44 First Lesson 1

    An officer walked into the building followed by 25 students behind him. After following the officer for a few minute, the group was brought outside again, but this time they went outside from another door. The door led to the back of the main building. The walked through a soil path until they reached to a four story building placed remotely behind the main building.

    The group went inside the building. The group walked passed a set of stairs until they arrived at the highest floor on the building. When they arrived at the highest floor, they could saw a door, which was the only door on the floor. There was only one room on the highest floor.

    The door was full of cobweb and there was even a spider on it. The officer with cold and straight face put his hand on his pocket and brought out a key. He put they key through the keyhole and turned it out. Then, a 'click' sounded.

    The officer opened the door and went inside the room followed by the student behind him. A big hall could be seen, though, it was not as big as the boss' room in the dark mansion, but it still could be considered big. Auron predicted this hall could accommodate 200 obese adult.

    However, despite the hall was big, it was not maintain properly. It could be seen from the cobweb in the door. Inside the hall was also full of cobweb. The air was so humid and it stinks like corpse. The group could also saw many puddle of water on the floor which was the result from the leaking rooftop. There was also some excrement from rats. It was so dirty that it could not be considered as a place for living.

    The student that followed the officer felt disgusted by what they see. All of them thought that even their place was not as bad as this place. This place was actually the place where the academy built first. After some time, their student number increased, so they decided to build a new building to replace this building. When the new building was done, they all moved to the new building. The new building was the main building that they had seen before.

    After moving to the new building, this place was gifted for the servant in the academy for them to stay. However, because the number of the servant was not many, they only occupied the first three floor, whereas they abandoned the fourth floor. Because it was abandoned so long and it was not cleaned, the place became so dirty. Once, there was a servant that invited the other servant to clean this floor. When the servant arrived at the fourth floor and saw what it looks like, they quickly changed their mind. They thought that it would need a lot of effort to clean this place while they were not going used this place so their effort would be useless. They also thought this was a hall which could contain 200 adult which mean they would not lived here alone and all of them had their own room at the first three floor. This made the place become more abandoned and more dirty.

    Back in the days, when this building was used as the main building, this hall was used to for important lecture and it was opened to all student. This place also where the academy would held graduation ceremony or receive an important guest from the royalty. But now, it was just a big abandoned dirty hall.

    Although disgust could be seen on the student's face, they were not brave enough to complain to the cold officer. The student followed the officer with disgust to the middle of the hall. In the middle of the hall, the officer stopped and turned around to face the student. Before, the officer was so cold that a person would be afraid just to say hello to him. However, after turning around, a wide smiled and happy expression could be seen on his face.

    "My name is Peter Adam. I would be responsible for your class for this month. It can be said that I am your homeroom teacher." Peter said with a friendly tone.

    "This place would be your learning place. All of your general class would be held here. You guys should be happy to get a learning place as big as this place. You..."

    "This place was big but it was so dirty" One of the student murmured slowly when he heard Peter's speech.

    Bang. Suddenly, a loud sound could be heard. The student which was murmured slowly was pushed several meter back and crouched on the floor. He shouted in surprised and a pained expression could be seen on his face. He coughed out blood on the floor.

    The sudden loud sound take all the student's attention. All of them turned their head around and looked behind them. They could saw the student crouched on the ground with one hand held his stomach. Although the student was not dead but from the look, the student suffered a serious injury. The student coughed out a lot of blood and still coughing.

    The pained expression of the student also not escape from the eyes of the other student. They all thought that they would died when they received the sudden attack. A shocked could be seen on the face of the other student. Even, some of the girls in the class shouted hysterically seeing the blood.

    "Silent!" A loud and sinister voice could be heard.

    Hearing the voice, all of the student quickly shut their mouth. The girls who was screaming quickly cease to scream anymore. A shiver ran through all of the student including Auron. This incident caught them in surprise. All of them quickly turned their head once again and looked at the officer once more.

    "I don't like when there is someone interrupting in the middle of my explanation." Peter wore a wide smile and explained in a friendly tone
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