63 Assessment 1

    Alice gathered the student at the tower's entrance.

    "As you know, we are going to have an assessment. This assessment will act as a guideline for me to know your battle skill."

    "So, I need you all to unleashed your full skill here. As a motivation for you and to ensure you using all what you've got, I am going to give a reward for the top 3 student in this assessment."

    "The third ranked reward is going to be 2 uncommon equipment."

    "The second ranked reward is going to be a rare equipment."

    "As for the top ranked reward, I am going to give a rare equipment. In addition of that, I will also teach you one of my created spell."

    When the student heard the reward for first ranked, they were shocked as well as excited. Alice was a well known mage in Two Worlds. She was the disciple of the academy's headmaster. Not only that, Alice was also crowned as the most gifted mage in all of Gaia.

    Her achievement was a lot. During her days in the academy, she always achieved the first ranked in all of what she did. Also, she directly become the academy's headmaster disciple when her batch going into the practical lesson period. Her master was so proud of her and doted her a lot. Fortunately, Alice didn't misuse the trust and doting of her master. She kept on working hard and didn't abuse her authority.

    Combined with her kindness, she become a goddess in the eyes of other people. However, because she was quite strict and stubborn, it was very difficult for others to get into her eyes. When a man tried to approaches her, if that man could not get into her eyes, she would ignore him. Moreover, with her talent, she kept on getting strong and the baseline to get into her eyes kept rising up. This made her, a beautiful and talented goddess, was still alone.

    She didn't care about it. However, her master, cared a lot about this. That was why, her master insisted her to teach a class in the academy. This way, she could interact with others teacher and her disciple. Maybe, it would make her realized that her standard was too high and she would lower it a bit.

    Auron also know a bit about Alice. He already read the biography of all the talented student throughout the academy in the library. And, Alice was one of them. Despite her kind and beautiful appearance, she was very strong. She, alone, could handle dominate all of the other student in her batch including the student from the most powerful noble lineage.

    When she was about to graduate, she created a new spell and this spell was recognized as one of the most powerful fire spell in all of Gaia. After she was graduated, she kept on producing a new fire spell. Up until this date, she already created 15 fire spell. Only Alice could use the 15 fire spell she had created and never a second soul ever used it even her master.

    There was another genius that tried to replicate Alice created spell. However, after he replicate it, it turned out only the appearance was the same however, the power and ability of the spell was completely different. When he used that spell on a big tree, the tree only got charred mark on it. However, when Alice used it, the tree was turned into ash.

    That genius tried to modified the spell to match Alice's spell. However, he kept on failed time over time. One day, that genius realized that he would never can catch up to Alice and he gave up. He use the replicated spell as a basis and created another spell completely different from Alice.

    This was why when, the first reward was one of Alice's spell, all of the student's spirit got pumped up. They needed to get that spell. One of Alice spell was worth more than even an epic graded equipment. Even for the weakest from the 15, it was still worth as an epic graded equipment. Moreover, they would become the first soul that learned that rare skill beside Alice.

    "Now, all of you may have read the procedure on how the assessment will be going from the guidebook. But, I will still explained it to you."

    "As its name, you will be going enter a simulation room. The room will created a simulation world. The world will be similar as our world, however, it will take place in the chaotic era."

    "Although it is called world, however, keep in mind that the area will not as spacious as you think. There will be a sign to show the worlds boundary. If you step over the boundary, then the simulation will stop and also your assessment."

    "There will be enemy spawned and they will keep on chasing to kill you. You need to take down that enemy to earn point. When you eliminate all of enemy, after 5 minutes of rest, another batch of enemy will be spawn with more quantity and quality."

    "When you die or step over the boundary, that will ends the assessment. You would be ranked based on the point you earn. And, as I said before, the top 3 will get the rewards."

    "Also, to ensure the fair judgement and know your battle experience. All of you will get the same equipment which was the very basic equipment a mage can get. Another thing is, all of you can use all of the skill available however, that spell would only level one."

    "All of you also will get the same attributes and you cannot use any potion in the simulation. So, maintain your mana carefully. The first enemy spawn will be the same as your level now and will increased gradually."

    "Keep in mind, as a mage you will usually fight at the back and use spell to eliminate the enemy. However, you cannot always rely on that. There will be a situation that force you to fight in a close combat even without spell."
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