12 Awesome

    When Auron's vision turned bright once more, he was inside an inn. This was the standard's procedure. When a player started the game, they will be teleported to one of the room in Beauty Rest. This was the biggest inn in Miderian, Gaia's one and only kingdom where the supreme ruler was resided. This inn was ran by the royal family, so no one dared to mess in this place.

    Auron blinked his eyes. The he directly opened his inventory, to check the reward. Each starting player will got a beginner's dagger and beginner's clothes in their inventory. However, surprisingly, in Auron's inventory there was a third item. It looked like a doll.

    [Mighty Clone] (Legendary item)

    Type: Miscellaneous

    Class: All Class

    Effect: The user can create a permanent clone. This clone will be treated the same as a player and linked to the user's character. The user can only control one character at a time. When a user control a character, the other character will be controlled by the system based on the user command's setting. There are...

    There was a long description about the item's effect. As Auron read the description, he grinned more and more excitedly. From what Auron's read, there were some weakness of this item, but compared to the advantage, overall, it was an awesome item.

    Based on what he read, Auron conclude the following:

    - User could only control one character at a time, the other character will be controlled by the system.

    - The cloned character and main character will be treated as a different player

    - The clone will have the same level as the main character.

    - Clone could choose the different class as the main character.

    - Clone and the user will share the same experience pool, attribute, inventory bag, and skill pool.

    - The user needed four times more experience point to level up.

    - Each time leveled up the user will got doubled attribute point, which was ten attribute point.

    - Clone will have its own equipment and can only use equipment available for its class.

    - When the main character died, the player level will got reduced by two level which was double than other player's penalty.

    - When the clone character died, it will be forever gone. Its equipped equipment will be permanently gone. The user will keep all its existing attributes and skills. The experience needed will be the same but the attribute and penalty the player get will be reverted to normal.

    - When the main character logged out, then the cloned will be treated as a logged out character.

    "So, basically, My clone and I will be treated as a different entity. But, we will share the same attributes, skills and inventory. Although, I need four times more experience, I will get double attribute point. It is worth the effort." Auron thought. "The penalty for dead was pretty harsh, when I died, the penalty will be doubled. It is normal considering the advantage I get. However, when my clone die, almost all of this item effect will be gone. Although I still retain the skill and attribute, but when the clone die it can't grow anymore. I need to be careful, so I don't die on early level."

    "The sooner I use this item the better. Although I need longer time to level up, but my growth will be double than others. Fortunately, My clone and I share the same experience pool, this can reduced my burden"

    "Hold on, this is just the second ranked prize, won't the first ranked prize will be more awesome." Auron suddenly thought. What Auron thought was correct, although the different between the items were only in the growth speed of the character. The first ranked prize, when used, the user, will need three times more experience point to get triple attribute point. All others effect will be the same as the second ranked prize.

    "Forget it, I need to be grateful for getting this item. I think I really need to thank Raging Bull and Cold Candle for doing this. If I didn't do the betting, I don't think I am willing to delete my character. Oh, I also need to thank for Roan's persevering persuasion." Auron smiled, "Let's use this item". Auron used the item on his inventory.

    [You have used Mighty Clone (Legendary item)]

    [Clone will be created, please adjust the clone appearance!]

    "Wow, I could adjust its appearance, I though it will used the same appearance as mine. It is better this way, I don't need to make my character hide behind the cloak."

    Auron started to adjust the clone appearance. He designed the clone to make it very different than Auron and more handsome than him. The clone's body was slim with a little bit of muscle, His face was made handsome, his skin was white and very smooth. If others see the clone they will not relate it to Auron, instead they will think if it was some artist playing the game. After satisfied with the clone's appearance, Auron continued.

    [Please select the clone's class!]

    "What class should I choose?" Auron thought hard. "What swordsman lacked was ranged attack, I think I will choose one of the ranged class."

    "Hunter is not compatible, since to use the hunter skill, I need to use bow and arrow. So, it will be between cleric and mage." After thinking so hard, Auron decided, "I think I will choose mage, although cleric heal is pretty good, with my footwork I can dodged most attack. It is better to defeat the opponent quickly and mage with many magic spell and curse can compliment my swordsman class."

    "I choose mage"

    [Please enter clone's name!]

    "Smiling Wizard"

    [Clone creation is in progress! Please wait for a moment]

    Suddenly, beside Auron, A light shone and a character emerged. A handsome male with red robe and slightly taller than Auron. This was Smiling Wizard. If others saw him, they wouldn't think that the handsome male in front of them was just a clone character.

    "Wow, you are so handsome, if I was a girl, I will fall in love with you." Auron praised the clone appearance.

    [Please choose the system's setting for controlling the clone]
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