13 Stay Low

    [Please choose the system's setting for controlling the clone]

    A screen appear in front of Auron. There were three choices written in the screen, free, moderate, and strict, with some description below it. Free, system will control the character just like any other NPC, it will freely acted and made decision according to the situation based on system's judgement. Moderate, system will freely acted and made decision for small matter and will notify the player to make judgement for larger matter for example, matter that could affect the player's fate, affect the kingdom, etc. Strict, player will be notified for every decision need to be made. There was also a note at the bottom of the screen, "Player can also command the system to do specific things for example, hunting, making potion, standing still, etc. This way, player can restrict controlled character's movement and prevent it from doing something unwanted."

    "Hmm... although the system's AI level is high, I can't feel safe if I don't know what other character doing." Auron thought, "I think it will be better if I choose moderate". After choosing moderate, the system started to work, Smiling Wizard smilingly said, "Hey, main body, how do you do."

    Auron replied, "How do you do".

    "Because I can also control him, it feels weird to do this conversation. It feels like talking to myself with different appearance," Auron thought. "With this clone, my future will be more promising as long as my clone and I don't die"

    Auron pondered for a minute, "I need a plan to make this happen. All my enemy from before will surely try to hinder my progress especially Cold Candle and Raging Bull. I need to stay low."

    Auron said to his clone, "We need to stay low and pretend to not know each other. You should call me by my name and stay low. To be safe, you should go and enter the army. I believe at the army you chance of dying will be low since they have their own rules. Remember, stay low and don't provoke anyone."

    "Roger that, Sword Of Life." Replied Smiling Wizard.

    "Oh, one more thing, try to befriend with your superior there. I think it will help us in the future. If you need to make a big decision you should contact me as soon as possible. For smaller things, you could make your own decision. Okay, let's start" After briefing his clone, Auron walked to the door of the room. When he wanted to open the door, suddenly a system's notification rang out.

    [In 5 minutes, Two Worlds will be undergoing update maintenance for approximately 24 hours. All players should find a safe place and log out. You can visit the forum for more details]

    "Oh well, we just get out of this building and separate our own ways." Auron looked back at Smiling Wizard. Auron and his clone started to get out of the room. When they was outside the inn, they went to separate ways as they don't know each others. After walked a bit, Auron logged out the game.

    Auron opened the game capsule and walked out of his room smiling, "This is truly a blessing in disguise. I really need to thank Raging Bull and Cold Candle."

    However when he though about skills and equipment he needed to supply, he sighed, "It costs a lot to fulfill one character skills and equipment, but now I need to provide skills and equipment for two characters. Moreover, one of which is a mage."

    Mage class was very famous for it's expenditure. Although mage's equipment didn't cost a lot, but mage's skills really squeezed a lot of money. Mage had four element that they could raised, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Each element consist as many as other class' skill. So, in short, if you wanted to raise all four element, then it was the same as you raised skills for four character. Of course, when you had a lot of skill you would be more superior than others. However, even the top ranked number 1 mage right now, had only raised two element and from the rumor goes around, after the update he would beginning to start the third one. For 10 years playing, he could only raised all skill from two elements to the highest level possible, king's level, since legendary's skill was like its name 'legend'. From all of this, you could imagine how hard it was to raise all four elements.

    That was why, many mage actually didn't cared about the element they raised as long as they had a skill they needed they would automatically pull all effort to raise that skill. There was advantage and disadvantage by doing this. The advantages was they would had a lot of skill quickly and didn't have to wait for all skill in specific element to be maxed. However, the disadvantages was they would have to spend money a lot more than focusing on one element. Moreover, when you focus on specific element you would get more familiar to all your skill from that element and could made more combination and chain skill.

    "Right now, I only have ten thousand dollars in me and no more savings. After deducting costs for living for three months, I only have a thousand dollars left. If it was converted to Two Worlds' currency, I will only get 1 silver," Auron sighed more. "1 silver probably will be enough until I get level 10. I really need to look for a way to get more money and reduce my expenditure."

    There were three type of currency in Two Worlds, copper, silver and gold. 1 Gold equivalent to 100 silver. 1 silver equivalent to 100 copper. The current exchange rate when you want to convert real world money to Two Worlds' money was 10 dollar for 1 copper. On the contrary, 1 copper coin only could be converted to 9 dollar since there was a ten percent tax in the exchange.

    "At first, I will buy all the basic skill for mage, then I will think about it afterwards" Auron thought of his plan.
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