29 Undead 3

    Auron checked all of his preparations. He looked at the path to the three storey building. There were so many undead roaming around. He unsheathe his sword and started to move toward the building.

    He charged at the nearest zombie. -263. A damage float above the zombie. As soon as the damage float, many undead around the zombie started to look at the commotion. The melee monster started to move close to them and the ranged monster started to take aim. Luckily, there were only few of ranged monster.

    A ghoul slash Auron. However, Auron blocked it with his sword and kept moving forward ignoring the ghoul. While keeping his vigilance toward his surrounding, Auron started to use [Dash].

    [Dash] (Swordsman's skill)

    Level: 30

    MP: 30

    Type: Active

    Target: Self

    Cool down: 10 minutes

    Prerequisites: None

    Description: Raise user's movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

    [Dash] increase Auron's movement speed by half. Although, it was only for 5 seconds, it is still could help Auron to reach his destination faster. The difference between [Charge] and [Dash] were, while [Charge] also increasing movement speed one could only moved on straight line and could not change direction. Meanwhile, [Dash] could raise the user' movement speed for a short time. However, the downside of [Dash] was its cool down time. Because of this, many swordsman used charge to attack while dash to escape or defense.

    With his movement speed increased, Auron easily dodged the undead's attack. Sometimes, he launched and attack the undead in front of him and made them stumbled or flinched for a second. This way, he could open a path in front of him and easily passed them.

    After 5 seconds, the [Dash]'s effect faded out. His speed went back to normal. However, he only still half way towards his destination. He used another [Charge] to increased his speed.

    Although Auron could dodged almost all of the undead's attack, he still took a bunch of damage since there were so many undead monster around. He could only gritted his teeth and took a health potion to keep his health above half.

    After moving for a while, the building entrance could be seen in Auron's line of sight. However, around the entrance there were some monster roaming around and also inside the building, Auron could see a bunch of ghoul and skeleton.

    Auron could only used another [Charge] and went inside the building. Many undead monster followed him inside the building, however not all of them could fit the entrance. So, the monster could only went inside in turn.

    Taking this chance, after Auron arriving inside the building, he directly unleashed all of his wide area skill. He didn't care whether his skill hit an enemy or not, he just unleashed all of it until his mana drained out.

    -250. -300. -600. -120. -400. -370. - 323...

    Many red number floated above the monster's head. If this was ordinary MMORPG, one could only see a red number covering his monitor. Luckily, this was a VRMMORPG, so this red number didn't disturb anything.

    A wide area swordsman skill's damage were variate depending on the distance between the user of the skill and the enemy. The closer one to the user, the higher the damage they would receive.

    After unleashing all of his wide area skill, there were some monster stumbled and fell down. There were some monster took some critical damage. There also some monster who were close to Auron died in the process.

    Although, there were some monster who were dead, the stream of monster keep coming from outside, also the monster who were fell down started to stand and chase again. Auron could not relaxed for a second, he consume both health potion and mana potion then went to the stair ignoring the loot.

    He quickly went to the second floor of the building. Although there were some monster on the second floor, but it was fewer than on the first floor. However, he didn't stop on the second floor and directly went to the third floor.

    On the third floor, there even fewer monster. Auron quickly used his single target skill and killed all of the monster on the third floor. After all of the monster on the third floor dead, he went to the stair lead to the second floor.

    On the stair he could see a bunch monster tried to go upstairs. However, since the stair was narrow, it filtered out the monster quantity. With his high level skill, Auron defended the stair easily.

    After a few minutes, the monster on the stair started to thin out. After killing a few monster more, all of the monster downstairs were dead. Auron finally could take a breath. He slump down near a ruined wall.

    Auron inspected his status, he was level 12 with 43% experience points. After killing that many monster, it was not weird for him to gain a level. After allocating his attribute point, he could see that his mana point, with the help of silver necklace, almost overtake his health point.

    He also looked at his inventory, there were only 3 health potion and 40 mana potion left. He needed to resupply his potion. However, since the first time he arrived at this place, he was surrounded and could not bothered with the loot, so he only had few miscellaneous item to sell.

    He suddenly remembered that he hadn't pick the loot from the monster on the second floor. Quickly, he went down to second floor to loot up some item. Luckily, there were so many monster before, although some loot had vanished because it littered around so long, there still many loot to take, there was even some equipment dropped. However, he could only equipped it once he was level 15.

    "It was so hard to hunt alone with no money." Auron could only sighed.

    Because he was short of health potion, he could not continue his hunting or only dead that waiting for him. He could only switch to his clone character while commanding the AI to keep his main character safe.
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