61 Peace

    All of the student quickly get up and formed a line. This time, the line formed was proper. Despite their tiredness, all of the student stood straight and properly. All of them feeling anxious. They were afraid that Peter would punished them again out of nowhere. Peter stopped in front of them and said, "Good. Although you finish it a few minutes before the time is up, but you still managed to finish it."

    "Better to keep this up tomorrow. See you at 6 a.m. tomorrow." Peter said his goodbye and turned his back and leaved all of the student in daze.

    The student felt joy in each of their heart. However, they quickly dismissed that joy. All of them remembered of what happened earlier this morning. They felt this was as strange as this morning. They still kept their vigilance up.

    "Usually, he will turn and tell us something that will shattered our joy." One of the student thought.

    Peter kept on walking slowly inside of the main building. The student kept on the vigilance and kept stood straight. When Peter already gone inside the main building, then they started to feel relieved.

    "This time, it seems, it was not a trap" One of the student said slowly followed by his classmate nodded.

    They finally let out of their joy. They smiled and laughed happily. Auron told them to calm down and went to get their food. They calmed down however their face betrayed them. A happy and smile could be seen on their face. It was like they won a lottery ticket. Auron only shook his head and went to get dinner with his classmate.

    While getting dinner, their smile and happy face became brighter. They could only smiled widely. After all, this was their first time having proper dinner without rushing. A sense of satisfaction appeared at their heart that made their smile gone wider and wider.

    After dinner's time, they all went to their class specific lesson respectively. Auron went to the mage class lesson. He arrived at the classroom only to find half of the class already filled with student. He looked to find a seat. He decided to sit at the corner on the second row from behind.

    Auron sat there and waited for the class to began silently. While sitting he kept on remembering the theory he had read on the library. While Auron was pondering, more and more student coming to the class.

    A student came inside to the classroom followed by several other student. He saw Auron pondering silently in the corner. He smiled and walked to Auron. When he was in front of Auron, he greeted Auron.

    "Hey gigolo, are you reminiscing your memory with one of your client?" The student mocked Auron followed by laughter from other student behind him.

    The mocking disturbed Auron's train of thought. He looked at the source of sound and found Pollack standing beside him.

    "Ck.. this annoying guy again." Auron despised this guy in his mind. He already knew that it would not stop only with this. He just silently stared at Pollack. Auron's expectation came true. Not long after Auron stared at Pollack, he followed his mocking.

    "This lowly commoner dared to glare at me. Oh I am so scared. What should I do?" Pollack pretended to be scared.

    Auron just kept silent and kept on staring at him. All of the other student felt pity on Auron. However, they could only felt pity and didn't do anything. They didn't want what just happened to Auron also happened to them.

    Seeing Auron didn't responding, Pollack became annoyed. "Why are you kept silent? Are you become a mute? This spot is not for a mute like you go away."

    "That was your spot" Pollack pointed at outside of the classroom. "You didn't deserved to be here. Your place is outside."

    Auron still not responding. "Hey are you become mute and deaf? Quickly go away." Pollack become more annoyed.

    Auron kept on his silent and just smiled. This smiled made Pollack very angry. He raised his arm to hit Auron.

    "What happened here? Why it was so noisy?" A sound came from the classroom's door. Alice went inside the classroom and saw Pollack and Auron.

    "Nothing. We are just playing." Pollack quickly pulled his arm and answered. "Sorry, if this scare you." He apologize to Auron. However, Auron knew that he didn't mean it, so Auron just didn't care about this and focusing his gaze on Alice as if telling Alice that he already impatient to learn today's lesson.

    "You..." Pollack very angry because Auron's behavior but he could not do anything in front of Alice. He could just kept his anger in his heart, "Just you wait". Pollack went to find his seat.

    The lesson started. As what Alice promised before, the lesson was about casting while moving. The lesson went on peace. The commoner and Auron listened to the lesson carefully. While the noble just pretending to listen to the listen. After all, they already get this lesson before they went into the academy. Even some of them could do it.

    Auron kept listened attentively on the lesson. The difference from learning from book and learning with the guidance from a teacher was seen. When learning from a teacher, sometimes, the teacher would share his experience and this way proved to be more effective that learning from book. He learned a lot from the lesson. He felt that he already grasp the theory and what he need just to put it into practice.

    The lesson went on peacefully. When the lesson was over, Alice urged them to practice a lot. She also didn't forget to remind them about the assessment next week. She also said to give more motivation to her student, she would give out a price to the top 3 of the assessment. This boosted the student's motivation.

    Learning from the lesson before, when Alice was went out of the class, Auron quickly followed behind. He didn't want to be bothered by Pollack and his lackeys.

    Soon, 6 days passed and the day of the assessment came.
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