24 Vow

    Back in the Heaven's first branch guild, These four guys were the key people who were responsible for managing the main guild's supply. Without them, the first branch could not keeping up with the main guild supply's demand. At first, they didn't know each other. However, because of continuous interaction within the guild they become very close and loyal to each other.

    Cold Candle's knew these three and valued them highly. So, when she intended to create a new guild, she directly proposed them to maintain the guild supply. She promised many things to persuade them. They actually enticed by Cold Candle's offer. At the end, they asked about would Roan also joining with them. Hearing their question, Cold Candle sighed and shook her head saying that Roan already rejected her offer.

    Hearing that, these three guys felt dejected. They want to accept the offer but they didn't want if there was one of them missing. So, all of them postponed their answer. Then, they tried to persuade Roan to join them. When persuading Roan, they know the truth that Cold Candle actually never contact Roan and talked about joining them.

    Furious, they confronted Cold Candle and decline her offer. Then, they asked Roan about his future plan. At that time, Roan still didn't know what he want to do. So, he just said that he would help Auron to create his new character. When hearing this, Jedi voiced his plan to create a trading company and it was all started from here that they continued to sharpen their plan.

    Although all of them were merchant class and their level were almost the same on to each other, in the first branch back then, all of them had different role in term of business. Roan was the head as well as the one who give the new idea. Rejan was the one who collect all information like collecting the price of all various product throughout all of Gaia, information about who was in need of specific material, etc. Red Pepper was the one who execute the plan, He was the one who negotiate to all the supplier for lower price and to high leveled business partner for higher price. While Jedi, was the one who analyze all of the information collected by Rejan and helped Roan and Red Pepper to make a decision. Their teamwork had been tested back then in the first branch and had already passed it.

    Seeing them, Auron could not help to think how wonderful to have these four guys. "Thank you for your help back then. And also thank you for helping me now" Auron bowed and thanked them.

    Feeling embarrassed, Roan quickly said, "What are you doing? This is just small matter. You are my brother so of course, I will help you."

    "Yeah, yeah, you are Meatball's brother. So, you can be considered as our brothers as well." The other three quickly agreed with Roan.

    "Here is the skill book for swordsman My brother and I had collected through this morning." Feeling awkward, Roan quickly changed the subject and hand over a bunch of swordsman's skill book to Auron. "For the nutrient solution, I have ordered 20 of it and it will arrived at tomorrow morning."

    Because of this, Auron felt touched by their actions and vowed in his heart that he will not let them down. Since he was in his path for his revenge, Auron quickly accepted all of this. "I will sure to pay it back to you guys."

    "Never mind of it, just level up quickly so we can play together" Roan replied. "Right now, we could only provided this for you. For the epic level and higher we have to wait until you are high leveled enough.

    Auron directly used all of the skill book provided by Roan and the others. All of his swordsman's skill raised until level 30. After using it, Auron could not help but felt more touched, he even felt that a tear was welling up in his eyes. Auron calculated that to buy all of this using the current market price they would spend a huge amount of money. If it was converted into real life money, It was as huge as 5 years expenditure of a small company.

    In Two Worlds, when you had money you could just buy all of the skill books needed and use it directly. So, you could have a level 1 character with a high leveled skill as long as you could afford the skill book. Up until level 30, you could just buy the skill book. However, for level 31 and higher, you need to use the skill book's hunting service. It already cost a lot to use the skill book's hunting service and if you want to get level 31 and higher as a low leveled player, you need to spend more to hire a bodyguard service to keep you safe because the place where the skill book dropped was in high leveled area.

    Auron could deduced that Roan was the one who afford the money to buy all of this. He also believed that Roan already used all of his entire 10 years saving just for all of this. Auron looked warmly at Roan, "No, this is enough. This helps me a lot. With this I could hunt a lot faster."

    "You guys have sacrificed a lot. I will never forget about this and repay you guys when I am stronger." Auron vowed, "From now on, you guys are my brothers. If you want me to suicide, I will not think twice to do it."

    Roan and the others shocked by Auron sudden vow, they could not help to feel warm. Not waiting for each other, they directly vowed.

    "You guys are my brothers from now and forever...."

    "I vow, from now on, you guys are my brothers...."

    "I also vow, from now on, you guys are my brothers...."

    "I vow, we are brothers...."

    After vowing, they looked at each other and laughed out loud. They felt satisfied and warmed because of their actions. They smiled at each other and continued to laugh. If others people saw this, they would think that these guys found a jackpot or they just crazy.

    "So, now let us talk about our trading company and out future plans," Roan interjected their laughed.
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