48 Elemental Understanding

    "Silent!" The teacher said.

    All the other student who was still mocking and laughing at Auron, quickly became silent. This was their first time meeting this teacher and they didn't know how this teacher's temperament. Many of the teacher here was a freak and unpredictable just like, Brook and Peter Adam. One missed step and you got the nerve of this officer or teacher, you would be in big trouble. Your family could get dragged into the mess.

    At first, when hearing Auron's question, she also shocked. "How could a mage accepted into the academy, didn't know about this?". However, she quickly changed her mind after knowing Auron was from commoner's group. She thought, the same as the rest of the student, Auron was insisting to become a mage despite his low talent. However, she quickly shook her head and didn't want crushed this student's hope and effort.

    Seeing all of them quiet, this teacher started to explain to Auron and the rest of the student about elemental understanding. The teacher explained all basic information about elemental understanding. Since the other student already knew about what the teacher said they didn't pay attention to what the teacher said. However, they still nodded their head as if they were listening.

    After listening to the teacher's explanation, Auron get some basic knowledge regarding the elemental understanding. The same as 4 types of magic elements, there were also 4 types of elemental understanding, fire, ice, earth, and wind. The higher the elemental understanding of the respective element, the shorter the casting time all of the spell of belong to that element. In addition, higher understanding also means their spell would got power enhancement.

    Each power enhancement from their understanding differed one element to another element. Fire based spell would get an addition in their power and area of effect. Ice based spell would get buff on their slow effect and controlling debuff. Earth based spell would get a longer duration and the sturdiness of their spell. And, wind based spell would get enhancement on the spell traveling speed and the quantity of the spell.

    A person could learn all type of spell however, the spell with elemental understanding was way more powerful than the other element. Usually, someone who had talent in magic would had minimum one elemental understanding. Someone with two elemental understanding would be considered as an elite. Someone with three elemental understanding would be considered as a top grade talent. And someone with four elemental understanding would be respected by all of the people including the king. However, someone with four elemental understanding was only in the legend.

    These days, the highest achievement in elemental understanding was fell to the royalty. The first prince also known as the crown prince was the one who had three elemental understanding. When the king knew about this. He directly nurtured the prince and guard him very attentively. With the help by the king, the prince growth was exceptional. And now, he was named as the strongest mage in all Gaia with three peak elemental understanding.

    Although you get an elemental understanding of an element, it would not mean you would become strong. You would need to raise the level of your understanding. However, to raise the understanding was not an easy feat. There were many mage stuck at some level and could not raise their understanding with any possible means. They could only accept their fate. There were two ways of raising the understanding.

    One of the way to raise their elemental understanding was to use the spell and analyze the spell. When one analyze the spell their understanding would raise a little bit. The higher the understanding, the higher the requirement. They needed to analyze more complicated and more higher leveled spell. If he didn't had any persistent, he would easily give up. However, persistent only was not enough, they also needed a smart brain. Once there was a mage who was persistent, he never give up to analyze the spell and keep researching it. He finally completed his research and achieved a full complete understanding of that element, however, he had spent 90 years to complete it and the next day he was died of old age and exhausted body. He didn't get any chance to show off his skill.

    Another way was to encounter a lucky chance. Sometimes, a lucky encounter could give you an insight and helped you easily analyze the spell. This was also the case for the mage in NPC world to determine their magic talent. When they were born, some babies were lucky enough to be born with affinity in some element. This was what they used to determine one magic talent.

    However, this was not applied to player. A player would always start from zero. They didn't have any understanding and they could only raised it by experimenting or learned from others. So, at the beginning, a mage player would always got ridiculed by the NPC. However, if that player could get to the top, many NPC would turned 180 degree and respected them, like the top number 1 mage player.

    "Any question?" After finishing her explanation, the teacher asked while looking at the student's expression.

    Seeing no one raise another question, she concluded her lesson for that day, "If there are no more question, that's it for today, tomorrow we will learn about the way to cast while moving. If you don't know what that mean is you could learn first from the book at the library."

    When the teacher was about to left the classroom, the noble student quickly stood up from their seat and bowed toward her, "Thank you teacher Alice for the lesson!". Seeing the noble did this, the commoner including Auron followed the noble student and thanked Alice. The noble student did this was to get on the good side of the teacher so they could get a leniency when they did some mistake. Alice looked at them and nodded at them once, then she left the classroom.
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