46 Cleaning

    All of them took turns to introduced themselves. After a few minutes, all of them already introduced themselves. There were 25 students in the room. Out of the 25 students, 9 of them were woman and the rest were man. Their average level was 43, with level 51 as the highest level and level 35 as their lowest level, excluding Auron's level.

    Their class were varied from swordsman to cleric. With swordsman as the class with the most number among them and cleric as the class with the least number among them. What surprising was none of them had mage class. From their story, Auron learned that the cost to become a mage class was on a different level than other class and they could not afford it. If they insisted to become a mage, without help, they could only become at most a mediocre mage.

    Among the commoners, mage was like a special class, only nobles and nobles' follower, who could become a mage. Of course, it was hard to become a nobles' follower. Their freedom also would be restricted. On top of that, not all of the nobles' follower would be supported to become a mage. They need a to proof their talent by completing a series of test before they could get the nobles' support. With this difficulties not many of the commoner could become a mage. However, there still many of them that dreaming to become a mage or at least befriend with a mage, so they could have a little share of the mage's fame.

    When they learned that Auron was a mage, their impression of Auron went up by one level. Also, they was wondering which nobles that Auron, a commoner mage, served. To disperse their confusion and misunderstanding, Auron started to kindly told them about his story. Even more, Auron had a kind attitude towards them. This things made their impression of Auron went up by another level. Before, they only respected Auron because they were scared of Peter, but now they genuinely respected Auron from their heart. This also made the student with higher level than Auron didn't mind to take command from him.

    "Okay, enough for the rest. We need to start the cleaning else we cannot make it in time." After the introduction, Auron started to urge his classmate to start the cleaning process. He divided them into four group. One group would fixed the hole in the roof. Two groups would be in charge of cleaning the room. And, the last group, which consist of the most female students, would be in charge transporting clean water from outside of the building to the fourth floor.

    When it was 3 p.m, they could only finished 50% of the work. The dirtiness of this place was almost in different level. They could not clean a spot in just a wipe, they needed to wipe in several attempt and with more power to clean a spot. This made them very exhausted. Also, the clean water needed was way more higher than the ordinary cleaning. The group that went to the roof to fix the hole also had their hard time. They didn't have any tools to help them to climb up to the roof. So, they could only climbed up to the roof by themselves through the window. With a high danger looming around them, they work with more cautiously, this made their progress slowed. Moreover, up till this time, they haven't had their lunch yet. Their energy almost depleted.

    In case of Auron, he doing more works than the others. When the water was nearly ran out, he quickly helped the group to bring more clean water. When the water supply was sufficient, he went to clean the room. When the roof's group need some help, he quickly went to help them. This made the other students respected him more. Auron didn't abuse his power, instead, he was the one who doing the most work. Also, a mage like Auron with a level lower than them, could do more work than them without exhausted, this made them encouraged to do more work. What they didn't know was that Auron attributes was double than ordinary person's attributes. Also, although Auron was a mage, he still invested some of his attributes point to attributes that swordsman needed.

    Auron looked at the time and looked at his friends, they all exhausted. Auron decided that they need to replenish their energy. So, Auron decided to use his "cheat". He commanded his swordsman character and sold some of his loot item to buy some bread and placed it in the inventory. When he finished buying it he commanded his swordsman to went back to hunt again. Auron left the room quietly, so there were no one that notice him missing. Then, he directly went back with a bunch of food.

    "Hey guys, I brought some food here, let us rest for 10 minutes before continuing the work." Auron shouted.

    When the other student heard there was a food coming, they felt grateful. 10 minutes after they ate their food, they continued their worked. They felt energized. With their energy boosted, they could finished their works more quickly.

    At 5.50 p.m they finished their work. All of them felt relieved and started to take rest while waiting for Peter. Meanwhile, Auron felt responsible of the group that instead of rest, he checked all over the place to look for a flaw and quickly fixed it so that Peter could not making excuse to blame them.

    At 6 p.m sharp, Peter walked slowly with a friendly face into the room. He said nothing and directly inspecting the place slowly. He inspected the place and didn't even bothered to look at the student as if this place was empty.

    While Peter inspecting the place, the students didn't dare to make any sound and just stood quietly. Seeing Peter way of inspecting, Auron frowned. Peter would stop at a spot for 5 minutes before moving to other place.

    "So thorough" Auron though in his mind.

    "Good." Peter finally said after around 55 minutes inspecting the place.

    "After this you would have your dinner in the main building, then you would get into your class specific lesson for the rest of the day. Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m you would need to gather here. Don't be late" Peter said friendly like congratulating the student for passing a test.

    After saying that, he quickly went out of the room. When he was at the door, he turned around and said, "Oh yeah, one more thing, your class specific lesson would start at 7 p.m. Hurry up to take your dinner."
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