56 Running 3

    "As I said before, this is the only lesson you will do today. So, you will run until you fulfill the objective today" Peter explained.

    "You only have time until dinner's time to fulfill this objective. If you can finish it before the dinner's time, you will need to find me and report it to me first then you can go to have some free time"

    When the students heard about the chance to have free time, their expression became more brightened. They became more excited in the thought of having free time. They still thought that this was the way of Peter apologizing to them. He would give them free time, but since he still have some dignity as their class' officer, this was the way for him to apologize to us.

    "Officer, how many lap should we finish today?" One of the student raised his hand and voluntary asked. Still with his thought before, he asked Peter excitedly.

    "Good question!" Peter wore friendly expression. "Wait, let me think first"

    All of the student still excitedly wait with all sort of reason they thought to justify their thought before. Some student even thought that Peter doing this was just an act and at the end, he would still give a low number to completed.

    "I think 5 for each of you will be enough" Peter expression became serious as this was something important to decide.

    Hearing this, All of the student except Auron had their thought running wild. "This officer really turned a new leaf". With the calculation from before, if each lap took them 30 minutes to finish then for 5 laps they would only needed 150 minutes or in other words 2,5 hours. Right now, there were still more than 10 hours until dinner's time. This mean, with simple math, they would have 7.5 hours of free time.

    Thinking about 7.5 hours of free time, Many plans popped out at each of their mind. Smiled also surfaced on each of the students face, except Auron. However, Auron was still on state of disbelieve. How could a cruel officer like him felt wrong and apologize. This was something didn't make sense to Auron. He kept his gaze on the officer and wore a plain expression.

    "But, you form such messy line this morning, if the other officer know about this, it can make me lose face. I could not help but to punish you and add another 10 laps." Peter added with a reluctant tone.

    Another 10 laps mean another 300 minutes or 5 hours. Their free time would be reduced to 2.5 hours. However, the students still think that it was justifiable. A messy formation of the students surely would led the other officer to think that the officer could not managed the class properly and it would make them lose some face.

    "Well, that's okay. There is still 2.5 hours of free time." One of the student thought inside his mind.

    "When you rest before, you let your guard down. Fortunately you are just in front of me your officer. If I am your enemy, all of you can end up as a corpse. In military, your action was not good. It can lead you and your comrade to death" Peter added more, "So, I will add another 10 laps as a means to remind you to not let your guard down in any situation.

    All of the student's face become pale. They quickly rethought about the chance of their officer turned a new leaf. Their expression darkened. However, Peter added more with exciting tone, "Also, you have rest for 1 hour, I bet all of you was brimming with energy that need to be unleashed. As your class' officer, I would help all of you. Let me double your laps."

    Hearing this, Peter's good image in all of their mind shattered. This was still a cruel officer. They blamed themselves how could they had such stupid thought that this officer would turned a new leaf.

    "Luckily" Peter still added some more, "You class' captain was such a keen and meticulous person, when you were relaxed and let your guard down. You class' captain despite having the lowest level among you all, he still keep his guards up. For this, I have give you all reward."

    At the mention of Auron, all of the students looked at him and silently thanked him. Finally, they get something good. However, what followed shattered their thought.

    "As a reward, the lap we went through before would be counted towards your lap." Peter smiled satisfied as he already shown a huge kindness towards them.

    All of the student, no longer had any hope to fulfill this. Their spirit become low and their mind was in chaos. At first they only needed to finish 5 laps then it grew to 15 laps. And it did not stopped there and grew to 25 laps. Suddenly, it quickly doubled to 50 laps. Also their rewards was only one laps. Compared to 50 laps, one lap was like a drop of water in the ocean.

    "Okay. That is all from me. Each of you need to finish 49 laps before dinner's time. Remember to followed the path before and not deviate more than 300 meters from the original path or all of your effort will be useless." Peter concluded and reminded each of them.

    "Oh one more thing, since you are in one class, I want all of you to help each other. So, your device was equipped with a function to transfer your lap to others. However, it is up to you whether use it or not. After all, if you already finished your lap you can find me and get your free time."

    "I hope that all of you could finish this lesson and there is no one among of you guys fail." Peter lastly said before he left.

    "Good luck guys, if you fail, then..." Peter didn't complete his sentence and just smiled sinister. He turned and left the students.
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