22 Roommate

    Angered boiled inside Auron. However, he took a long breath and blew it out,

    "Stay calm... Stay calm..."

    Auron gritted his teeth, he went back to the old man on the receptionist. Seeing Auron, the old man could only sighed as if he know that this will happened. Actually, the old man, same like the guards, very shocked to see Auron got into the academy through special registration process with such a low level and ragged equipment. However, he thought positively and gave a room key the same as other special registered student.

    "From the first time I see you, I am very shocked you could get into the academy through special way. Although your level are low and your equipment are ragged, I am still positively think you have a huge background. That was why I gave you the same room as the special registered student." The old man explained.

    "However, from think it could be seen that I am wrong. I don't know how you can get into the academy using the special way. It is better for you to hide your level since many noble kid pampered by their family, they become a bully for the lower status student."

    "Here I give you a room key the same as public registered student. Hopefully, they would not bully you. With your appearance, they somehow could relate to you." The old man handed over another key to Auron.

    Auron could not refuted at the old man's words. He also knew the matter of noble bully a lower status person. However, he could not imagined it was to this extent. He gritted his teeth and swore, "Wait until I high leveled enough, I will take my revenge on them."

    Auron went to his new room. Before entering, he hide his level. However, he could not do anything to his equipment. When Auron entered the room, a voice could be heard,

    "Wow, what a handsome roommate."

    "I could not believe he is a man."

    "If I am a woman, I surely will fall in love with him. What a pity, I am straight man."

    The room was small sized. With four bed inside, there was barely a space. Inside, there were three man sitting three bed each and one empty bed. When Auron entered, each of them commented on Auron.

    "Is that the empty bed?" Auron looked over to the empty bed.

    "Yes, that is your place." One of them answered.

    Auron went to his bed and sat on it. He could feel his roommate were friendly enough and tried to befriend each of them "Hi, I am Smiling Wizard. I am a mage."

    It was true that all of them were friendly. They started to introduce themselves. After their introduction, Auron felt they somehow bizarre. Feather Slice, a plump guy who loved to eat. His class was a thief. Deadly Tower, a short man who become an archer. And, Black Bull, a skinny man with glasses who become a merchant.

    Auron thought in his mind, "There was even a merchant in military. How could he pass the test?"

    Their class, and appearance could not related to each other. Auron could not help and asked. They started to explain their history and motivation to get into the military.

    "I was skinny back then. After I got into accident, I could not moved for a month. At that time, what I could do was only eating. After several days, I loved eating so much. When I realized, my body has already become this big. However, I could not stop eating because I loved it so much. My Father puts me into the military, hoping my eating habit could be reduced and I become normal like before" Feather Slice told his story while opening a snack he brought into the dorm.

    "For me, my dad was an archer and I am his only son. I idolized him so much. When I was still a kid, my parents died. My father always told his friend that his wish was for me to become the greatest archer better than him. After he died, one of his friend told me this and after that I decided to become archer. But who knows, when I reached my current height, I stopped growing. I can't just abandon my father's wish because of my height. This is also my reason to enter the army, to make my name spread wide." Deadly Tower followed.

    "I am from a merchant family. However, because I am the youngest and I don't have any talent in trading, my family don't have much hope in me. They focused on my brothers. It makes me sad. I decided to enter the army, since no merchant had ever entered the army. If I can dominate the army I believe I could put my family in regret. With my intellectual, I believe I can do it." Black Bull told Auron.

    "What was the test? How could you guys passed the test?" Auron confusedly asked. This was also one of Auron's concern.

    "Didn't you also take the test? Are you got through the special registration?" Feather Slice asked and could not believe Auron took the special way.

    Auron felt complicated and didn't know how to explained. Finally, he told them how he got to meet Blood Axe and told them honestly about his level and how could he moved to this room. After the story, Black Bull patted Auron's shoulder, "How lucky you are to get into the academy through that way"

    Deadly Tower sighed, "Everyone has their own luck."

    After knowing Auron's story, the three of them feeling sympathetically for Auron. They began to tell Auron the test and how the passed. The test was to bring back a loot from a level 50 or above monster before the registration's deadline. The loot had to be brought back through killing the monster and could not be bought. The examiner had a way to differentiate a loot brought back from killing or buying it.

    Feather Slice was actually very lucky, he saw another person fighting a level 55 monster. When the monster died and the person was going to take the loot, a boss monster appeared and attacked that person. That person could not help but run away, but the boss chased him. After the boss chased that person far enough, Feather Slice took the chance to get the loot and submit it to the examiner.

    Deadly Tower used his own strength, because he was short, he climbed a tree and snipped a boar type monster from above. He moved between trees and snipped the boar. After a hundred hits the boar finally died and he took the loot.

    Meanwhile, Black Bull was smart. He deceived one of his brothers into killing the monster. He mocked his brother saying that he could not kill the monster. In rage, his brother proved by killing the monster alone. Black Bull acted like he was very shocked. His brother looked at Black Bull disdainfully and left him with the corpse and loot of the monster. After his brother left, Black Bull easily took the loot and submitted it. When his brother knew he was being used, he flew into rage. However, Black Bull had long gone into the academy's dormitory.
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