10 Misfortune 2

    Right now, Auron and Roan are childhood friend as well as a very best friend. However, before long, Auron's father and Roan's father were actually also a best friend. Auron's father always help Roan's father no matter what happen. This made Roan's father very grateful and promised to repay all of this one day.

    When Auron was 7 years old, Auron's parent went to go to a business trip. Since Auron still need to go to school, Auron's parent left Auron to Roan's family. Unfortunately, when Auron's parent went back from the business trip, the plane they used, crashed and all of the passenger were dead. After this event, Roan's father adopted Auron and treated him as if Auron was his own child.

    When Auron and Roan started to make a guild and in need of sponsorship. Roan's father was the first one to jump in. With his company he started invested in Heaven. So, it could be said that Roan's father's company was the first sponsor to Heaven. When Heaven started to rising up, income started to come, because Auron didn't want to become a burden to Roan's family, he decided to leave Roan's house and rented a house. Roan's father could only reluctantly agreed to Auron's request. Although Auron had move out, Roan and his family still frequently come to Auron's place to eat together.

    At the beginning, Roan's father's company was only a small sized company. When Heaven started to get famous, Roan's father's company also expanding. From a small sized company to a medium sized company, and now, Roan's father's company was one of the top ten largest company in Asia. Because of this fact and history with Auron, Roan's father successfully persuade the board of directors to make some leniency to Auron. They agreed to postponed the due date to ten years later.

    "It is okay uncle. It really helps me a lot." Auron thanked Roan's father.

    "If you need my help, just tell me. Why don't you come back and live with us again?"  Roan's father asked. "I will think about it. Thank you so much for your help." Auron replied.

    Auron hung up the phone call and sighed. "Who's calling?" Roan asked. "It is your dad. He's calling to talk about the penalty from his company." Auron told Roan, his conversation with Roan's father.

    "What?! It still insane to collect that much money in ten years. I am going to talk to my dad. He's the owner, he should do something" Roan started to get angered.

    "It is okay Roan, don't make things difficult for your father. You don't know how complicated a company's politics can be. This is more than enough." Auron calmed Roan. "I will look for a way to make it somehow."

    "By the way bro, how can you lost to Raging Bull. He must has cheated right? I knew it, there was something fishy with the bet." Roan asked.

    "Yeah, I can't imagine Raging Bull can persuade Cold Candle to do such thing. He..." Auron told everything he knows to Roan.

    "That b****" Cursed Roan. "How dare she does something like that. I will help you brother, we will our some revenge back."

    "Why don't you play again brother. We can revenge Raging Bull and Cold Candle. Oh yeah, don't you remember, there's also the reward from completing the game. With this we can get revenge as well as pay your debt." Roan persuaded Auron once more.

    On the first day of Two Worlds launching, Black Sheep declared that their income from this game will be separated. 90% will be used for the company fund, and 10% will be keep as a reward for whoever completing this game. Although 10% seems small, over ten years, the accumulation couldn't be considered small. Moreover, right now, 95% of the population played this game. Over ten years, the reward money already more than five billion dollars.

    Based on what Black Sheep told, there were two ways of game completion. First, Gaia successfully defeated and ruled over Regalia. Regalia's supreme ruler must be killed to achieve this. The reward will be distributed to the player based on their contribution on defeating Regalia. Second, Regalia defeated Gaia and Gaia's supreme ruler was killed. If the latter happened, then the reward money will be gifted to the company.

    This declaration attracted interest from many people. However, there were also some people who doubt the company fairness, after all, the company could get the reward for themselves. Knowing this, Black Sheep declared that there was a hidden feature that could help players to defeat this game and it was true. Until now, there was no player had found it.

    In the fifth years since Two Worlds launched, there was a moment where Gaia successfully pushed Regalia to its last base. Because of this, the player's greed started to grow they reduced their participation and waited for the last moment to killed the supreme ruler. There was even some player who killed other player to fight over contribution. This made Gaia in chaos. Using this opportunity, Regalia united their power and successfully pushed back Gaia to equilibrium. Based on this incident, many people started to believe the company's fairness and many more people started to play this game.

    After that incident, the NPC's intelligence could be seen. The Regalia's supreme ruler started to make changes. They solidify their foundation and started to adopt dictatorship. By changing to dictatorship, they became united. All of the player's tactics used before was analyzed by the NPC and they prevented it to happen again. That's why after that incident it really hard for Gaia to pushed Regalia again.

    "Can you see it just a lie to make the game more attractive? Don't you see the new update? The NPC's level will be adjusted. At first, I thought, we can overpowered them by level, but I think it can't be done." Auron pessimistically said.

    "But, there still the hidden feature. We can do this." Roan was still trying to persuade Auron.

    "It has been 10 years and there is no one who found it. Even there is no a little clue pointing to the hidden feature. I believe it was just another lie the company make to assured us." Auron said. "Forget it, Roan. Right now, I need some time alone."

    "Bu... but..." Roan sighed, "Okay bro, I will not giving up. In the mean time, just think about all of this. See you bro, if you need my help just tell me."

    "I will think about it later. Thank you for coming, Roan" Auron smiled weakly.
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