32 Evil Mistress Dungeon 2

    Auron started to walked toward the left way. From the entrance he could see a hallway filled with undead monster. At the end of the hall, there was a door leading to another room. That room was Auron's destination.

    He started to pull the monster in the hall one by one. With Auron high leveled skill and his footwork, he easily defeated the monster. He arrived at the entrance to the room. It took 5 minutes for him to clear the monster in the hallway.

    He opened and entered the room. Upon entering, He could see a bookshelf neatly arranged along the wall of the room. There was a window on the left of the room. One could see the outside through the window. In the middle of the room, there was a desk and a chair. He could also saw a big painting of a man hanging on the wall across him. The man in the painting exuded a noble aura. This man was Noble Rick painting when he was still young and this room was Rick's study room.

    In his life, he would used this room to study and worked. He would arranged all his business strategy here and directed all of his subordinates from here. There were many book when he was still alive, however, right now, there were only few book left here. Moreover, the book was in a very bad condition. Although you could hold and opened the book, you could not decipher the content of the book since the words almost gone. There were even a torn page and page with dried blood on it.

    Although the room was not very large, however, it could hold 40 people with all the furniture inside. When entering the room Auron could see a bunch of undead monster on it. There were 5 skeleton guards, 3 skeleton archers, 4 ghoul, and 5 skeleton.

    The monster inside sensed Auron's presence. They immediately turn facing the door. When they saw a human, they started to roar and attacked the human. The skeleton guards leading the mob attacking Auron, with skeleton behind them and ghoul at the rear since ghoul had the slowest speed. The skeleton archers also started held their bow and took aim toward Auron.

    Seeing the monster's reaction, Auron didn't stay silent. He activated his [Weapon's Aura] and slashed horizontally to the incoming skeleton guards. A wind blade coming out of his weapon and flying toward the skeleton guards.

    -432. -498. -523. -482. -398. All the skeleton guards in the front took some damage from the wind blade. This was one of the swordsman's skill they could learned after they learned [Weapon's Aura].

    [Wind Slash] (Swordsman's skill)

    Level: 30

    MP: 30

    Type: Active

    Target: Area in front of user

    Cool down: 3 minutes

    Prerequisites: [Weapon's Aura]

    Description: Dealing 130% of user's attack as a damage to the enemy in front of the user.

    This skill was named, [Wind Slash]. It could only damage the enemy in front of the user. Although this skill could be considered as an area skill, however, the area covered by this skill was only the front of the user. Also, the wind blade was not large enough to cover the side. However, this skill could make the enemy's halt their movement for a seconds if the enemy took the damage from the front.

    This was what happened to the skeleton guards. Since, they were the one took the initiative to charge towards Auron, they could not dodged the [Wind Slash] and took the full damage from the front which stopped their movement for a second. In battle, a second could turn the tide of the battle. As an expert, Auron didn't miss the opportunity, he side stepped to the right and used [Charge] toward the skeleton archers at the back.

    A ranged monster usually had fewer health that the melee monster. However, because they could attacked from far away, this made them very annoying, especially if there was another monster tanking for them. This was what made Auron aiming to eliminate the skeleton archers first.

    With the sudden increase in movement, Auron arrived at the nearest skeleton archers. The skeleton archers had just shot their arrows toward Auron's previous spot which resulted in a big miss. Because they just shot their arrows, the nearest skeleton archer to Auron didn't have enough time to reload his arrows. Taking this advantages, Auron used a single targeted skill to the monster, [Bash].

    [Bash] (Swordsman's skill)

    Level: 30

    MP: 20

    Type: Active

    Target: Single Target

    Cool down: 2 minutes

    Prerequisites: None

    Description: Dealing 180% of user's attack as a damage to a single enemy. There was a chance inflicting stun to the target for 2 seconds.

    -640. A red damage floated above the skeleton archer's head. There was also a dizzy animation above the monster's head. The monster had been stunned.

    While damaging the skeleton archer, the others monster had come closed enough to Auron. Auron directly used his wide area skill. A bunch of red text floated above the monster. However, the monster not affected by the damage, the nearby ghoul started to launched their attack toward Auron.

    No time to dodge, Auron took a defensive method. He used [Aura's barrier].

    [Aura's Barrier] (Swordsman's skill)

    Level: 30

    MP: 20

    Type: Active

    Target: Self

    Cool down: 10 minutes

    Prerequisites: Weapon's Aura

    Description: An Aura will enveloped the user and will act as a barrier. The incoming damage will be reduced by 50%. The barrier will last for 10 seconds or until it took 10.000 damage.

    -20. -18. -21. -30. A series of damage floated above Auron's head. He directly consumed another health potion and mana potion. His health rises once again to full health. Also, his mana which was depleted after using series of skill filled again. He launched another AOE skill again and again. With the [Aura's Barrier]'s effect, in 10 seconds, Auron had killed half of the monster. Meanwhile, the other half only had a sliver of their health, with the most had 13% of their health.

    After a few second more, Auron finally managed to kill all the monster inside the room. He consumed another health potion and mana potion. After that, he took all the loot on the ground. He looked at his status. His experience point raised to 61%. From this battle, Auron had already consumed 10 health potion and 5 mana potion.

    "It was worth it." Auron thought.
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