37 Evil Mistress 3

    Up to this point, the boss' health was reduced to 76%. To reach this point, Auron already spent some of his bought potion before. Although, he didn't consumed much health potion, however, he still consumed a lot of mana potion. He still had 75 health potion left while his mana potion already consumed until there was only 15 left.

    The boss attacked Auron relentlessly. However, with Auron's experience of 10 years playing the Two Worlds, a small boss like this was nothing. Auron kept chipped away the boss' health while maintaining his vigilant state.

    75%, 74%, ... , 68%. After some minutes passed by Auron managed to reduce 8% of the boss' health. For that amount of time, Auron didn't take any damage at all. Although his lack of decent equipment, he still managed to reduced 8% of the boss' health without taking damage. This showed how easy for Auron to fight the boss.

    The boss suddenly raised her finger toward Auron. Seeing this, Auron took several steps back and maintained some distance from the boss. He focused out all of his attention to the finger pointing at him.

    This stance was a sign from the boss that she would used Dark Rays skill. The boss would pointed out her finger and not long after that a dark rays would shot out from her finger. The process from pointing the finger until the rays shot was short. So, sometimes, if the player not cautious enough to realize the stance, he would be late to dodge.

    The closer one to the finger the higher the damage. Also, when one close enough to the pointed finger, the chance for them to dodge the rays also reduced a lot. That was why when Auron realized the boss pointing her finger toward Auron, he immediately took several steps back.

    Surely, not long after the finger pointed at Auron, a dark rays shot out from the finger towards Auron. Seeing the rays, Auron immediately took a sidestep to dodge the rays. The rays walked straight, hit the chair behind Auron and destroyed the upper half of the chair.

    Meanwhile, Auron who took a sidestep didn't take any damage at all. After the boss used the skill, the boss immediately suffered the aftereffect of her action. She could not moved at all.

    "This is my chance." Auron thought.

    Without any guards around the boss, Auron went straight to the boss. The boss could only rooted at her place and swing his claw to attack Auron. Although, Auron had his magic skill, he didn't used it at all. The reason was he only had a little mana on him. Moreover, a magic skill needed a lot of mana potion while he only had few mana potion left. One magic skill needed 80% of his current maximum mana. Although, there was still leftover mana, however, the leftover mana could not be used to launch another magic skill. So, it could be said that every time he want used his magic skill, he need to consume one mana potion.

    This was why instead of maintaining the distance and attacked the boss from distance, he engaged the boss in close combat. Moreover, he had abundant experience in close combat battle as he was the ranked number one swordsman for eight years straight.

    The boss clawed toward the incoming Auron. However, Auron dodged the claw using his sword and directly went to the side of the boss. The boss needed time to turn her body to face Auron again. When the boss already turned and faced him, Auron already launched an attacked. Because the boss turned her body and she was rooted at her place, the boss could not block the attack nor moved to dodge the attack. The attack chipped her health. Although, it the damage was little compared to her maximum health, slowly but surely the boss health went down. Moreover, the boss didn't have any regeneration rate, so she could not recover her health over time.

    Auron kept launched his attack. He would moved to the boss side and launched an attack while the boss turned her body. This continued until the boss immobile time was over. When the boss could moved again her health already reduced until there was only 40% left.

    The boss used her summon guards skill and a bunch of guards was showed up and immediately attacked Auron. With the guards and boss attacking Auron at the same time, the pressure Auron felt immediately went up significantly. However, Auron still could maintained to calm his mind and not panicking.

    He didn't attack the boss, instead he attacked the guards and killed it one by one. He didn't want the boss to recover her health and made all of his effort turned into dust. He used his wide area skill and combined it with basic attack and single target skill.

    When the summoned guard almost ended, Auron managed to kill all of the boss' summoned guard. The boss could not replenished her health. Instead, the boss' health reduced become 35% because she took damage from Auron using his wide area skill.

    This time, however, Auron not left out unscathed. With the pressure, he could not help but took some damage from the guards. However, he quickly consumed a health potion and kept maintaining his health above 80%. He also used some mana potion left on him.

    For the rest of the boss' health, the boss didn't used any more skill. So, Auron easily defeated her. When the boss was at her last moment, she cried loudly and a dark aura could be seen flew out of the woman body and dissipated in the air. Meanwhile, the woman's body already turned into a pile of bone and slowly the bone turned into dust and scattered into the air. Auron relieved that all of this was over. A notification was popped up in front of his.

    [Quest 'Destroy the Evil Spirit' was completed. Experience +50.000, Silver +5]

    A yellow light showed around Auron, the reward made Auron leveled up to level 14 and boosted up his experience to 8%. After allocating his attribute point, he walked toward the spot the hidden boss was dead. It was time to collect the boss' loot.
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