41 Ceremony 1

    Auron kept his academy's handbook back to his inventory. He stretched his body a bit then looked around. He saw Black Bull still focused on counting his assets. Sweat could be seen on Black Bull's forehead. Auron thought, "Is he really has that much money? It has been 1 hour and he still counting?"

    Not long after that, Black Bull suddenly lifted both of his arm in the air and shouted, "Done!!!"

    "Finally, I am done preparing." Black Bull wiped the sweat on his forehead. Quickly, he tidied up his things and kept it on his pocket. He looked around and found Auron looking at him. Auron looked at him and smiled.

    "Wow, you must have so many money that it needs 1 hour to sort it out." Auron started a conversation.

    "Ck ck ck." Black Bull waved his index finger to left and right. "No, it is not about the money. It is about how you use your money wisely. If you just give your money blindly without calculating it, you would just waste your money without getting the best outcome possible."

    "All things about money is complicated." Black Bull talked seriously. "You need to consider many things when allocating your money. If someone would helped you with just 50 copper, why would you give him 1 silver? If you give him 1 silver, will his work really worth 1 silver? Instead of money, could I give him another things or favor?"

    "Also you need to choose whom you gifted your money. That person's personality and condition could affect the counting. Will he really help you with all of his strength? Is he a sly person? Should I go to another person? and many more things to consider." Black Bull explained.

    Black Bull added, "You are lucky to enter the academy using your way. But, you could not depend on luck forever."

    "What time is it guys?" Because of the conversation's sound, Feather Slice who has been sleeping all the time, woke up.

    "Why are you guys so noisy in the morning? I need some more sleep." Feather Slice said and putted his head under his pillow.

    Suddenly, the room's door opened. A short man entered the room with bow on his hand. Sweat covered all of the man's body. A tired look could be seen on his face. "Hey guys, you all awake." Deadly Tower greeted his roommate.

    He sat on his bed and putted the bow beside him. He grabbed his towel and wiped all of the sweat on his body. "So, what are you guys talking about?" He asked.

    "I am just lecturing Smiling Wizard on how to use money wisely. He really is ignorant on how to manage his money." Black Bull shook his head.

    Auron could not help and smiled wryly, "You practices very early."

    "Yes, this is my routines everyday. I could not leave it, I need to become stronger." Deadly Tower shrugged his shoulder. "Are you guys ready? In a minutes, we need to gather in the field to attend the ceremony."

    Black Bull kicked Feather Slice's bed, "Wake up you pig! Go prepared! we need to go in a few minutes. Can't you follow Deadly Tower's example?"

    "Huh... Okay, okay." Feather Slice answered half awake.

    After they finished preparing, They all went to the field to attend the ceremony. When they arrived at the field. There was so many student already gathered on the field. There some student who chatted to each other. There was also some student who just do nothing and waited patiently. There was some student who observed other carefully.

    Two large group could be seen on the student gathered. One group consist of people who wore a nice and expensive clothes, while the other just wore ordinary clothes. The group who wore nice and expensive clothes was the noble group, while the other was the commoner group. There was an invisible line which separate this two group.

    The noble chattering among the other and make new friends while boasting their position and family's wealth. While there was some commoner student who observed the noble group and trying to choose which noble they would follow to ensure their safety.

    Auron's group arrived at the field and joined the commoner group. When he arrived, Auron observed his surrounding. There was around a thousand student in this batch. Around 90% of the student was the commoner and the rest was the noble. Although, the noble number was fewer than the commoner, however their aura and presence suppressed the commoner. Many commoner awed at the noble's group.

    Auron observed the noble's group. Many nobles talked to each other. There was some low level nobles who flatter the higher level noble intending to join their group. There was also some noble forced to laugh at the higher level noble's joke.

    Among the group, Auron could saw three people that absorbing many noble's attention. The first one was a handsome and majestic guy stood in the middle of a circle. He always smiled and answered all of other nobles flattery surrounding him. The second one was a well built guy with a cold face. He always wore a cold face like he would ate you alive. He also stood quietly and ignored all the other nobles flattery like they were not exist. The last one was a big and muscular guy that laughed and seems enjoyed other nobles' flattery. He throws a joke which was not funny but the other nobles would forced to laugh at his joke. His voice also was very loud so almost all the student in the field could hear what he was talking. Auron looked at him and he recognized the man. He was the guy who drove Auron away on his first room.

    Anger started to build inside Auron. He wanted revenge and throw away the humiliation back at the guy. However, he quickly suppressed the urge. He still weak. If he insisted on revenge right now, it would just like throwing himself to death.

    "Just you wait, I will take my revenge back on you!" Auron swore in his mind while looking at the muscular man murderously.
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