30 Undead 4

    Regaining his consciousness in his clone character, Smiling Wizard, Auron could only see the rooftop. He looked around and could not find his roommate around.

    "It looks like they are looking for some air outside." Auron thought.

    Ignoring them, he went to the academy's receptionist to ask for permission to leave the academy. After walking for several moment, he arrived at the receptionist and quickly asked for permission to leave.

    "Uhm... I want to apply for permission to leave the academy." Auron asked carefully.

    "It is past the dinner's time. You could only leave for 30 minutes. Don't be late or bear the consequence yourself." The receptionist glanced at Auron and warned him.

    Handing out the temporary leave pass to Auron, she warned him once again "Remember don't be late. Don't say I didn't warn you!"

    "Thank you." Auron replied.

    He quickly took the pass and went outside. He knew how heavy the punishment he would get if he didn't heed the advice.

    Although it was an academy, however it was still a military one. So, the academy placed the importance of discipline to their student. Actually, the punishment for being late was varied depending on the situation. Even, there were some occasion with no punishment at all for being late. However, that situation only happened to some prodigious talent in the academy, which Auron could not get right now.

    Although Auron had already admitted and got a dormitory's room, he wasn't an official student yet. He would become an official student in the ceremony tomorrow morning. Auron knew how strict the academy with their rules. Moreover, he was nobody with no background at all. If he broke just one small rule, the lightest punishment would be a month labor worked in the academy. However, the heaviest punishment could make him left the academy forever.

    After working so hard to get admitted into the academy, he didn't want to get kicked out because of something small like this. If he was get kicked out for something like this, then it was the same as him slapping the face of Bloody Axe, the one who gave him recommendation. If it was really happened, then Bloody Axe's enemy would not let this chance slipped away. They would fan out the flame. Auron still didn't know Bloody Axe's character well enough, so he just wanted to play safe. What would happened if Bloody Axe had a vengeful character and he take out all his resentment to Auron. With Bloody Axe huge background and many supporter, he could killed Auron easily. Auron didn't want to take the risk of making a big enemy, not at his current level.

    Auron directly went to the nearest weapon and armor shop to sell some of his equipment gained from the undead. He was in need of money. He left some equipment that could be used either by his main character or clone character and sold the remaining equipment. After that, he went to medicine store to sold his miscellaneous item.

    After selling all of his need item. He purchased all the money he got to potion's supply. All he got was 100 health potion and 50 mana potion. The miscellaneous item and equipment actually sold at low price in the NPC store. If he sold to player, the price could be 50% higher even up to 400%. However, selling to player would waste his time and time was essential for him right now.

    "I only got this few potion from hunting the undead that long." Auron sighed sadly. However, he quickly regain his composure.

    "I will not go down because of this. I have greater mission and not will fell down because of this insignificant matter." Auron reassured himself.

    What Auron didn't know was, what he got could be considered as high considering he was hunting alone in such a crowded monster. If ordinary player got in Auron situation, they would long become a corpse.

    After buying all the potion he become broke once more with no money at all. Placing all of the potion he bought in the inventory, he walked back to the academy.

    Arriving at the academy he return the pass to the receptionist and went back to his room. He still could not find his roommate anywhere. All it took for him to sell and bought all the potion was only 10 minutes. He could not be bothered with his roommate because his main character was in a place full of monster. He lied down on his bed and switch to his main character.

    With his consciousness in his main character, he started to look at his surrounding. From all of the rest, his mana already fulled. He looked around and started to formulate a detailed plan to get into the mansion.

    "Okay, let's do this!" After a minutes, he was ready.

    He started to move further back until he was at the corner. Then, he used all of his skill that raised his agility attribute and movement speed. He started to run toward his destination. When he arrived at the other end, he jumped with all his might. Because of the speed, it could be seen he was flying in the air.

    However, it didn't take long before he started to descend. He could see a ghoul at his landing place. Before he landed on the ground and collided with the ghoul, he unleashed his [Weapon's Aura] and placed his sword in front of him. With a quick speed, Auron collided with the ghoul.

    -90. A red damage float above Auron's head. He got a pretty high damage because of the collision and his speed. Meanwhile, the ghoul also took some damage and fell down. Not waiting for long, Auron quickly took some action. he rolled over and quickly stood up. He directly used potion to replenish his health and mana.

    All of the undead monster around took notice of this and started to swarm toward Auron. However, Auron didn't stood still and waited for them, he looked at the mansion entrance. With the speed, he was only 8 meters from the entrance, however, he didn't have any skill that raised his movement speed available anymore.

    "This is it, I have to take the gamble" Auron started to run with all of his might toward the entrance. He dodged and blocked the incoming attack. When his health was under 50%, he would took a health potion.

    Auron reached the entrance. There was a ghoul blocking his way, straight from his place. The ghoul also sensed Auron and launched an attacked toward him. Auron ducked down to dodge the attack and moved toward the entrance.

    A confirmation notification popped up. Didn't care with the message, Auron confirmed the notification. Then, his vision went dark for a seconds. When he regained his vision, he was inside the mansion. He could see a grand and luxurious staircase in front of him.

    A sound rang on his ear and a notification popped out in front of him.
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