16 Recruitmen

    The next morning, Auron woke up at 5.30 am. After that, he took a bath and prepared for his breakfast. After eating his breakfast, he directly went into his game capsule.

    [Welcome to Two Worlds]

    A notification came as soon as he login into the game. He was outside the Beauty Rest. He directly set his character's level and equipment to be hidden from other player. Then, he issued some command to the AI system controlling his clone.

    "System, walked Smiling Wizard to the city plaza and just stayed there until I controlled the character." Auron talked to the system through his mind.

    "I need to level up a bit before I looked for the military recruitment." Auron thought.

    Auron controlled Sword Of Life and went to outside of the city. On the outskirt of the city, he found some rabbit monster.

    [Crazy Bunny] (common monster)

    Level: 1

    HP: 30/30

    MP: 0/0

    Skills: None

    Description: A common rabbit monster. Beware, it is crazy.

    This was a low level monster and suitable for the new player to grind. Auron moved closer to the rabbit and started to attack. He stab his dagger to the rabbit's body.

    -3. A string of damage appear above the monster. The monster looked at Auron and started to retaliate. However, since this was a low level monster, for Auron it was an easy feat to dodge its attack. Auron dodged the monster's attack and launched another attack.

    After around eleven hits the monster died. A blue light appeared from the monster corpse and directly went into Auron's body. As soon as the blue light entered Auron's body, his experience went up.

    In the ground, the monster corpse slowly faded until its gone and some item suddenly appear.

    [Rabbit's Meat] (common item)

    Type: Miscellaneous

    Description: Inedible! Need to be processed before being eaten.

    Auron picked it up and continued his hunt. After killing 40 rabbit, a glowing yellow light could be seen from Auron body. He leveled up to level 2.

    "Whoa, others need only to kill 10 rabbits before leveling up to level 2 but I need to kill 40 rabbits." Auron started to realize how hard it was, "I thought four times experience will mean nothing. I guess I underestimate its difficulty."

    Auron continued his hunting process and continued to grind the rabbit. Two hours later, Auron reached level 5.

    "System, grind the nearby monster, if necessary, move to the higher leveled monster . I will switch to my clone." Auron issued another command to the system and switched into his clone.

    After that, it took 3 seconds before Auron switched into his clone. When Auron regained his vision, Auron looked around. He was already in the city's plaza. The city's plaza was a big place. There were many merchant's stall selling various item. People bursting around in the city's plaza visiting one stall to another. Occasionally, a group of city's patrol guard could be seen patrolling the plaza and maintained safety.

    In the middle of the plaza, there was a big fountain of water. Beside the fountain, there were a crowd gathering on a stall near the fountain. This was the military's recruitment stall. Usually, near the fountain was a restricted place for anyone to make a stall. However, since this was the military stall, they could build it and occupied a pretty large space beside the fountain.

    There were a line of people in front of a desk. These was the players wanted to register for the military. Behind the desk, four seated men could be seen recording and questioning the player and behind these four men a big burly men could be seen supervising these four men.

    After a long wait, Auron arrived at the desk.

    "Do you want to register into the army?" The man in front of Auron asked.

    "Yes. What are the requirements? Is there any restriction on the class?" Auron answered.

    "There are no restriction on the class as long as you fulfill the requirement. Show me your level!" The man replied.

    Auron show his level to the man and it was level 6. His main character was still grinding for monster and managed to successfully grinded enough monster to leveled up to level 6.

    After seeing Auron's level, the man furrowed his brows and furiously shouted, "Do you think military was some joke? You need a minimum level of 100 to enter the lowest military camp! Go back again when you reached level 100."

    The man voice drew attention from nearby player and other examiner even the supervisor. Many player started to laugh with contempt seeing Auron's level.

    "Ha ha ha, a baby want to go to war? how funny it is?"

    "Level 6? A new player? Why don't you go to you mommy and asked some milk?"


    The others examiner also shocked and felt angry because of Auron's doing. They only had one  though in their mind, "Do you think military was a place for children? What a joke!"

    Auron felt embarrassed and started to think how naive he was. However, he thought that this was not his faults since there was no information at all.

    "I know I was to naive to think a level 6 could enter the military. However, this is not my fault there is no information about it and they should not humiliated me because of this." Auron felt furious. He started to glared the laughing players and the examiner. His killing intent could be seen.

    However, for these player, a level 6 could not kill them so they were not afraid of Auron's glare and continued to humiliated him. When one of the examiner want to dismiss him, the burly supervisor shouted, "Silent!"

    This burly supervisor started to emit a frightening aura. Although this man was just an NPC however, the aura was so frightening it made the surrounding become quiet. His aura even made one of the examiner felt nervous and started to sweat a lot.

    This burly supervisor looked at the glaring Auron and said, "What a fierce mage. Although mage always stayed at the back, there are many times when mage can't get any protection from the melee and need to fight a close combat. Mage's body are weak, you will just become a burden!"

    "I will prevent for that situation to happen. Even if that situation occur, I can guarantee that I will not become a burden!" Auron replied with high tone, his killing intent started to rising because of the humiliation.

    "What a confidence! I like it! There is still a way to enter the military before level 100" the man smilingly said.
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