27 Undead 1

    Auron quickly dodged the attack from the zombie. Relying on his speed, Auron moved around and calmly attacked the zombie. However, the longer the battle took, the other zombie had moved almost close to him that left him with more little space to dodge.

    When the first zombie he attacked died, a dozens of zombie had moved closed enough to attack him, followed by another dozens of zombie behind. It looked like a wave of zombie approached. Auron quickly used his [Whirlwind Slash], a swordsman's skill which damage an area around the user.

    A series of damage float around Auron. But, he not just stood still. He quickly followed his attack with another AOE skill, [Twister]. Another series of damage float. After that he used another AOE skill. After several AOE skill, all the surrounding zombie died and a lot of blue light went to him.

    Although his intelligence was pretty high for a level 10 swordsman, After using the series of AOE skill his mana point depleted and empty. Auron not waited until the following zombie's wave come close to him. He ignored the loot on the ground and quickly charged back to the village's entrance.

    "Thanks to Roan giving me skill's book, I could survive the zombie's wave" Auron thought.

    Actually, Auron just wanted to test the water since he never hunting here with so many undead around and alone. He was startled by the fact that many zombies attracted by his fight first time. Luckily, he had all of his AOE's skill. If not, he had to fight the zombie one by one and he was sure that he could not fight for long until the zombie swarmed upon him.

    He looked at his emptied mana and shook his head. "Luckily, I raise my intelligence status and it gives me more mana. If not, I am sure I can't launched that series of AOE's skills."

    Auron took mana potion from his inventory and use it. His emptied mana now restore for a bit. He used another mana potion until his mana point was back to full. He looked over at his experience point. It was raise to 8%. So, from that one waved he raise 3% of his experience. Although it seems small, in fact, it was pretty high since Auron needed four time more experience that others player.

    Auron sighed, "It only raised 3% of my experience. I emptied my mana pool and it only raised 3%. If I keep doing this way, who knows how many mana potion I needed to raised my level. It will cost me a lot."

    Right now, Auron don't have many money and he could not afford to keep buying mana potion since he still had other things he needed to buy. Thinking to this point, Auron discarded the way of his fight before.

    "I need to move fight carefully. I think I will pull the zombie to the entrance and attacking it in front of the entrance. This way I can avoid being surrounded by the zombie and I can easily run away when I am in danger." Auron thought.

    Keeping his plan in mind, Auron started to pull the zombie to the entrance of the village. Although, there still many undead attracted, Auron could fight safely than before. He used his skill and sometimes he just killed the undead using his basic attack and dodging technique. This way, he could save more potion.

    After seeing the zombie seems thin out, Auron carefully moved from the entrance to deeper inside. When moving, he always keeping in his mind that he had to be carefully and looking for a way to reduce his usage of potion. Sometimes, he fight with a wall or ruin behind his back. He also moved to the place with few zombie.

    With his careful fight and skill, Auron could successfully went deeper into the area. He also could already saw the mansion the noble built before. After a pretty long and tiring fight and moving, Auron could found a resting place beside a ruin of house in the most right corner of the area. With a ruin surrounding him and few zombie looming around the place, Auron took his time and took a little rest. Although, while resting, some zombie still managed to found his place, there was no danger involved and Auron easily got rid of the zombie without attracting another zombie.

    He looked over at his experience and status. He was at level 11 with 10% experience While moving around he actually managed to gain a level.

    "Huft... I managed to arrived here thanks to the high leveled skill I have." Auron thought. With his high leveled skill, he could produced higher damage. He imagined if not for Roan raised his skill level to level 30 and he only had a lower leveled skill, it would be impossible to arrived to his place right now.

    "What should I do? Should I continue or go back?" Auron thought deeply. He looked at his inventory, there was some potion left on his inventory and there was also a return scroll. There were also quite many loot from the undead he killed before. Although there were no equipment, but the miscellaneous item he got still could gave him around 1 silver in the NPC shop.

    Auron looked into the direction of the mansion. He was still halfway to the mansion and there were many undead monster on the way. The undead also got stronger the closer one to the mansion.

    [Ghoul] (common monster)

    Level: 18

    HP: 3200/3200

    MP: 0/0

    Skills: None

    Description: A dead creature. It is said it was raised from the dead. Although it is a bit durable, Its movement speed was slow. Stronger and faster than zombie

    [Skeleton] (common monster)

    Level: 15

    HP: 2300/2300

    MP: 0/0

    Skills: None

    Description: A walking skeleton. It has normal movement speed.

    [Skeleton Archer] (common monster)

    Level: 15

    HP: 1800/1800

    MP: 0/0

    Skills: None

    Description: A walking skeleton. It has normal movement speed. Beware it attacked from far away!

    Auron pondered deeply, "As I remember before, when one got into the mansion, although the monster stronger inside, there were few monster inside and many space to move around. Also, the experience point higher inside the mansion"

    "Should I take the risk?". Auron decided, "I can do this, my skill's level are higher than other player when they were hunt here back then. I have my advantage, also I believe with my fighting technique and skill I could defeat the monster inside. I will move slowly and carefully just like before."
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