51 Library 2

    Auron strolled around at the first floor of the library. There were already so many bookshelves in the first floor. Fortunately, there was a sign telling the library visitors which section they were right now. Right now, Auron was at the swordsman section. He glanced around at the bookshelves inside the section.

    Since he was a peak swordsman before, he could easily recognized all of the skill books here.

    "Bash, Whirlwind Slash, Shield Bash, ...." Auron recited the book's title while tracing the book.

    There were several volumes just for each skill. The number of volumes differed from one skill to another skills. There were some skill that had 10 volumes while there were some book that had more than that number. There were even some skill that had less than that number.

    In Two Worlds, there were another way to learn skill beside using skill books, which was to learn manually from the library. The advantages of this way was that it required no money since it was free to enter the library. However, the downside, it was way more difficult to learn skill through this. When a person want to learn from the library, first, they needed to read from the library, then practiced according to what they read.

    When they practiced there was a chance that they would learned the skill. Yes, it was just a chance. The chance to learn the skill also random. It depend on the person way of doing the skill. If they done it almost the same as in the book then their chance obtaining the skill would be higher.

    Another thing was, one volume was not enough to raise the skill to its peak, they needed to read another volume when they done with one. When they already got the skill, they needed to keep practicing to raise their skill's level. At some point, they would not get anything no matter how much they practices. That indicated that they should found the next volume of the skill's book.

    Another issue was, in a public library, in a town, not all of the collection were complete. There were some skill that were incomplete and they needed just to give up or looked it at another town or bigger town. But, as you could imagined, to traveled around all the Gaia just to learn from a book was not worth. This was why, many despised this way of learning. However, there were some who mixed it. For the first few level of the skill, they would just learned it from the library and when they felt that they could not handle anymore they just learned it from the skill book directly. This way they could save some amount of money to buy another things.

    Auron took one of the volume of [Bash] skill book in front of him. Then, he took another volume from another skill. After doing this for several different skill, he realized that in the academy library, the collection were complete. When a person could not found a volume they needed then that volume must be in the floor higher. But, what you need to keep note was that there was complete collection just in one library. Moreover, there was a book that you could not found outside of the academy, even in the capital's library, but you could found it here.

    "So, this was the reason why NPC's skill was so strong. They could learned endlessly in the library. Also with more talent, they could easily learned even the difficult skills." Auron shook his helplessly.

    Up to this date, over 50% of the NPC were stronger than the player. The number kept fluctuating. Sometimes, there were over 60%. Sometimes, there were over 53%. But the number never went below 50%. This was one of the reason.

    "No wonder, most of the NPC stronger than the player had military's background." Auron awed by the fact he just uncovered.

    Auron putted this matter at the back of his mind and walked toward another sections. He went to the mage sections. This was the main reason he came to the library. He remembered what Ms. Alice said before and looked for a book relating to casting while moving.

    Auron took all of the book about casting while moving and putted all on a table nearby. He looked at the pile of book in front of him. He smiled wryly while thought, "I could never found this book outside."

    You could not found casting while moving skill book outside from this place. Meanwhile, with just a few minutes he could get all the completed basic book about this skill. Although, there were still more advanced book in the above floor, but the pile of books in front of him, was enough for him to get the basic about this. This was why there were few player could do it, but it was not surprising for a NPC mage to do this.

    Auron could only sit down and started to read the book. He was very interested in this skills. When he was still the peak swordsman, very few player could really learn this. Many of the player just interpreting this skill wrongly. They raised their dexterity to the maximum to achieve an instant cast of a spell. But that was wrong, because doing that would made them very weak and the spell's damage was not high.

    However, there some player that could really achieve the skills. There was a time, when he fought against the number one mage player in a friendly match. At that time, the mage still only learned the basic of the skills, but he already giving a headache to Auron. When Auron chased him, he cast his skill while running away. Meanwhile, while Auron don't chased him, the mage chanted the skill from far away. Luckily, the mage's skill was still low level which made him failed some of his spell and give Auron chances to win.

    At that time, Auron curiously asked that mage how he get that skill. That mage told him that he got it from a quest. When Auron asked for more information, the mage refused to told him telling that it was part of the quest to not indulge the secret or he would lose the skill. Auron chose to believe him and not asked further. In addition, he was a swordsman so he just didn't need that skill.
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