18 Attribute

    [Smiling Wizard]

    Level: 6

    Exp: 61%

    Hp: 100

    Mp: 50

    Strength: 1

    Agility: 1

    Vitality: 1

    Intelligence: 1

    Dexterity: 1

    Luck: 1

    Attribute point: 50

    Strength could increase melee weapon damage. Agility could increase movement speed as well as attack speed. Vitality increase a character's health and its physical defense. Intelligence increase magic damage and character's magical defense. Dexterity would increase ranged weapon damage and increase how well a character's using his skill or magic spell. Lastly, luck would increase the chances of doing a critical attack whether it was physical attack or magic attack.

    Every time a character leveled up, they would got 5 attribute points to spend as they wished. Other than leveling up, they could used a buff potion to temporally increased their attribute or through quest reward to get an attribute book which could gave the user 1 bonus attribute point. However, to get a quest which rewarded an attribute book was very rare. It was like looking to find a needle in a haystack. Moreover, when they found one, it was still unknown whether they could finished the quest or not.

    Because of the [Mighty Clone], Auron got double attribute point than other player which was 10 points. However, because the incident in the military's recruitment and how he rushed to leveled up to level 10, he forgot to allocated his attribute point. In the end, his magic damage was low because of his low intelligence attribute.

    "How should I allocated my point?" Auron pondered deeply.

    Previously, when he still played God Of Sword, he allocated his attribute to keep his strength agility ratio of 1:1. Occasionally, he increase his vitality and luck to keep up with his strength and agility. However, he never increase his intelligence at all.

    If he applied this allocation ration to his character now, it would kill his clone character. Well, he could still use staff and fighting in melee combat, but by doing this, it would reduce his clone character's value. His magic spell would produced lower damage than his melee damage. That's why, right now, he think deeply how to allocate his point so it would accommodate both of his character instead of ruining one of them.

    Finally, Auron make a decision, "I will allocated 2 in strength, 2 in agility, 2 in intelligence, 2 points in dexterity, and 1 point both in vitality and luck. This way, I will not ruin one of my character"

    Auron thinking the best way to accommodate both of his character was to keep all his important attribute in same ratio. Because Auron still loved his previous character build, he chooses strength and agility for his swordsman character and intelligence and dexterity for his mage character. Although dexterity not to important for melee character, since it only affected his control over skill, however for a magic user, dexterity will allow them to reduce their magic spell's casting time. Auron decided to keep his strength, agility, intelligence, and dexterity attribute in 1:1:1:1 ratio.

    Auron started to allocate all of his attribute point using the ratio he has decided on. Then he looked over his character's attribute once more.

    [Smiling Wizard]

    Level: 6

    Exp: 63%

    Hp: 115

    Mp: 80

    Strength: 11

    Agility: 11

    Vitality: 6

    Intelligence: 11

    Dexterity: 11

    Luck: 6

    Attribute point: 0

    After raising his attribute, his magic point almost the same as his health point. However, this was normal since he raise his intelligence twice from his vitality. Although, it was weird for melee class to have low health, it was still in an understandable range. In Auron previous character, his health also low compared other melee class, however he cover it using his movement speed and damage. Right now, he intended to do the same, since he was using the same class as before, swordsman, he could use the same strategy from before. Moreover, right now, he could use magic spells, though he still in the phase of learning on how to combine his swords and magic attack.

    "Now, I need to test this out." Auron started to looked another monster. Soon, he found another goblin.

    [Shield Goblin] (common monster)

    Level: 6

    HP: 500/500

    MP: 10/10

    Skills: Shield Bash

    Description: One of the goblin types. It is using shield as its weapon.

    -113. A fire bolt hit the goblin.

    "Now, this is what I am talking about." Auron satisfied by the damage. He took a several step back and cast another spell. After repeat it for twice the goblin now left with less than 40% of its health. However, the goblin managed to approach Auron, its directly used his skill, shield bash. Auron dodged the shield and could only fight in close combat. After several hit, the goblin collapsed and dead.

    "Well, it is hard to use a mage. There are many restriction in using the spell. I can't move or get hit when casting the spell." Auron realized the difficulty of casting a spell. "How can I utilize my speed when I can't move. Should I raise my dexterity so I can instant cast my spell?"

    Auron soon put the idea out of his mind, "No, I can't change the ratio or it will ruin my character. There must be some way to do moving casting."

    Auron had seen many high leveled mage could cast their spell while moving, there was even some mage who could double casting their spell. Of course, there were difference in the quality of the spell. There was some mage who could only chant a basic spell while moving. Others could chant a slightly higher spell while moving.

    From all of this, Auron conclude that there must be a way to do it and it could be learned and trained. "Should I use my spell more frequently?" Auron concluded that he lack the knowledge of mage. He needs to use his spell more frequently. Auron started to hunt more and more goblin.

    After killing more than dozens of goblin, Auron leveled up to level 7.

    "I still can't get any idea how to cast while moving." Auron thought. Then, he looked at his quest.

    [Blood Axe's Acceptance Proof]

    Countdown: 2 hours 43 minutes 53 seconds


    Auron gritted his teeth, "I need to increase my speed, let's put the matter of casting while moving to the side. I need to get 3 level under 2 hours and 45 minutes."
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