15 Trading

    "So, what are you going to do right now?" Auron asked Roan.

    "I have some loyal friend from back when I was in the first branch. When they know, I will help you to start over again, they said that they want to help," Roan said. "However, all of us are merchant and there was no one who has maxed level. So, we think to do what we are strong at, trading. That's why we are gonna make a trading company to support you."

    "Although we can't help you because our level difference are too large. We can still support you by providing you some item," Roan smiled.

    In Two Worlds, a party could only hold ten persons and the level difference between the lowest leveled and the highest leveled player no more than ten level. So, if a person want to join a party, that player need to be at least ten level below the highest leveled player in the party or no more than ten level above the lowest leveled player in the party.

    Auron felt touched by what Roan planned to do. However, since he had to keep his secret, he somehow felt a little bit guilty for not telling his best friend this secret, but he just shook his mind and gritted his teeth, "Thank very much, bro."

    "Don't need to think much of it. Oh right, I still have a gift for you but, I will keep it secret for now. You will know it tomorrow when we meet in the game." Roan smiled mysteriously. "How about you? what are you planning to do since you are not going on your revenge?"

    "Hmm..." Auron made a serious face and pretended to think deeply. "Since you are going to make a trading company, I think I will join your trading company. You know, a trading company, if it is successful, I can make money as easily as fish swimming in the water. Maybe, I can pay my debt quicker and lessen your dad's burden."

    "You are right. However, you also know how hard it is to make a trading company. Moreover, it has been 10 years since the game opened." Roan wavered a bit.

    At first, he only wanted to make a trading company to support his brother, Auron. Then after Auron high leveled enough, Roan intended to persuade Auron to make a new guild with him and take revenge. Roan still can't forgive Raging Bull and Cold Candle for doing such thing to his brother. After he know what his brother wanted to do, Roan started to feel nervous. He felt pessimistically toward the idea of making a serious trading company, but he didn't want to dismiss Auron's idea since he was afraid Auron would felt dejected and not played the game anymore.

    "Don't worry brother, we can make it. You know how hard we make Heaven become ranked number 1 guild right, but at the end, we still manage to do it right?" Auron reassured Roan, "I believe we can do the same with trading company."

    "Yes, you are correct. I will encourage my friend to do a more thorough research about this. We will make our trading company become number 1 trading company in all Gaia Worlds. We will rule all over Gaia through trading." Roan started to feel spirited.

    "We need to make a serious plan about this." Roan thought deeply. "I will go back and talk this to my friends. For now, you just need to level a bit."

    Auron said, "Yeah, let us put it to the side first. Right now let's look for lunch, I am very hungry."

    "Oh sorry, I forget you haven't eat anything since morning. You go take a bath first I will wait and let us go eat somewhere nearby." Roan agreed.

    Auron went to take a bath. After 10 minutes, Auron and Roan started to leave for lunch. After lunch, Auron and Roan decided to separate and went back to home.

    "Let us meet up in the game later. Don't forget to contact me." Roan waved his hand to say goodbye.

    After that, Auron went back to his place. He started to make his own detailed plan regarding his two character.

    "I will make smiling wizard entered the military and reap contribution point there. It will be safe for mage since they will only be placed behind." Auron thought, "For me, I think I will need to stay low in the trading company first. Hopefully, I don't attracted my enemy's attention."

    After dinner, Auron started to entered into his game capsule. When he tried to logged in, There's a notification in the screen.

    [We will need to prolong the maintenance time until tomorrow at 6 am. Sorry for the inconvenience]

    Auron opened the game capsule and sighed, "What a pity. Well, it doesn't matter to wait for another hours. I better researched up for the requirement to enter the military".

    Auron started to look the information from the official site and the forums. However, the official site didn't give detailed specific information regarding this. They only told some general information such as the benefit and the military structure in Gaia. However, they didn't mention anything regarding the requirement to enter except for the rules for the player only solely to serve the kingdom, which they couldn't join any other organisation beside military, including guild, adventure's guild, or even trading company. So, if a player wanted to join the military they had to abandon their organisation. The site mentioned that the player could know what the specific requirement by coming to the military booth in the central plaza of Miderian.

    Meanwhile, in the forum, there are many post regarding the military. However, most of them were only knowledge which had been stated in the site and the rest of it were speculation. Many wild speculation regarding this such as, only the swordsman class could enter the military or military was a place for male so a female could not enter the military. The most wild one stated you could only entered the military when you were level 1000 or in other words, a max leveled.

    After spending most of his time and not found anything useful, Auron decided to take a rest, so he can wake up early tomorrow. Before going to sleep, he looked up his message and there was a message from Roan that said how furious him for the prolonged maintenance. Auron replied the message saying to meet up after lunch since he had something to do in the morning. After replying Roan's message, Auron fell asleep.
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