54 Running 1

    Auron arrived at the hall 15 minutes before the class time. When he arrived at the hall, it was empty. However, a few minutes past and one by one his classmate coming into the hall. Many of them had a baggy eyes indicating their lack of sleep. Some of them even breathed heavily because the class they went into just finished a few minutes before and they quickly ran to the hall afraid irritating their class officer, Peter.

    5 minutes before the appointed time, all of the student have arrived. All of them were tired. Some of the sitting on the corner leaning on the wall. Some of them even, didn't care about their surrounding and just laid down on the floor breathing heavily. Auron looked at them and felt pity. This was what the player advantage over the NPC. As long as the player using nutrient solution, they would never felt tired even though the hunted for 24 hours. They just need to kept their in-game energy high enough to feel refreshed.

    Auron, suddenly, sensed a slow step on the stairs. He know whose step it was belong to. As the class captain, he had a responsibility to take care of the class like what the officer wanted. Although, he felt pity toward his classmate because their tiredness, he could not help but woke them up. In just a few seconds, Auron and his classmate already formed a line. However, because some of them very tired and sleepy, they could not focused out and made the line become somewhat messy.

    Auron didn't have enough time to fix the line as Peter already arrived at the hall on 6 a.m sharp. Seeing Peter arrived, the less tired students tensed up and stood still like a wood. Meanwhile, the sleepy and tired students could not concentrate enough, so they somewhat kept make the line looked a mess while maintaining their balance so they would not fell down.

    Looking at this, Peter, with his hand on his back, merely smiled. Auron and the student didn't know if this smile was a good sign or a bad sign.

    "Okay kids, you all could sit down." Peter said.

    Hearing this, Auron and some of the student relieved and breathed out. They thought Peter forgave them and didn't mind about the messy line. However, they quickly sit down, didn't dare to move slowly as if they were afraid that Peter would changed his mind.

    "As I have told you yesterday, I am in charge of your class." Peter explained.

    "This class purpose was to train you to become more fit and more suitable in the war zone. Also, this class would trained your survival ability. So, if you were left out in the war zone without anyone beside you, you could still survived."

    "This is not easy and this class would be more harsher than your class specific lesson. But, I promised you if you could survived this class you would become above anyone else."

    Auron felt shivered when he heard Peter mention the word survived. He though why Peter chose the word 'survived' instead of 'passed'. But, he just kept it in his heart.

    "It looks like some of you were tired. Do you want to take a rest for one hour before we move to the first lesson today?" Peter asked friendly.

    When the student heard about this they could not believed this. They thought they were dreaming. Is this the cruel officer that beat down the student because a small interrupted. However, because they were very tired, they could not help to feel this was like a gift from heaven. They thought that the officer felt sorry to them because he was to harsh to them yesterday and this was his way of apologizing.

    "Yes" One of the tired student shouted. Followed by dozen of another shouted confirming their agreement.

    "Do you really want to take a rest?" Peter confirming.

    "Yes" All the student except Auron answered in unison. Auron still felt weird by this sudden change. He could not help to feel suspicious.

    Peter realized Auron didn't voiced out his answered. He asked Auron friendly, "Class captain, you didn't answer my question before. Is there some concern in your mind?"

    All of the other student eyed on Auron. Seeing being the attention of the others, Auron knew his decision would determined if the other student would rest or not.

    "No. I also believed some of the student lack of rest and they needed to rest a bit." Auron voiced his agreement to the student's opinion. However, his expression was still confused it was very lack of determination and uncertainty.

    "Okay then, you could rest for one hour. Take your time to rest. I will also wait here." Peter said still with a smiling face. He walked to the middle of the hall, sat down meditating, and closed his eyes.

    Seeing this, all of the student felt relieved, they unleashed their tense atmosphere and quickly lay down on the floor. Some of them fell asleep even snoring. Auron also sat down on the floor however he was not sleeping, instead he sat down across Peter and looked at him confusedly thinking what scheme was this officer doing right now.

    One hour later, Peter opened his eyes and stood up. When Peter stood up the student quickly stood up also and woke up the other student who was still sleeping. Auron also stood up in front of them.

    "Each of you take one of these and putted it in your body." Peter commanded while handing out a device to each of the student. The student accepted it and putted it on their body.

    "Okay, don't lose the device because it was an important thing for today's lesson. Oh yeah, today you would only had one lesson that you need to finish before the dinner's time. It is an easy task. It only need your determination and your perseverance. It is not a complicated task so you don't need to think"

    "And that lesson was, Running."
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