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    Auron read carefully the content of the book. However, Auron could not help to feel headache. Since, in high school, Auron didn't like to read. And this, was his first time reading a book again after so many years passed.

    Auron tried his best. He read a part of the book again and again until he understood what it means. After some time, he gradually adapted to reading. His reading speed gradually increased over. After four full hours, he finished reading all the book.

    He still could not get the skill since he hadn't used it. But, he got all the theory behind it. Many people thought to chant a skill while moving they needed to increase their chanted speed. This was not entirely wrong, but doing this would only do harm than good. To achieve this using that way, the person would need to spend all of his attribute to increase dexterity. This would left their other attribute lacking.

    Their damage would be so low that it practically looked like a tickle. Moreover, the dexterity requirement to instant cast a spell would be varied depending on the spell. However, the dexterity required to instant cast the most basic spell, [Fire Bolt], already as high as 800 dexterity. It would be the same as 160 levels.

    When the most basic spell already required that high, it was not a surprised when the stronger spell would need more than that number. Like the [Fire Pillar], the more advanced spell than [Fire Bolt], would need 2500 dexterity to instant cast. Moreover, when it was an AOE spell, the dexterity required would be double than the amount of the same graded single target spell.

    In addition, after you successfully chanted the spell, the damage was very low. That it needed two or more successfully hit spells to achieve the desired damage. Which mean, they needed more mana point to achieve the damage. That was why, there were some player that build their character to instant cast the basic spell only and allocating their attribute to intelligence to raise their damage.

    This way they could be considered achieved a pseudo casting spell while moving. However, a copy was not as effective as the real one. When you could do the real casting while moving, they only raised their dexterity to increased their casting speed not to achieved the instant cast. This way, they could spend their attribute point to other attribute such as intelligence to raise their damage or vitality to raise their health and defense.

    However, to achieve it was not easy. From what Auron read, when you got the [Walking Chanting] skills, a spell would 100% produced by the skill. However, there was a chance that the spell would exploded on the caster and damage the caster. This was what the book called a failure one. Also, when you successfully chanted a spell, the damage of the spell would be varied. It would be a random between 0% until 100% of the damage when the caster chanted the spell while not moving.

    When you unlucky and get the 0%, although it didn't damage the caster, but it still a failure one. Basically you would not hurt the enemy at all. However, there was a way to reduce the failure chance and increase the chance of producing high damage.

    First, to reduce the failure chance, you needed more concentration and calm and quick mind when chanting the spell. When one mind was calm they could looked at their surrounding better and carefully. They could also planned what they wanted before to raise their chance of success. Also, different from not moving, when you used [Walking Chanting] you get a 1 second chance to continue your spell when you get disrupted.

    If the traditional way, chanting while not moving, would get cancelled when one moved or get attacked, then the [Walking Chanting] allow you to continue to chant your spell when you get disrupted by enemy's attack or your mind not focused. However, they would only get 1 second chance after they got disrupted. If not, it would caused the spell to exploded and damage them. The damage when the spell exploded would be 100% of their magic damage. So, concentration and calm and quick mind could prevent them from getting their spell exploded and hurt themselves.

    Second, to increased their damage randomized, they needed a high level understanding of the spell and high level understanding of the elemental of the spell they chanted. To achieve it, they could analyzed their spell or used the spell over and over again. As a saying said, if you do something over and over again you would mastered it someday, practice makes perfect. This was also what practically they needed to do over time. If they could achieves this, their randomized damage could start from 1% or 2% or even 100% depending on their understanding.

    Also, a high understanding of elemental would helped them to get a higher damage. 1% from 100 would mean 1. But, 1% from 1000 would mean 10. So, basically elemental understanding would helped you to raised your damage, so when you get a low percentage of damage, you damage would still be high enough to hurt your enemy.

    "This was considered a must have skill for a mage. However, to get this it was not easy." Auron sighed at this new knowledge he got. But, he was not dispirited, he believed he could do this. He gradually smiled as he was imagining a swordsman fighting enemy in close combat then when he moved suddenly a fire bolt shot out from the swordsman and caught the enemy in surprise.

    Imagining this made Auron's blood boiled. He was someone who like challenge. And, this was a challenge that intrigued him. The more difficult a challenge, the more excited he is. Moreover, he always imagining how amazing would the result be when he successfully defeated the challenge.

    "Let us see how long I need to learn this skill" Auron smiled excitedly.
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