49 Ridiculed

    After Alice left the room. The noble student looked behind them with a frowned face.

    "You guys should just be quiet when the lesson is on going. Don't do something unnecessary!" One of the noble bellowed followed by nodded from other nobles.

    "Especially you!" He pointed at Auron. "You just a mere ant with low talent. You could dream becoming a dragon but don't hinder us with your dream."

    "In reality, just stand still, we had a rule here. If you want to dream go home first and you can dream all the way you want."

    "If you follow the rules, at least your life will not be so miserable"

    All the commoner felt afraid by this situation. Some of them glanced at Auron and stared harshly as if all of this was Auron's fault. Auron didn't bother with his fellow commoner's stare, instead, he looked at the noble who said this. Surprisingly, he recognized him. This noble was the big guy's henchmen, who chased him out of the room when he first come to the academy, Pollack.

    "So, you think that as a commoner, I, doesn't have the same right as you?" Auron stared at Pollack.

    "No no no, you are wrong! I don't against commoner to ask a question" Pollack corrected Auron. "They have the same right as us, nobles. However, as I said before, they have to follow the rules and they have already follow the rules well."

    "However, you, a lowly ant dreaming to become a dragon, not only you do not follow the rules, you even made us all like an idiot by asking that question!"

    Pollack bellowed at Auron harshly, this time not only the nobles agreed at what he said, even some commoner nodded at what he said. He successfully change the opinion of the commoner from fear to support him and blamed all the fault at Auron.

    "Then, what is the rules?" Auron tried his best calm himself.

    "Rules? You still dared to ask about the rules? With your low talent, you don't even qualified to know the rules. Just be quiet next time and don't do anything. It would be better if you don't attend the class" Pollack ridiculed him

    Auron looked at Pollack, he was a level 53 mage. From the equipment he wore, that boosted fire element damage, it looks like Pollack was a fire elemental mage. Auron exploded, "You scum, let's have a bet one week from now, If I win, you would kneel and publicly apologized to me! If I lose, I would not attend the class specific lesson anymore. Do you dare?"

    "Bet? If you voluntary want to leave the academy then I would gladly helped you." Pollack smirked. "How should we bet?"

    "From the lesson before, Ms Alice said that one week from now, there would be an assessment on mage simulation tower. We will do it at that time. Whoever has the higher result will be the winner." Auron suggested.

    "Ha ha ha. Sure. Start packing your thing now and enjoy your one week lesson." Pollack agreed to Auron's suggestion and felt as if he already win. After settling his bet with Auron, he left the room followed by the other nobles and some commoner. When he was about to leave the room, he instructed the other nobles and commoner to spread the news to all other student, so whoever lose didn't reneged their bet.

    The other nobles left the room laughing as if they also believed that Pollack surely win the bet and they ridiculed Auron. They thought that Auron was an idiot because asking such question in the class, but now, they thought that Auron didn't even have brain to think.

    Most of the commoner here were noble's followers, so they also ridiculed Auron as if he was an idiot. While for the non noble's followers, they felt pity toward Auron. They also thought that it was impossible for Auron to win the bet. They also believed it would be a miracle if a lowly talent mage could win against a noble mage with huge support behind their back. They patted Auron's shoulder before they left the room. Auron was left alone in the class.

    What they didn't know was Auron already calculated all of the possibilities he had and this was the bet with the highest win chances. Right now, Auron was still level 15 due to his other character keep on hunting and leveling up. He predicted that with this pace one week later his character would still level 20. if A level 20 mage fought one on one against a level 53 mage, it would be a suicide. That was why Auron didn't even suggested that.

    Mage simulation tower was the right way to win the bet. From what Auron read at the handbook, the simulation tower was a place to do some fair assessment within the academy. It was fair because, all of them would get the same quality equipment and weapon. They would also get the same leveled opponent. This way, the level would not affect much on the assessment. In addition, this would ensure that the assessment only assess the participant's skill and battle experience.

    If he was given enough time, Auron was sure that he could defeat Pollack easily at the end of the month, however, time was what Auron didn't have. If he endured the ridiculed until the end of the month, he could not imagined what would happen to him during that time. Moreover, it would also hinder his progress and build stress inside him. The assessment was his only chance although he knew his skill as a mage was still low.

    Auron also didn't pushed the bet to far despite he hated that guys so much. He didn't bet with his life, instead he took a step back and only want Pollack to apologize. Also, the punishment set for him was some leeway for him. If he lose he would only lose his class specific lesson. Although, it was a loss, but he could still do something to cover that loss, such as by going to the library or asking the non noble's followers for the lesson.
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