53 Secre

    Auron closed the book he read and put it back. Then, Auron went out of the library and back to his room. It was almost 5 in the morning when he arrived at his room. He found his room was empty.

    "Their lesson was this long that they haven't come back yet" Auron shocked by the fact that his roommate hadn't finished their class but he already finished his class.

    Auron found nothing to do. He felt anxious about what should he do now. There was still one hour to go until he should go to the next class. He felt tired but one hour was not enough for him to sleep.

    Two Worlds gave a function to link your real world phone to the game. When Auron decided to play 24 hours straight, he linked his phone to his account. Auron looked at his phone and there was a message from Roan. It was a very short message, "Call me". Auron looked at the time the message was sent. It was sent 10 hours ago.

    Auron could not help and directly called Roan in hope he was still awake. Auron dialed Roan's number. Luckily, after a few second, Roan answered his phone.

    "Hello Roan, what's up? Why you called me?" Auron said.

    "Brother.... Where were you?" Roan said pitifully. "I messaged you so many time before but you did not answer any of my message."

    "Sorry Roan, I was so busy hunting before. So, I didn't pay attention to any of the message I got." Auron felt guilty.

    "Forget it bro. Just focused on leveling up your character. By the way, what's your character's level now?" Roan asked

    Since Auron wasn't the one who hunting, he looked at his character's level. It was still the same as before level 15. But, the experience bar almost indicating that he could get to the next level in less than 12 hours.

    "Right now, I am level 15, almost leveled up to 16" Auron answered.

    Hearing that, Roan frowned, "How come you leveled so slow? Do you encountered any issue? Do you need my help?"

    When Roan bombarded Auron with many question, Auron could not help but felt guilty. He could not lied to his best friend any longer.

    "I.... Sorry Roan, actually I have some secret" Auron sighed and decided to tell his best friend about his secret.

    Auron started to tell his best friend his secret. He told Roan how he got the 'cheat' until what situation he got right now.

    "That was all my story." Auron sighed apologetically, "Sorry for hiding this from you."

    "So, this was the reason your hunting speed was so slow." Roan felt relieved," I thought you have some problem that you not telling me. Or, you were found out by Darius and being harassed by him and you kept the fact from me."

    "Are you not angry?" Auron asked carefully.

    "Why should I become angry when my brother got a cheat that could make him the most powerful person in the game" Roan answered proudly. "So, I need to start to collect all thing related to mage"

    Auron hastily answered, "No, you don't. Let us focus on my swordsman class first. Because, for some time, my swordsman was the one that will hunt for me. Moreover, if we divided our focus then we would be lacking."

    "This is also good for my mage character to stay low and not brought any attention. Oh yeah, how should I tell the others about my secret?" Auron asked Roan's opinion.

    "You don't have to worry about it. Let me tell them about your situation. I bet they will understand." Roan assured Auron.

    "Thank you, bro. How is Dragon's Den doing?" Auron turned to ask Roan.

    "We are also in a slow pace. But, everything is on the right track. We are just going to start our deal with one of the village in a remote place" Roan answered. "It seems we will get this deal. I was 90% sure that we would get this deal."

    "However, because it was in remote place, the transportation cost was not cheap. So, after deducting our operation cost, our profit will not be as high as you imagine." Roan told Auron.

    "It was okay. Since, we are new to this business, we should take one step at a time. This is a good start for us." Auron cheered Roan.

    "It was about time, I go to the next class. See you again. Oh yeah, kept my secret carefully." Auron reminded Roan.

    "Relax. I will only tell our brothers and that's it. I will not tell any other soul about this." Roan promised.

    Then, they hung up their phone. After that phone call, Auron felt relieved. He felt like one of his burden lifted and he felt more relaxed. For all this time, he felt burdened by the fact that he was not telling his secret and lies to his brother. But now, all of this was gone. Auron felt more relaxed and could focused on his growth more.

    He also felt happy with the trading company's growth. His decision to leave the trading company to his friend was a right choice. Although, he was betrayed once by his most trusted subordinate, he felt lucky that he could still put faith on his brothers.

    Now, Auron can focus his mind on his next class. He felt a weird feeling on the class officer, Peter. He felt that Peter had some issue on his mind. But, he also recalled another feeling when they were in the ceremony at the field. He felt that out of all the officer come to the field, Peter was the strongest among the officer. He felt weird by the fact that Brock was the chief officer and Peter was just in charge on one of the weakest class in the batch. He could not think any reason behind it. Auron dismissed the idea an putted it at the back of his mind.

    Auron looked at the time. It was almost the class time. Auron went out from his room and started to walked to the hall.
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