58 Idea 1

    Auron thought hard on this matter. He doesn't want to receive the punishment. Even if he had to receive the punishment, he tried to reduce the lacking class laps to below 25, so he would not get a permanent reduce in his attributes. He doesn't really care with the affinity. In reality, Peter had already been rough to them, so a little more hard time doesn't matter to him.

    With a simple calculation, they already filled almost half of the class laps with half countdown timer. So, if they kept this pace for another five hours, they would mostly got 1230, which was 20 laps difference below the goal. However, Auron also knew that it was almost impossible to get like what the calculation had done.

    When he observe his classmate, almost 90% of them was very exhausted. There were even some of them that was in the brink of fainted. As a class captain, he needed to think a way to avoid this. He decided to make a rule. He needed to convey his idea to all of his classmate, however, all of them were scattered.

    Auron arrived at the starting line. He founded out that there were two people lying on the ground. One of them even dragging his body to pass the starting line. Auron came to them. Seeing Auron came to them, one of the person was afraid that Auron was angry to them because they were idling. Auron was the class captain and as what Peter said, he had the right to punish them harshly.

    He wanted to continue to run. However, when he tried to stand up, his legs seems like didn't have any energy to support his body. He directly collapsed to the ground. His face went pale, Auron had already arrived in front of him. He could only prayed that Auron would not killed or disabled him. However, what Auron said surprised him.

    "Just rest. I need you to help me. Make an announcement board, and convey this message"

    "I am decided to make a rule. From now on, If you were tired, you could had 30 minutes rest in the starting line. After 30 minutes, you would need to continue to run for a minimum another 30 minutes. Then, you could get another rest."

    "I am sorry that I had to pushed you like this. However, this was the only thing that I could do. There were still a lot of laps that we need to complete. Without the help from all of the member in the class, it was almost impossible to finish this. However, I also didn't want you to push yourself to death. So, I could only make a this rule."

    "I hope that you guys don't betray my expectation or try to find a loophole in the rule. For the difference, I will try to take all of your burden with me."

    After saying that, Auron still needed to continue running. So, he didn't waste anymore time and continue to run. However, before he began, he didn't forget to take out all of his food in his inventory and give it to the guy to distribute.

    Both of the guys who heard what Auron said was touched. They took note all of what Auron said and didn't missed a single word in it. One of them quickly made an announcement board and wrote down what Auron just said. When he had finished, he planted the announcement board on the ground. He also took his time wisely to eat and rest. Both of them already charmed by Auron kindness and charisma, so they didn't want to let Auron down.

    The other student started to came over to the starting line. Some of them had a hard time to dragged their body across the starting line. When they looked at the announcement board, they quickly surprised and started to stop at the starting line and rest. There was also some student that felt he still could continue so he still continue to run.

    Meanwhile, Auron was running across the forest. When he ran to the starting line, he could see that almost 90% of the student was resting. He could only smiled wryly. Even though, he had predicted this, but seeing the reality still made him dejected. He could only greeted to them and reminded them again on the rules and emphasize on to follow it wisely. If many of them decided to rest and ignored the rule he had made, the burden on him would be multiply. After all, he was only one person and it was already very hard for him to keep on him responsibility let alone for another 20 people.

    After all the running, Auron began to get used to the track and his body control. It was like the saying, 'Repetition is the mother of learning', when you repeat one process over and over again, you would get used to it and started to efficient it. For example, when he ran across the river, he didn't need to step on all of the stone. He could already jump over the stone and just took the stone he needed.

    Right now, Auron had already reduce the time it took for a lap to a third of it. He just needed 20 minutes to finish a lap without using his speed skill. If he used his speed skill then he could reduce it more to around 15 minutes. However, it was still not enough, he still needed to get faster.

    He pondered deeply on another way to reduce his lap's time. He thought of the time when he was in the forest. What made it hard when running in the forest was to avoid the branches and the root from the tree. He needed to reduce his speed to dodge it. Also, it to avoid the branches and root, he needed to spend more energy. That was why, what Auron do was to avoid the direct path they took in the first lap, instead he took a detour within the 300 meters of the original path.

    He found a relatively easy path with less branches and roots. However, since the path was longer, it took more time. He could pushed the time until it was the same as when he took original path and of course with less energy. However, that was the limit, he could reduce the time anymore. This was what bothering Auron.

    Suddenly he got an idea in his mind, "What if I cut all of the branches and roots?"
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