19 Hunting 1

    Auron raised his attribute then he signaled the system to bring his main character over. After a few moments later, Sword Of Life arrived at his location.

    "Let us party. I will go over and control that character. Meanwhile, you control this character and support me from behind." Auron commanded the AI system.

    After partying up, both of the character went to the inner region of goblin's hill. In the inner region, one could see a pair of goblin walked around, there was even some goblin who patrolled in group of 3 or 4.

    If one not careful, when they hit one group of goblin, they could alerted the other group. And, if they could not finish them in time, more and more goblin will swarm over them until they all wiped out. Back then, this hunting ground was very popular. Many party come over here to hunt, even there was a time when the monster's spawn rate could not keep up the killing rate of all the player. However, right now, there was no other player could be seen around. All of them were high leveled enough and busy trying to become the first one to get level 1000. This was why, in all surrounding of the goblin's hill only Auron and his clone could be seen.

    When hunting in a party, all party's member need to hunt close one to each other because, when a monster died, they will only give experience points to the party's members who were in 30 meters radius from the monster's corpse. The experience point will be divided up equally according to the number of player in the 30 meters radius. So, to say, when there was a monster died and gave a 100 experience point and there were 4 party member's in the radius of 30 meters from the corpse, each player would get 25 experience point. However, if there was only two member then each player would get 50 experience point.

    Although it seems the player would get reduced experience point, the hunting speed will increased. So, in the end, the experience point a player would get almost the same as when they hunting alone, there was even a chance that the experience point they got would be higher than hunting alone.

    For Auron, this actually a benefit for him because when he and his clone share the same experience pool. That was why when a monster died, although by system, the experience was divided by two, actually the experience when to the same player. So, Auron still would get 100% experience point from the monster while his hunting speed became faster.

    "I need to look up for a place safe for my clone to cast a spell." Auron lead his clone to look for a cliff nearby. Then he finally saw, a place suitable for hunt. There were two high cliff and in between there was a small space enough for 5 people. In entry, could only fit for 2 goblins, at most 3 goblins at the same time. This would make it easier for Auron controlled the mobs and prevent the mobs moved closer to his clone.

    "You will attack from inside the space, and I will fight near the entry point. Attack the monster that I attacked." Auron told his clone. Although he could deal with 3 goblins at a time and cover his clone, he didn't want to take a risk any risk and slow down his hunting speed. After all, what he need the most right now was speed.

    After settling his clone inside the space, Auron started to mob over a group of goblin over. A group of 3 goblin came over. Auron started to hit one of the goblin while dodging the incoming attack from the other goblin. Meanwhile, his clone safely cast a spell over and over to the goblin which Auron attacked. It was a pity that all the basic spell a mage could learn were only a single targeted spell. They could only learn an AOE spell when they had reach level 100.

    It could be seen that the hunting speed and experience gained faster than when hunting alone. When all of the goblin had died, Auron would quickly looked for another group and brought them to the cliff. Sometimes, there was a group of goblin got alerted and came over to the cliff on its own.

    Auron could not be bothered to pick up the item. He left all of it to his clone. When he gone out to look for another group of goblin, his clone would pick up the item scattered on the ground. When Auron brought over a group of goblin, his clone would go back to his position and support Auron from behind.

    The hunting efficiency increased, after almost 2 hours hunting, Auron already reached leveled 9 with 39% experience. Auron brought over a pair of goblins over. When there was one goblin left, a group of goblin could be seen coming over to his place. There was 6 goblins, with one goblin had body slightly bigger than the other goblin.

    Auron sped up his killing on the last goblin. After the last goblin died, he directly looked over to the coming group of goblins.

    [Goblin's Leader] (common boss monster)

    Level: 13

    HP: 3000/3000

    MP: 300/300

    Skills: Summon guards, Goblin's Roar

    Description: Goblin's Leader, it has 5 guards. It can summon guards. Beware of its roar.

    [Goblin Leader's Guard] (common monster)

    Level: 10

    HP: 1000/1000

    MP: 100/100

    Skills: Heavy Strength

    Description: Goblin Leader's guard. Its sole purpose is to protect its leader.

    "A boss monster coming. Luckily, it is just goblin's leader. I could defeat him." Before the group of goblin arrived at the cliff, Auron took the initiative and charged to the group. He attacked one of the guard.

    -60. The defense of the goblin was higher than any other goblin, so his damage was rather low. Moreover, he still used his beginner's dagger. Auron dodged the attack from other goblin.

    -125. A wind bolt hit the goblin leader's guard. The goblin flinched a bit, then continued to attack Sword Of Life.

    The duo continued to killed the goblin leader's guard one by one while ignoring the boss. When the last guard had only a sliver of his health left, Auron stabbed his dagger to the guard. At the same time, the goblin's leader also launched an attacked to Auron.

    -56. The last guard fell down and died. -100. The boss's attack finally hit Auron. It reduced Auron's health to under 20%.

    Quickly, Auron step back and took some health recovery potion. +50. Auron moved back to the cliff's entrance.

    The boss chased Auron. When the boss arrived near the entrance, it stops then let out a roar.

    "Goblin's Roar" Auron murmured.
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