20 Hunting 2

    A boss monster would always had a minimum of two skills. They were a summoning skill and a roar skill. Just like its name, summoning skill would summon guard to protect them. The number of guard and the quality of guard depend on the boss grade. The other skill was a roar. A roar skill would reduced speed and strength of the nearby player and increased the attribute of his guards for an amount of time.

    The boss would used both of this skill randomly. The lower the grade of the boss, the lower the intelligence. So, it could be said that lower grade boss would used their skill very random. While the higher grade boss would use their skill based on the situation and they could even made a strategy using his guards.

    "Lucky me, all the guards has been dead" Auron felt relieved.

    After the boss used his roar skill, he started to charge toward Auron. Seeing the boss charge toward him, Auron took another health recovery potion, and prepared to dodge the incoming attack.

    The boss launched an attack to Auron. Although, his speed was reduced, Auron was a former ranked number 1 player. He could even dodge many high leveled player attack, let alone a lower grade boss monster. Auron dodged the attack smoothly. And launched a counter attack.

    -50. The boss defense was higher than his guard, so Auron damage got reduced more.

    -80. A spell hit the boss. Smiling Wizard not forget to support Auron from behind. He continuously, cast a spell after another. When his mana point was low, he would took mana recovery potion and cast another spell.

    When the boss' health was slightly over 80%, he used his summoning skill. Five goblin leader's guard emerged. Auron and his clone stopped attacking the boss and focusing on wiping out the guards. When the guards was wiped out, they would focused back on attacking the boss. This cycle continued over.

    When the boss' health reached 50%, he used another roar skill. He, immediately, summon his guards. Auron and his clone would shifted their target to the guards. Because of the roar, it took a slightly longer time to finish the guards. However, the difference not too much.

    Auron's experience point could also be seen rising up as he killed the guard over and over again. Right now, his experience point had surpassed 50%.

    "Maybe, after I killed this boss I will gain a level." Auron smiled at the thought of reaching level 10.

    When there was only 10% of the boss' health left. It used his summoning skill and immediately, use his roar skill. Auron speed and strength reduced. However, there was a different situation compared to the other situation before. The guards got a buff because of the roar. Their speed and strength got buffed.

    "Damn it, I need to be more focused." Auron determined and became more focused. "What a pity, I haven't buy any swordsman skill's book."

    Auron gritted his teeth, while attacking and dodging all of the guards and the boss attacks. He could only rely on his clone to deal damage to the goblin. He successfully dodge all of the attack and sometimes launched a counter attack.

    However, a dangerous situation rise up when there was only two guards left. Because the guards got buffed up, Auron had to spent more energy to dodge the guards and the boss attacks. That was why his attack rate dropped a bit.

    -113. An earth spike hit the goblin leader's guard who was their target. The goblin leader's guard who got hit flinched and looked over to Smiling Wizard. Then, he charged toward Smiling Wizard.

    "Damn!" Auron chased along the goblin he desperately launched an attack.

    Smiling Wizard moved over and tried to run away. However, because the space was small, it was hard to maintain distance.

    -100. A damage float above Smiling Wizard's head. Smiling Wizard moved back and took some health recovery potion, while Auron kept hitting the goblin and dodging the other goblin and boss attack.

    After two hit from Auron the goblin who chased Smiling Wizard died, Auron focused back to the boss and the last guards. Right now, they were inside the space, it was very small, so it gave more difficulties for Auron to dodge. Luckily, the debuff from the boss' roar ended. He gain his speed and strength back, while the goblin leader's guard became more weak.

    Auron and his clone started to bombarded the last guard with their attack. Soon, the last guard died. The duo directly bombarded the boss. Not long after that, the boss collapsed and died. A yellow light shown indicating Auron leveled up to level 10. He looked over his experience it was already filled for 5%.

    Suppressed his happiness, Auron looked over the boss' loot. There was an equipment and a necklace

    [Leather's Boots] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Shoes

    Requirement: 10 Strength, 5 Agility

    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Mage, Cleric, Archer

    Defend: 13

    Effect: no effect

    [Silver Necklace] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Accessories

    Requirement:  5 Strength, 5 Agility

    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Mage, Cleric, Archer

    Defend: 5

    Intelligence +5

    Effect: no effect

    "A pretty good loot" Auron could not contained his joy and smiled. He gave the necklace to Smiling Wizard and equipped the boots to Sword Of Life.

    The battle with the boss last for 30 minutes. Auron checked his quest. There was still around 15 minutes left to report for the quest. Then, Auron allocated his attribute points and switched over to Smiling Wizard.

    "I will need to report the quest. So, not to waste any time better for you to hunt on the safer zone near the city." Auron commanded the system. He was afraid that the system could not dodged like what he do, so he told the system to hunt on the safer zone instead in the goblin's hill. Auron didn't want to take any risk. He could not imagine when he arrived at the academy only to find his leveled went down by 2 because his character died.

    After giving command, Auron and Sword Of Life started went separate way. While he went to report the quest, Sword Of Life would hunting a lower leveled monster near the city. This way, he would not waste any time.
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