43 Ceremony 3

    When the others student know Auron's background, some of them shook their head in pity of Auron, some others wore an excited expression waiting for a show to play in front of them. Meanwhile, all of the nobles frowned and a little anger could be seen on each one of their face. They were angry because there was a commoner braved enough to face the noble. Auron's action like slapping their face. However, they didn't act because they knew Auron was weak and the big guy was enough to deal with Auron.

    Seeing Auron's roommate released their weapon. The big guy's henchmen also went up to the front and unleashed all of their weapon. A tense atmosphere could be felt in the field. However, before any of them could moved, suddenly a huge pressure press down on Auron's roommate and the big guy's henchmen.

    The pressure was so huge that they could not continue standing and fell down. The pressure then spread out to all of the other student in the field. Didn't matter whether they were commoner or noble all of them felt the pressure and fell down, Auron included.

    Because of the pressure all of the student laid down on the ground. The stronger only laid down with minor injuries, while the weaker felt as a huge boulder was placed behind their back. Auron belonged to the latter group. Moreover, because Auron was the weakest among all of the student, blood could be seen on his lips. However, the pressure was not meant to kill only to restrict their movement, so the casualty was not high.

    Not long after that, a middle aged man walked from the inner building. The man wore a green uniform. A star could be seen on his uniform which represent his status in the military. From the star on his uniform, the man rank in the military was colonel. He put his hand behind his back and walked slowly into the field. The man was only slightly muscular, however, each step he took was very firm and heavy, like a huge beast walking slowly over to the scared prey. Behind him, there were 20 others uniformed men followed him. Each of them was ranked lower than him.

    When he arrived in front of the crowd who was still laid down the ground, he spoke casually, however, the voice could be heard to all of the people in the field.

    "What do you think this place are?"

    "This is military's academy, there are rules to follow. Not a playground. Since this is the first time, I will let it slide. However, if this is ever happened again, prepared to be sent to the war zone. Now, stand up and make 50 line!"

    Although the voice was not loud, it still could be heard by all of them. Not only that, the voice seems to contain some sort of mystical power that give chill to all of them who heard it. Everyone on the ground who heard it got a goosebumps.

    After the man spoke, the pressure suddenly lifted. When the pressure lifted, all of the student struggle to stand up. The weaker student and Auron could felt their legs trembling because of the aftereffect. However, they didn't care about it and quickly walked to get into the line.

    Because of the pressure before, the student didn't dare to dilly dally. It took 3 minutes for 50 line to be formed. Many of them afraid to be punished more harsh. Some of them even stood up in line while their legs still shaking.

    Seeing the line already formed, the man with the highest rank smiled widely, and with a soft voice said, "I am Brock. Your chief training officer. I will oversee all of your training while you were in the academy. Behind me were 20 officer which will also become your mentor. Enough for the introduction, let us start the ceremony."

    The ceremony didn't take long. It only took around 30 minutes until the ceremony reach to the end. Actually, what so called ceremony was only a gathering for the student to hear the rules of the academy and also what was important. The content of it was actually recorded in the student's handbook given when they coming for the first time. Once a student read the handbook, he would recognized all of the content given during the ceremony. However, the academy deliberately doing this because they want to emphasize how important the rules were.

    "Before we end this, there was one important announcement I would make." Brock announced with a serious tone.

    Brock smiled sinister, "You guys are special. This batch are special. Your lesson period will last only for one month. After that, 11 months of practical period will follow."

    "However, don't you worry, we will still give you all the knowledge same as the previous batch. Since your lesson period will become shorter, we would arranged your lesson schedule tightly."

    "All of you would start your lesson today. After this, we would divided you into twenty groups. When the officer behind me called your name go and make line in front of them."

    After that, all of the twenty officer called the student name one by one. When a student heard their name was called, they directly went to the front of the officer and make line. Not long after, all of the student already assigned to their own officer.

    Despite there were twenty line, the separation still could be seen. 5 line was containing only noble student while the rest was containing only commoner student. Auron was called last and he was joining the commoner group. He was separated from his roommate. When his name was called, all of the other student attention focused on him. Many of the commoner student trying to avoid him as if he were a calamity. On the other hand, the noble student all smirked mockingly, especially the big guy and his henchmen.

    "Now, go a followed your own officer and start your lesson!" Brock commanded.

    All of the officer turned back and saluted Brock before went their separate ways followed by the student which they had called previously. From the start he gaze the big guy until now, he was silent with cold face all the time. He swallowed all the humiliation and only clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

    "This is the beginning. I will become stronger and stronger until no one can humiliate me." Auron swore by his heart. He release his clenched fist and silently followed the officer from behind. Blood could be seen on his palm.
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