36 Evil Mistress 2

    Auron started to take actions against the boss' guards. Since the boss could not move after using Dark Rays, the pressured Auron felt was lessen. First, he moved back and lured the guards away from the boss.

    After far enough from the boss, Auron used his [Weapon's Aura]. He brandished his sword toward the nearby ghoul.

    -350. The ghoul took some damage and faltered back. Meanwhile, the other ghoul attacked Auron. However, Auron managed to dodged the attack. Auron didn't stop at his place, he quickly moved away again since the skeleton guards' attack followed afterwards. While dodging, Auron also kept his vigilance toward the skeleton archers at the back.

    Auron could not fight back because of the series of attack by the boss' guards. If he braved his self to accept the attack, although he could survive the damage, but it will cost him a lot to heal himself and putted him in danger. Moreover, the boss' health was still at full. If Auron wasted all his potion in defeating the guards, he could not be sure that he could survive the boss.

    Moreover, the boss would unleashed her skill randomly. A randomly skill would not as scary as a planned skill, however, it also had its own danger. The player could not read what the boss moved. So, if the player not careful enough to maintain his vigilant, a random skill could blasted him off and turn the battle tide over.

    "I cannot kept things moved this way. The boss still could not moved, I must take this chance to reduce the guards to lessen the pressure over me." Auron thought

    He started to formulate a plan in his mind. Auron lured the group of monster towards one of the pillar on the middle. The group of mobs would followed Auron closed the pillar. While the melee monster chased Auron closely, the ranged monster would stood at the back and took aim at Auron.

    When nearing the pillar, Auron started to circled the pillar and lured the melee monster pillar while the pillar also served as a blocker to the ranged monster. The pillar was big enough. It had a diameter of 2 meters.

    Auron moved from one side of the pillar and circled the pillar. He and the melee monster which chased after him was gone behind the pillar. Not long after that, Auron showed up at the opposite part from which he gone behind the pillar.

    After he showed, Auron didn't hesitate to use his [Charge] to aim toward the skeleton archers at the back. With the sudden increased in his speed, Auron managed to left behind the melee monster chasing behind him while he closed the ranged monster. Since, it was a low level intelligence monster, they didn't had any emotion. So, when Auron's speed increased suddenly, the ranged monster didn't had any sign of panicking, instead they took the posture of aiming the bow and aimed toward the incoming Auron.

    However, Auron speed had increased several fold, so, before the skeleton archers managed to unleash their arrows, Auron used his wide area skill. The skill successfully hit all the skeleton archers. The skeleton archers could not unleashed the arrow, instead they seems lost their momentum to attack. The skeleton archers started to re aiming their attack to Auron. However, Auron didn't let it happened, he followed his attack. Auron used [Bash] to one of the skeleton archers and managed to stunning the skeleton archers.

    Auron even used his basic attack to chipped away the health of the skeleton archers. However, before Auron manged to kill any of the skeleton archers, the melee monster chasing him had moved closed enough to him so Auron could only maintain his safety and moved back. He took several step back and lured the monster toward the pillar again.

    Auron wanted to use the same strategy to kill of the skeleton archers behind. Because the monster grade was low, they could not learn from their previous mistake. The melee monster just blindly followed Auron toward the pillar once again, while the ranged monster stayed at the back and shot some arrows which was easily dodged by Auron.

    After using the previous tactic Auron once again, Auron manged to kill one of the skeleton archers behind. Then, he would used the same tactic to kill the rest of the skeleton archers. When the ranged monster already dead, Auron focused toward the ghoul and skeleton guards. With no cooperation between the monster and Auron's vigilance, he could easily defeated the guard one by one.

    There were 1 ghoul and 1 skeleton guard left. Auron brandished his sword toward the ghoul. Suddenly, he felt a sharp attack coming from his behind. Auron quickly stopped his attack and dodged the attack coming from behind him.

    The boss' immobile time had already over, and she launched an attack toward Auron. That sharp attack was done by the boss. With no support from ranged attack, Auron could maintain to dodge the attack from 3 melee monster.

    Auron easily killed the leftover ghoul and skeleton guard before the boss consuming the guards. Left alone with the boss, Auron's pressure was lessen a lot. He chipped away the boss health however he still kept his vigilance toward the boss' sharp claw. The boss' attack was sharp and fast but not as fast as the higher level monster Auron had already fought before.

    When the boss' health was at 83%, she used her roar skill and reduced Auron's attribute. However, Auron still managed to dodge all the boss' attack. However because of the reduced attribute, Auron could only fought passively. He could only dodged and blocked the attack. He didn't dare to launch the counter attack because he was afraid when he was counter attacking the boss would attack him. The boss had high damage plus with the lack of Auron's equipment, Auron afraid that the boss could one shot him.

    After the roar debuff was gone, Auron started to fight actively again, he swung his sword toward the boss, sometimes he would use his single target skill. The boss' health dropped slowly, but since the boss could not recover her health, so her health kept dropping down. Meanwhile, with Auron's cautious actions, he had not suffered any damage from the boss. Auron only occasionally gulp down his mana potion since he still used his skill.

    "The boss' health was at 76%, there was still a long way to go, but I can do this." Auron excitedly though in his mind while being cautious.
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