to this trick.

    "Why am I so careless" Auron mocked his carelessness.

    "Ha ha ha. Prepare to lose!" Darius charged to Auron. Auron just laid on the ground and not tried to dodge the attack.

    A few second later, "Darius win the match. Since Auron has lost, he has 3 days time to fulfill his obligation as the loser or he will suffered severe penalty," The NPC offficer declared.

    Because of this was just an arena fight, after the fight, the player health will completely healed. However, instead of got up, Auron just laid on the ground and lost in his thought, "Who put that potion there? Is there any spy in the elite's team?"

    "Wait... Cold Candle is the one who's hinting me that there is a good potion among the pile, she is also the one who brought the pile over. She also know that with the potion I can win against Darius easily." Auron suddenly got up, he looked back to the crowd behind him.

    Auron saw a crowd of his guild member feeling dejected. They all lowered their head, even there was some member who cried. In the middle of the crowd, a woman with white robe elegantly stood. She wore a calm expression as if she had know the outcome of this battle before the battle even begin. Seeing Auron gazed her, she mocked him by making a shocked expression and then smiled evilly.

    "Damn, that woman" Auron felt furious he wanted to charge toward her. But before he could done it, a hand grabbed his shoulder. "Ha ha ha. You have lost. Even after using an epic buff potion, you still lost" Darius laughed mockingly to Auron, behind him all of his guild member laughed out loud.

    "This guy... he must have worked together with Cold Candle. If not, how can the timing so precise. F*** this guy! F*** Cold Candle!" Auron gazed furiously at Darius and gritted his teeth.

    "Hey, ranked number 2 player, why don't you kneel before me the ranked no 1. Oh wait, he will not ranked number 2 anymore since he will deleted his character." Darius continuously mocked Auron. "Enjoy your 3 days, don't forget to delete your character. Actually, I don't care whether you delete your character or not since you will suffered severe penalty if not." Darius laughed loudly and went back with his guild member out of the arena.

    "Wow, this is such a breaking news"

    "I can't believe God Of Sword lost"


    Many of the media broadcasting started move back to their headquarter quickly to make a headline news.

    At the end, only Auron and his dejected guild member left behind at the arena.
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