40 Academys Poin

    After the learning period of 3 months over, there would be 9 months of internship in the military. To produce a good quality soldier, the military decided to put some pressure on the students. During the 9 months of internship, the student would be ranked based on their point gained. Their point would decided their fate in the academy.

    They could gained point through many ways. From a safe ways to the most dangerous ways. They could gained point through helping the teacher in a task, collecting certain resource task, killing monster, patrolling in a town and many more. The more dangerous a task the more point it would gifted.

    To put more pressure to the students, at the end of each months, there would be an evaluation to evaluate their performance. The students needed to collect certain amount of academy's point, else they would get punished. The amount would increased each month, so the student needed to select more appropriate task to keep on the safe zone.

    After each month, the point would be reset back to 0 and they would need collect it again from scratch. The highest point, which was collected on the previous month, would be the safety limit for the next month. This would ensure the student to keep certain standard and keep moving forward.

    The top 10 students on the ranking would get a reward. The reward consists of money and equipment. The point they got would be converted to money with 1:1 ratio. 1 point would be converted to 1 copper. The more they collected the point, the more money they would get. However, the one who could get this privilege were the top 10 students on the ranking who already passed the safety limit. The rest, their point would just reset back to 0 and they would get nothing.

    Also, the top 5 students could get additional reward which was an equipment of their choice. The ranked 5 student would get a random common equipment of their class. The ranked 4 student would get two random common equipment of their class. The ranked 3 student would get one random uncommon equipment of their class. The ranked 2 student would get two random uncommon equipment of their class. And, the top student would get a rare equipment of their choice.

    This rewards was given to motivate the competitiveness of the students. Although the top student would only get 1 piece of equipment, however the equipment's quality was rare and it could not be compared to 2 uncommon equipment. Moreover, the top student could choose their desired equipment.

    The money and the equipment given could ensure the competitiveness and quality of the student because the student would try to get as many points as possible to get to ranked 1 and get the rewards. After that month, the highest point would become the safety line for the next month. With this, the student need to achieve more and more point as the time passed. From history, from each batch, 90% of the student would get punished because they could not keep up with the safety limit or they just choose the safe task to get point.

    When a student could not reach the amount of point needed, they would be sent to the war zone for a month. Although they would only get an easy job like transporting supply, patrolling in the outer of war zone, however, it was still called war zone and the danger still high. Many case, the student who was sent to the war zone because of the punishment died under sudden assault or they were not careful enough and get killed.

    Even for the noble student, this punishment was very scary. The reason was, in war zone, their influence, money, or noble title means nothing. The war zone was under a strict supervision by the king and the crown prince. When they tried to do something bad such as bribery, they could implicate their family and it could lead to the eradication of their family. Moreover, the survival rate for the punished student was as low as 30%. This was due to the danger in the war zone, lack of experience, and also their level. Usually, the student in the academy would only leveled around 150-200 where as their enemy would leveled around 300-500. Also, this was the case before the update. After the update, their enemy level could get around 300-1000.

    However, based on the data collected through during the academy was built, There would be only 1 out of 100 noble that get punishment. It was due to their status and influence in the academy. Almost all of the punished student was from the commoner student. That was why many of the commoner student would licked the boots of the noble student to maintain their safety.

    When one point could increased, there were also ways for the point to decrease. Some of the task taken, needed them to pay some point for deposit. When they succeed the task, they would get the reward and their deposited point. However, when they were failure then, they would get nothing and they would also lost their deposited point.

    They could also bet their point in a duel or a fight. The winner would take all the point and the loser would lost their point. The duel content could be anything, from fighting until the fastest to collect certain things. Many of the student wanted to collect their point through this method. However, it was very difficult to search for opponent who would agreed to their duel content. Usually, only the confident one would agree to their opponent's duel request.

    For starter, after the student past 3 months of learning period, each student would get 10 point for their use. Also, in the first month, there would no penalty because there was no target point needed or it could be said that the target point they needed to reach was 0. As long as, they kept their 10 points given, they would be safe.
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