25 Dragons Den

    "What do you think we should name our trading company?" Roan asked.

    "How about Secret?" Rejan suggested.

    "I suggest we should use Money Talk" Red Pepper suggested another name.

    "Why you guys suggest a childish name, we should use something like dragon or tiger to symbolize our power," Jedi shook his head. While fixing his glasses, he said, "Dragon's Den, we are as strong as dragon"

    Roan nodded his head hearing Jedi suggestion. Auron also agreed with Jedi suggestion. Meanwhile, Rejan and Red Pepper felt embarrassed by their name suggestion.

    "Hence, from now on, our trading company will be Dragon's Den," Roan declared.

    "Now, who should be our leader? I suggested Sword Of Life to become our leader"

    Jedi shook his head again, "No, I think it is better if you become our leader. If Sword Of Life become our leader right now, it will bring us harmed than benefit."

    "Don't you remember there are many enemies of him? Even if not all of them will come seek revenge, there will be someone who will seek revenge."

    "Right now, we are still weak, we are only consist 5 people. Moreover, 4 of us are merchant and not a fighting class. Even one of Sword Of Life's enemy can crush us easily."

    "I think it is better for him not to join us first and focus on raising his level. Meanwhile, we can just support him from outside. By doing this, we can show to the others that Sword Of Life just a mere customer to our trading company. It will solve a lot of our problem."

    After hearing Jedi's explanation, Auron nodded, He was strongly agree with Jedi's explanation. "Let us just do what Jedi has suggested. Just think of me as one of your customer."

    Roan felt conflicted, "Umm.... Well, if you all agree then let us do it that way."

    "Okay let's do it that way" Rejan and Red Pepper agreed. They felt grateful for not voicing their opinion or else they would felt more embarrassed. They could never thought as deeply as what Jedi had thought.

    All of them walked inside into the building. They walked over to the receptionist desk.

    "Good evening, what could I do to help you?" The receptionist warmly greeted them.

    "We would like to create a trading company." Roan answered.

    "Please fill this form first." The receptionist handed over a sheet of paper to be filled.

    After filling all the question in the form, Roan handed back the form to the receptionist.

    "Okay, from now on you are temporary trading company. Here is your badge. It will record all information necessary for your trading company to passed the test and upgrade into the copper trading company." The receptionist handed over a badge to Roan.

    "Would you like to hear explanation about how trading company works?" The receptionist asked.

    "Although, we have seen how trading company works, our knowledge are still on the surface of it. Please explain it to us." Roan answered.

    After a long explanation, they had better knowledge regarding how trading company worked in Gaia. Trading company could be divided into 5 different rank, copper, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. To raise the rank, one need to fulfill certain requirement to promote. For example, to raise from a copper to bronze, they need to get an approval from a noble NPC. There was one trading company which was ranked platinum, Royal Trading Company, which was a trading company owned by one of the princess. Right now, the highest ranked player's trading company was in gold rank. They said that to promote to platinum they need to get an approval from the supreme ruler of Gaia which made it very difficult because they never had any interaction with the ruler. With the new update, they hoped they could get an interaction with the king and got promoted to platinum rank.

    Creating a trading company was easy. One only needs a minimum of 2 members for applying to create a new trading company. However, they were still not an official trading company, but rather a temporary one. Although copper rank was the lowest, there was a lower one which was a temporary trading company. The could get rid of their status as temporary by passing the test which was making a 100 gold profit in 6 months. If they failed the test, they need to wait for another month for applying a new application. If they could passed the test they would be promoted into a copper rank trading company which was could be called the official trading company.

    Although, getting 100 gold profit seems easy, it was actually rather difficult. What counted towards the goal was only a profit from the result of trading with NPC. Whether it was a noble NPC or ordinary NPC. So, it could be said that the requirements for the profit to be counted were it had to be a trade and it should be trading with NPC. Outside from this, it would not be counted towards the goals. Another thing was, the one which was counted was the profit from the trade and not the selling price. For example, you had a product with a base price of 5 copper and you sold it to NPC for 10 copper. Only 5 copper will be counted since you only gained a 5 copper profit.

    After passing the test they could applied a promotion to copper rank. A different ranked trading company would get different treatment and benefit. A gold ranked could build their shop in Miderian and also got discount when buying a goods. This way, many trading company was racing to promote their trading company. However, it was easier said than done. The difficulty rise as they went up in the ranking.

    "A profit of 100 gold in 6 months. It was quite easy," Red Pepper said. The others except Auron agreed to what Red Pepper said. After all, when they was in the early days in first branch , 80% of their profit was by selling to the NPC or buying a goods in a village in low price and sell it in another village or town for higher price. Right now, with their knowledge and information also connection to several NPC, this goals was not a difficult one.

    "Yeah, Sword Of Life you should went hunting and wait for us to officially promote to copper rank" Roan said smilingly. At first he was surprised that there was a test to make an official trading company. However, after hearing what the test was about, he was relaxed.
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