38 Dungeons Loo

    When a dungeon finished, a portal to exit the dungeon would be formed. A player would had two options, to use the portal to exit or used a return scroll. If the player chose the former, they would be teleported to the dungeon entrance, which in this case was the outside of the mansion. If they chose the latter, they would needed to spend a return scroll. The player only had 5 minutes after the dungeon finished to choose one of the options. If not, they would be forced to exit through the dungeon portal.

    Although a return scroll was not expensive, however, there was a case when a player forget to replenish their return scroll stock. There was also a player who like to lived frugal, so they would chose to exit through the portal to save for the return scroll.

    Auron would surely not chose the portal options because outside of the dungeon was filled with monster. He had already spent a lot of effort to go into the dungeon, he surely would not spare another effort just to save the cost of one return scroll. He also just bought the return scroll and hadn't used that item yet, so he still had some return scroll to used.

    After picking up the boss' loot, Auron used his return scroll. A blue light warped Auron and a progress showed up in front of Auron. When the progress bar was full, Auron disappeared from his previous place. Not long after, he showed up on the teleportation point in Miderian.

    A return scroll would bring the user to the save point he had chose before. Miderian would be automatically selected as the save point for new players. Later, if they not set another save point, when they used their return scroll, they would return to Miderian.

    Auron walked exited the teleportation point and went to the medicine store to replenish his potion. After finishing the dungeon, Auron got 5 silver as the dungeon rewards. This 5 silver was helpful for Auron. He spent his money to buy another 300 health potion and 200 mana potion and he saved the rest of his money.

    After resupplying, Auron started to check his loot gained from the boss.

    [Skeletal Sword] (common grade equipment)

    Type: One Handed Sword

    Requirement: 15 Strength, 5 Agility, level 13

    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant

    Attack: 30 - 50

    Strength +1

    Effect: no effect

    [Mistress' Ring] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Accessories

    Requirement: 10 Strength, 5 Dexterity, Intelligence 8

    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Mage, Cleric, Archer

    Defend: 3

    Effect: Increase 1% damage against undead.

    [Chain mail] (common grade equipment)

    Type: Body - Upper

    Requirement: 25 Strength

    Class: Swordsman, Merchant

    Defend: 19

    Vitality +1

    Effect: no effect

    After inspecting the loot gained from the boss, he could see there were three equipment that he could used immediately. So, he directly changed his equipment to the new one while he would sold the old one to the NPC store.

    With the addition of the new gear, Auron felt stronger than before. he quickly found a place to log out. Auron went to the inn and logged out.

    Auron opened his game capsule. He looked at the clock. It was almost midnight. Tomorrow, he would needed to login before 8 o'clock. At 8 o'clock, there would be a ceremony held for the freshman at the military academy. He would needed to control Smiling Wizard and be there.

    "Ah, I just go directly to sleep" Auron quickly went to his bed and tried to sleep.

    At around 6 a.m, for some reason, Auron woke up from his sleep. There was a bell rang at his place. With tired and grumpy face, Auron walked downstairs to open the door.

    "Who is visiting this early in the morning, I am so tired" Auron grumpily walked downstairs.

    "Coming!" Auron shouted from inside because the bell kept ringing.

    Auron opened the door. In front of him stood two men with uniform. In the uniform, there was a logo of black sheep. One of the men handing Auron a paper for Auron to sign.

    "Good morning Mr. Auron, we are from Black Sheep. We come here to deliver your nutrient solution. Please sign here and here." One of the man introduced himself and pointed at the paper for the place Auron needed to sign.

    Auron's face started to change. Before, he was grumpy and tired, but right now, his become excited. He already forgot that he asked Roan's help to buy nutrient solution. Auron quickly signed the paper needed.

    After Auron signed the paper, the two men started to bring the nutrient solution inside. There was 5 box of nutrient solution with each box contains 4 nutrient solution.

    "Please, bring it upstairs. Put it beside the game capsules." Auron said.

    The two men brought the box upstairs and putted it beside the game capsules as Auron's wish. After all done, they left Auron's place.

    "Thank you Mr. Auron. We hope you enjoy playing Two Worlds and don't forget to change your nutrient solution." One of the men bade farewell to Auron.

    After the men left, Auron went upstairs. He was so excited that he forgot he was grumpy because the disruption of his sleep. 20 nutrient solutions would last him for 20 days. In 20 days, he needed to get enough money to buy another nutrient solution. He also needed to get money enough to pay his rent.

    "Hah... I still had a lot to do." Auron sighed at the thought of money.

    "Forget it, Better focus on what I can do rather than what I can't do!" Auron kept his mind positive.

    He opened the nutrient solution's box and putted 10 nutrient solution in the game capsules. After that, he went inside the game capsules and login.

    [Welcome to Two Worlds]

    [We detected the presence of 10 nutrient solution. With nutrient solution you could play for 24 hours a day. We will warned you when the nutrient solution almost ran out. You could also look at the game options to check your nutrient solution. Enjoy the game!]

    Auron stood at the place where he logged out the previous days.

    "What to do?" Auron excitedly thinking what he should do since he was login very early.
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