55 Running 2

    "Follow me outside" Peter turned his back and walked outside. The students directly followed Peter outside silently. They had a thousand things in their mind right now. What were they gonna do? Is it really an easy task? Is the officer turned to a new leaf? and many other things which made them confused.

    When they arrived outside, Peter stopped and turned again facing the students.

    "As I said before, you task is running. Now, I will show you, the running path you need to take. Follow me closely." Peter said it while smiling.

    He turned again and start running. It was not fast also it was not slow. The student started followed Peter with their speed. At first, they just ran straight out of the academy. Up until now, it was easy for them because it was only a straight path. After a few minutes, they were outside of the academy.

    When they had gone outside, Peter turned left. The sudden turn didn't surprised the students because it was in a normal speed, they followed him. After a few minutes running, they arrived at a big river with a heavy current. If you fell to the river you could died because of the current. Even if you didn't died, you would surely suffered serious injuries.

    The river was very wide. It was as wide as 30 adult feet line together. Luckily, they didn't need to crossed it by swimming. On top of the river, there were a stone lining up that could be used as a step to cross.

    Although, the stone was not in order and made an easy path, but if you still could cross it easily. Even a kid could crossed it if they were careful. Peter jumped up to the first stone then jump to the next stone and next until he arrived across the river. The students easily followed Peter, although they didn't take the same stone step as Peter, all of them crossed the river safely.

    When Peter arrived across the river, he didn't stop and continued his running. This time, it was running at an uphill path. The students needed to spend more energy since this was an uphill path. In addition, the path was natural-made so it was not easy to step. If you were not careful, you could slipped and rolled to the bottom.

    The uphill path was pretty long, it was way longer than the straight path they took from their hall to the outside of the academy. However, all of the student including Auron knew what path they took. When they started to cross the river, one thing popped out in their mind. This path was a path to the [Training Forest] behind the academy.

    Although, it named [Training Forest], it was not as safe as it's name. The outskirt was safe, but the inner region was not safe. There were many monster in the inner region and the monster was not weak. Despite they could killed the monster when the group together, however it would still wasted their time. All of them sighed, "As I thought, it would not be as simple as running. We still need to fight". This was the first things that popped out on their mind.

    The students didn't dare to voice out what was on their mind and blindly followed Peter. When they almost arrived at the inner region of the [Training Forest], Peter took a left turn followed by the students. Seeing this, the student relieved, "So, we are not going to the inner region. It looks like the officer really become kind man"

    Their running inside the forest was not easy. Although, there was no monster at the outskirt of the [Training Forest], the path that they took was not easy. There were many tree that blocked their path. Peter, who was at the front of the group, dodged the tree many times. When there was a branch, he would ducked out while running to evade the branches. When there was a big tree's root protruding out from the ground he would jumped up. The student also followed Peter's action. They ducked and jumped to evade the branches and roots.

    After a few minutes running inside the forest, they already out of the forest. What welcomed them was a long circular downhill path. Peter slowed down his speed so as the students. It was relatively easy at the downhill path and in no time they arrived at the wide river. This was the same river as before however it was not the same place they crossed before. The place they crossed now was at the back of their academy. They crossed it easily. Then, they ran straight back to their starting point, their hall.

    When they arrived at the starting point they stopped. From the start until the end, Peter was not talking so did the students. While the other student felt relieved on the fact that their officer changed to the new leaf, Auron didn't think so. Inside his mind, he kept thinking what this officer's scheme was. He didn't believed that this officer suddenly become a kind person. On the way here, he saw his surrounding carefully and calculate in his mind. It took them around 30 minutes to finish this path.

    When Auron was deep in thought, Peter, who was silent all the way, suddenly talked, "That was the path you need to take. Looked at your device right now."

    The students looked at their device. Before, when they start, there was a number zero on their device, however, right now, that zero had changed and become one.

    "As what you all have think, this device will record how many laps you have finished. And just now, you have finished one lap. Remember, you could only deviate as far as 300 meters from the original path to be recorded. if you took a path deviate more than 300 meters from the path before, it will not record anything in there even if you arrived here." Peter said kindly.
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