60 Permanent Attributes

    [Peter's Lesson]

    Countdown: 00 hours 05 minutes 30 seconds

    Description: Make the class achieve Peter's goal.

    Quest Clear Condition:

    * Achieve 1250 class laps before the countdown is up.

    * Class Laps (1250/1250).

    * Your Laps (253/50)

    Quest Clear Rewards:

    * Affinity with Peter +5.

    * +1 random attributes permanently for every 50 laps you have finished.

    Quest Failure Punishment:

    * Affinity with Peter -10 for every 5 class laps that are lacking.

    * -1 random attributes permanently for every 25 class laps that are lacking.

    A quest notification popped out indicating that he finished the quest. Looking at the notification, Auron felt relieved as well as satisfied. His hard work to incite his classmate was not in vain. They managed to finished the quest even faster than the allocated time. They managed to finished it 5 minutes faster. This made Auron happy.

    Auron managed to finish 253 laps alone. It was a little bit more than 1/5 of the needed laps. This also helped Auron to earn respect from his classmate. 253 laps was not little. The highest student after Auron only managed to finish 120 laps. It was only half of what Auron finished. Moreover, that student was a swordsman.

    This also confused Auron's classmate. How could a mage surpassed a swordsman. Did class captain was a swordsman but he disguised himself as a mage? No, that was not possible. The academy would never made that simple mistake. The academy putted class' captain in the mage class, that means they acknowledged class' captain as a mage.

    This was a mystery to them all. But, at this moment, they didn't cared about it. They were successfully finished a task that they thought was impossible at the beginning. They would appreciate this moment, as they learned a valuable lesson. If they work very hard, they could even finished a task that seemed impossible to finish. As for how could a mage defeat a swordsman in running, they decided to putted it at the back of their mind and asked Auron at other days.

    What they didn't know was Auron was not an ordinary mage. He got another class which was a swordsman. Moreover, his swordsman's skill was a way higher above the swordsman that ranked after Auron. Since his classmate was a commoner, it was already hard for him to sustain his family living, even more to raise his skill level. In conclusion, it could be said that Auron's swordsman class was the one that defeat the other student. However, they would never thought about it because there was never a man could had two class.

    "Now, it is reward time" Auron thought in his mind and smiled happily.

    Auron clicked at the claim reward button in front of him. Then, in front of him, a roulette appeared. The roulette had 6 sections, strength, agility, vitality, intelligence, dexterity, and luck. Each section representing an attributes. Below the roulette, there was a sentence, "Roulette chance: 5". It was the chance that Auron had to spin the roulette. Since Auron managed to finish 253 laps, based on the quest's rewards description, he would get 5 chance.

    Auron pressed the spin button. The roulette began to rotate clockwise. At first, it was slow. Then, it began accelerating and become faster. The roulette spin faster and faster until the words in the roulette's section could not be seen. The roulette kept on spinning with no sign of stopping.

    When the roulette reached it highest speed, a button below the roulette shine. It was the stop button. Auron pressed the stop button. The roulette that spin very fast began to slow down little by little. At the top of the roulette there was an arrow that point on the section. The section that get chosen by the arrow was the one that would Auron get.

    The roulette slowed down. When the roulette almost stopped, Auron's heart began to pound very hard. After all, there were attributes that he prefer. However, when the roulette was completely stopped, Auron sighed. The arrow pointed on the luck section which mean Auron would get +1 luck. Auron could not help and began to start the second chance.

    When he start his third chance, Auron become anxious. He felt like he was a gambler that was addicted to gambling. This feeling continued until he used all of his chances. Luckily, this gambling could only be used for 5 chances and there was no way to use other way such as money to get another spin chance. If not, Auron would surely bet all of his money to use this chance.

    When he already used all of his chance, Auron calmed down. From the 5 chances, he got 1 strength, 1 agility, 2 luck and 1 vitality. Luck and vitality was attribute that Auron didn't prefer. This could be seen by the way he allocate his attribute when he was leveled up. But luck and vitality was the one that dominated the prize. Auron sighed. But, he quickly changed his mindset. Auron tried to convince himself that there was no useless attributes.

    Moreover, the attributes that he got was permanent. It was very hard to get one permanent attributes, but he already got 5 permanent attributes. He convince himself to be grateful than regretful. He decided to not think about it again and putted it behind his mind.

    After Auron and his classmate finished the laps, all of them rested on the ground. All of them was exhausted. Since there was still 5 minutes until the time was up, they decided to rest and waited for the officer. This quest really benefited them. Not only, they learned a valuable lesson, they also become closer one to another. Auron, the class' captain, also earned his classmate respect. This would make him easier to lead the class.

    After 5 minutes was up, just like before, Peter appeared out of nowhere punctually, he approached them slowly. With his hand behind his back, he was walking slowly to them. This made all of the student, including Auron, more pressured.
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