34 Noble Rick

    Auron entered the main hall. Although he already know how big the hall was, he still could not help but awed at the size of the hall. It was almost as big as his living place. The hall was decorated magnificently and extravagantly. The floor and the wall was coated with gold and one could find a diamond installed on the wall. There were also diamond on the two huge pillar in the middle of the hall.

    The decoration could make a player's greed rise up. A player once tried to take the diamond from the wall, however, Once he took out one diamond, the boss become invincible. No physical damage or magical damage could hurt the boss also his damage become ten times than normal damage. However, when one putted back the stolen diamond, the boss' attributes become normal again.

    A player once tried to store the diamond in his inventory and let the boss killed him. However, his plan was a big failure. Not only, his dead punishment become twice more severe than normal, but the diamond also dropped on the ground when he died. After this news spread out, many player stopped thinking on how to take the diamond out for their own wealth. Until now, there were no player had tried to attempt to take the diamond again. Well, there were occasionally some first timer player tried to, but soon they could only regretted their actions.

    Insides, there were a big stage. On top of the stage there were a chair that was no less magnificent and extravagant than the wall and floor. When one entered the room, they directly imagine that they had entered a king's hall in upper class kingdom.

    Auron could see a middle age man sitting on the chair. With a black haired and expensive royal robe, the man sitting comfortably on the chair. When the man saw Auron entered the hall, the man frowned and stood up from his chair.

    "Who are you?" The man asked.

    However, before Auron said anything, the man actually continued his sentence as if he already got an answer from Auron.

    "You are not invited to the party. Guards! Bring this man out and execute him!" The man howled.

    Not long after the man shouted, 4 skeleton guards showed from behind Auron and 2 skeleton archers showed beside the middle aged man. This man was actually the boss of this dungeon, Noble Rick.

    [Noble Rick] (common boss monster)

    Level: 20

    HP: 7500/7500

    MP: 500/500

    Skills: Summon guards, Noble's Scream

    Description: An insane undead noble. It can summon 4 skeleton guards and 2 skeleton archers. Beware of its scream.

    After the guards showed up, the boss appearance started to changed. Before, it was a black haired middle aged man with an expensive royal robe, right now, the black hair was missing. The boss became the same as his guard, a skeleton. Although there were some difference between the boss and the guard which was the expensive royal robe.

    The boss took a sword from beside his seat, unsheathed it and as if Auron was some intruder that gave resistance, he howled, "Killed him right now! Execute him on the spot! Don't let him leave alive!"

    The boss and his guards started to attack Auron. From Auron entered the hall until the boss attacked him, it only last for 5 seconds. However, Auron was not surprised by this, because he already knew that this was only the scenario played by the game system.

    The skeleton guards behind him attack Auron. However, Auron already prepared, he dodged the attack easily. He first ran to the middle of the hall and hide behind the hall to dodge the skeleton archer's arrow. The skeleton guards chased behind him and the boss, Noble Rick, also moved slowly toward Auron.

    When the skeleton guards was closed enough with him, Auron started to use his skill to kill the skeleton guards. He could easily killed the skeleton guards. When the boss arrived near Auron, all of the skeleton guards already dead. Auron took this chance to attack the boss.

    However, after Auron's attack landed on the boss. The boss directly used his summon guards again. Four skeleton guards appear beside the boss, and two new skeleton archers also appear beside the old skeleton archers.

    Auron frowned and thought, "Since the boss used his skill very randomly, this could happen. If I don't killed the skeleton archers behind, it will only stack up until it was hard to dodge. I need to kill them first"

    Auron dodged the skeleton guards and used [Charged] to the skeleton archers beside the chair. While charging, he also took some damage from the skeleton archers and the nearby skeleton guards. However, he ignored it and just took a health potion.

    With close combat fight, the skeleton archers could not fight back and quickly all of the skeleton archers already eliminated. Auron quickly focused his attention on the remaining skeleton guards. Although, there were 4 skeleton guards and 1 boss, Noble Rick, without the pressure from skeleton archers, Auron could easily defeated the skeleton guards with his high leveled skill.

    After 30 seconds into the battle, there was only the boss left alone. Auron attack the boss and reduced his health slowly while preserving his potion. He know that there were still the hidden boss after this. He didn't want to take the risk, so he preserve his potion.

    Although the boss sometimes used the combo which was using the summon guards skill followed by the roar skill, Auron still could easily defeated them. All of this thanks to the skill given by Roan. Auron felt that this battle actually was easier rather than when he was fighting against the goblin's leader with his clone.

    "I am sorry my wife, I cannot accompany you anymore." A shouted was heard.

    After 10 minutes of fighting, the boss finally gave his life and fell down to the ground. Auron quickly swept all the loot without inspected it. Although the boss was dead, Auron quickly adjusted his mind because he knew there still was the hidden boss left. A notification appeared in front of Auron.

    [Quest Updated]

    [Destroy the Evil Spirit]

    Maximum Players: 10

    Dungeon Cooldown: 1 days

    Description: Eliminate evil spirit haunting the mansion to clear the dungeon.

    Quest Clear Condition: Kill Noble Rick (1/1), Kill Evil Mistress (0/1)

    Quest Clear Rewards: Experience +50.000, Silver+5

    Quest Failure Condition: All player in the party die

    Quest Failure Punishment: Dungeon will be in cool down for 4 days.

    The dungeon's quest was updated because Auron already kill the Noble Rick. Not long after the notification appeared. A beautiful woman appeared from the entrance and ran towards Auron.
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