62 Mage Simulation Tower

    Soon, 6 days passed and the day of the assessment came.

    During 6 days, his schedule almost the same everyday. At the morning, he would attend Peter's class and at night he would attend Alice's class. After Alice's class was over, he would either went to the library or practicing what he had learned in the class.

    Although, it seems boring, however, he showed a sign of improving. In Alice's class, he got better understanding on the elemental as well as on how to cast spell while moving. For the elemental understanding, sometimes, Auron analyzed his already learnt spell and it gives Auron more knowledge. His first choice was a fire elemental spell because it was the elemental with the most powerful power than other elemental. His hard work was paid off, he already could reduce the basic fire spell casting time for 0,1 second.

    Although, it seems insignificant, however, if it was used in the prolonged battle of spell, this advantage could be stack and determine the outcome of the battle. For other elemental, Auron did not have enough time to analyze them. It could be seen by it took him 6 days just to reduce 0,1 second. Moreover, it was only the basic spell and not the more complicated spell. This showed how hard it was to improve the elemental understanding. However, Auron believed that after he mastered the fire spell, he could apply his knowledge that he got to other elemental which can shortened the time to raise the elemental understanding of other elements.

    For the casting while moving, he was very close to master the skill, [Walking Chanting]. For 6 days, he kept on practicing on the theory he learned. If he had any doubt or question he would looked it in the library or asked Alice when the class was over. This way, he could also ran away from Pollack and his lackeys' bullying. Seeing how hard Auron practiced, Alice also began to have a good impression of Auron. She would help him with her wholehearted.

    Auron relentless practice paid off, although he still not learned the skill however, the barrier getting thinner. If before there was a thick wall separating him and the skill, now, it was as thick as a plywood board. Auron predicted that if he continuously doing this, in one or two week he could destroy the barrier and learn the skill.

    In Peter's class, Auron got raise in affinity with Peter from the quest before. However, Auron realized that it didn't have any effect. Peter kept on giving them almost impossible task the same as the running task before. However, Auron with the respect and trust he gained from his other classmate, it was easy for him to command and control his classmate. Because of this, he could complete all of the task given despite the difficulty.

    The task was difficult, but the reward was amazing. Each of Peter's task gave Auron a permanent attribute ranging from 1 until at most 5 for each task. From the 6 days, Auron got another 10 permanent attribute which compromise of 1 strength, 2 agility, 2 intelligence, 2 vitality, 2 dexterity, and 1 luck. This rewards was huge because 10 attributes was the same as one level for Auron or 2 level for ordinary player. With the permanent attributes rewards, Auron felt stronger than before. Also, from doing Peter's task he felt that his ability to command and make quick decision improved greatly.

    After 6 days passed, thanks to his swordsman character grinding. Auron, managed to achieve level 22. It was two level higher than what he predicted before. This was because he managed to achieve a good loot. So when he sold it, he could get more money. And Auron spared no effort to keep the money, instead he invested all the money he got to buy potion and equipment. This way, his swordsman hunting speed improved and this was the reason he got two level higher than what he predicted before. Auron also didn't forget to buy a good equipment for his mage character. With all of the preparation, Auron felt he was ready for the assessment day.

    And today was the day of the assessment would began. Auron was in front of a huge tower. In front of the tower there was be a big board with a big staff drawn on it. The board was a symbol for mage and the huge tower in front of him was the mage simulation tower where the assessment would take place.

    Auron was not alone, there already all of his classmate from the class specific lesson. However, all of them still waiting for the start of the assessment. Some of them chatting with other, while some of them kept calming their mind so that they would do better in the assessment and get a higher score.

    At this time, Pollack came over to Auron followed by his lackeys.

    "Ha ha ha. Have you packed your belonging? Don't worry, I will help you moving out of the academy." Pollack mocked Auron. He felt like he didn't even have a chance to lose this bet.

    Auron looked at Pollack lazily and sneered, "Don't you forget to kneel down and apologize in front of me."

    "Ha ha ha. Do you think I would lose to you? A lowly commoner." Pollack laughed loudly followed by laughter and mocking from his lackeys.

    Seeing this, Auron didn't say anything, he even didn't bother about Pollack anymore and just waiting silently for the assessment.

    "You..." Seeing Auron ignored him, Pollack became angry and want to give Auron a lesson.

    However, before he even had the chance to teach Auron a lesson, a loud voice rang, "Silent!! All of you gather at the entrance of the tower now!"

    Alice was shouting from the tower's entrance and gathering the student. Hearing what Alice said. All of the student quickly went and gathered at the tower's entrance.

    "This is the start" Auron thought in his heart while walking to the tower's entrance
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