17 Academy

    This man was Blood Axe, a prodigious military's lieutenant. His talent was so high and he already become the military's next rising star. In war zone, He always led his troops and charge into the middle of the enemy despite losing in quantity. He was so strong he almost wiped out half of the enemy by himself. Although, it seems amazing, many other military official and his friend regard his action are a suicide action. Because of this, he earned a title, crazy killing machine.

    His bravery were paid off, He gained a lot of contribution and even the king give him a weapon. His superior all regarded him as the rising star and believed soon he will become a great general. His value was so high that there was some people afraid of him taking their position. So, when there was a recruitment position opened, they suggested for Blood Axe to supervise the recruitment. By doing this, they could hinder Blood Axe from racking up his contribution and somehow buy some time for them to raise their contribution.

    Although, Blood Axe didn't like this boring job, he didn't want to defy orders. So, he carried it out. Who knows he met someone this interesting that piqued some of his interest.

    "Before level 100, there was only one way to enter military, which is through military academy." Blood Axe started to explain. "However, to enter the academy, you still need to get into level 10 and the application closed at 3 pm today. You still have 4 hours to level up 4 level and apply. The academy is located near the military camp beside Bloody Swamp."

    Blood Axe toss a badge to Auron, "Here, take this badge when you apply. Don't forget to get to level 10 in 4 hours. Now, please go, there still many player need to be examined."

    Catching the badge, Auron stood up from his chair, nodded to Blood Axe and went away from the recruitment place. After went away for a little, he started to examined the badge and a quest notification appeared in front of him.

    [You are forced to accept a quest]

    [Blood Axe's Acceptance Proof]

    Countdown: 3 hours 57 minutes 33 seconds

    Description: Bring this badge to the military's academy before the countdown is up.

    Quest Clear Condition: Reach level 10 and apply to the academy before the countdown is up.

    Quest Clear Rewards: You will enlisted in the military's academy

    Quest Failure Punishment: affinity with Blood Axe -50. Reputation in Gaia -10.

    "To gain 4 level in 4 hours is easy for ordinary player. But, for me, I need four times more experience than others. It will be challenging for me." Auron gritted his teeth and promised, "However, I will take this challenge and beat this."

    He looked a his experience bar, it was filled by 43%. He needs 57% more to reach level 7. Because the time was short, he didn't dare to stay idle for too long. He need to hunt with both of his character.

    "I need to familiarize with mage spells and their way of hunting. I think it is pretty safe to leave the system control my main character. I will use this character to hunt" Auron decided.

    Before he went hunting, Auron needs to buy some of basic spells. Because his money was very limited, he exchanged his real money and get a silver from it. He spent some of it to buy 4 basic spells skills book for all element, [Fire Bolt], [Ice Bolt], [Earth Spike], and [Wind Bolt], two for each element. He spent the rest of his money to buy some basic potion.

    After that, He directly use all of the skills book he bought, and get the respective skill to level 1. He swiftly went to nearby hunting grounds near the city. After a while he arrived near a hill. This hill was the lair of goblin so many players called this [Goblin's Hill].

    In the hill, you could see many goblin wandering around. Afraid of alerting all of the goblin, Auron went to the outskirt of the hill and found a single goblin wandering alone.

    [Mace Goblin] (common monster)

    Level: 6

    HP: 200/200

    MP: 10/10

    Skills: Heavy Strike

    Description: One of the goblin types. It is using mace as its weapon.

    Auron started to chant [Fire Bolt]. A progress bar shown in Auron's vision. A red bar could be seen moved along the progress bar. From its moving speed, Auron calculated that it needs about 3 seconds, before the skills ready. After 3 seconds, A fire bolt started to emerged from his staff and hit the goblin.


    "What! only 15? It supposed to be not this low. Am I doing it wrong?" Auron shocked and confused by the low damage.

    The goblin looked over to Auron and start to charge towards Auron. Auron took several step backs and started to chant another spell, [Ice Bolt]. However, to chant a spell Auron can't move or his spell will be canceled. The goblin charge toward Auron, when it was close enough to Auron, it swing his mace. However, before the mace reached Auron, his [Ice Bolt] was ready. A bolt of ice emerged from his staff and hit the goblin. The goblin took the hit and flinched a bit but his mace continued moved closer to Auron. It finally hit Auron.

    -12. A damage appear above the goblin.

    -10. Auron got hit by the mace and his health reduced. However, compared to Auron's full health, 200, it didn't mean much.

    Auron frowned confusedly by the low damage, because the goblin closed enough to him he couldn't chant his spell. So, he hit the goblin using his staff.

    -25. A damage higher than the spell's damage appear above the goblin.

    "What?!" Auron confused because his staff damage apparently higher that the spell damage. Putting it to the side, Auron focused his mind to defeat this goblin first before searching for the answer. Auron moved swiftly dodged the incoming attack. He didn't forget to launch a counter attacked. After several hit and dodged, the goblin died and give some item and experience to Auron.

    "What is wrong with my spell? Why my damage was so low?" Since this is his first time using a mage, Auron felt confused. "I didn't know it was this hard to use a mage. Is there some sort of secret to know in using a mage?"

    Auron pondered seriously, he started to examine his equipment. He looked at his beginner's staff and there was nothing strange with it. After a few minutes looking, Auron finally found the answer.

    "Oh damn! I forgot to raise my attribute point"
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