64 Assessment 2

    "Any question?" Alice asked

    No hands were up. Seeing this Alice wanted to start the assessment, however, a student raised his hand. "Yes, Pollack?"

    "Ms Alice, I am not asking a question. I just want you to become a witness on my duel with other student."

    "Oh.." Alice became interested. Back then when she was still in the academy, she also like to duel with other student. Whenever she saw a student was bullying other student, she would stood up for that student and challenged the bully to a duel. Also, there was a time when a student was kept on chasing and pestering her and it annoyed her, so she resolved it with another duel.

    However, that only last for the first month she was in the academy. After that, her talent and power kept getting stronger and more and more people knew about that. At the end, because they didn't want to duel when they knew they would lose, they avoided to make trouble in front of her.

    "Who are you dueling? Is there a bet included?"

    "I am dueling with Smiling Wizard, and there is a bet included" Pollack smiled.

    "Is it true?" Alice asked Auron. She was surprised to see Auron was dueling with Pollack. She knew Auron from these few days and her impression of Auron gradually increased. With no mage talent, he kept on learning and not give up.

    "Yes. The one who get higher score in this assessment will be the winner. And, if I win, he would kneel and publicly apologized to me. If I lose, I will not attend you class anymore." Auron said bluntly.

    Hearing the bet, she was shocked. Although Auron had no talent to become a mage, her impression of Auron had increased. When a student was very enthusiastic about what the teacher teaches, the teacher would also become motivated to teach more.

    "It is a pity that I would lose such an enthusiastic student" She sighed in her mind. She thought that Auron would lose but, she could not stop the duel.

    The academy believe that dueling would help the student to gain more battle experience. Thus, the academy encourage the student to duel, this could be seen from the academy way of doing. In practical period, the student could duel and bet their academy's point. As the baseline point gradually rising up, duel was the only way to get the point needed.

    As long as both parties agrees to the duel willingly and it not involved death, then there was no way that duel could be stopped even by teacher or the headmaster. From the way Auron and Pollack said, Alice knew that both of them had agreed to the duel way long before and there was no pressure involved. She knew she could not stopped the duel, so she didn't bothered to stop it though she would lose a bright student.

    "Okay, as you both have agreed before. I will become the witness of your duel."

    "Then, now, let us start our assessment. All of you get into your designated room."

    "Show off all of your battle's skill. Remember, there are prize for the top 3 student." Alice reminded the student once again.

    The student went to their designated room including Auron. He went inside a simulation room number 20. The room was not spacious, however, there was a machine in the middle of the room. That machine was the one that going to teleport him to the simulation world. He directly went to the machine.

    Meanwhile, Alice was going to the monitor room to monitor all of her student assessment. With monitoring the student, she could give advice to her student so they could improved their skill. There were many monitor in the room that synchronize with the number of student in her class. Seeing all of them was ready, she will start the assessment.

    "Okay, seeing all of you are ready. We will begin the assessment. You will be teleported to the simulation world. After you arrived there will be 1 minute idle period before the first enemy spawned. Use that time wisely." Alice's voice transferred to all of the student.

    After Alice's voice, Auron's vision darkened out a second before he regained his vision again. However, when he regained his vision he was not in the simulation room, instead, he was inside a forest. And, in front of him a minute countdown timer shown.

    Auron didn't waste his time, he looked at all of his attribute, his health, his mana, his movement speed, casting speed as well as his spell. He got many spell that he hadn't learn before. He quickly skimmed over all of the spell to know the mana required to cast the spell and the effective range of the spell.

    After gathering the information, He concluded that he could cast 10 basic spell like fire bolt, ice bolt, wind bolt, or earth spike before his mana depleting. Also, he needed to spent 5 minutes to recover his mana to full condition again. With his full mana, he could only cast the most advanced spell once and that spell would emptied his mana. The casting time also varied and it needed longer time than what he had before.

    Each of the student get the same equipment which was a set of the most basic mage's equipment, a wooden staff and basic dagger. Auron equipped the staff and kept the dagger in his inventory for now.

    "I need to use the mana wisely" Auron thought. Auron had read about the mage spell in the library before. He also tried to remember his mage opponent move when he was still swordsman. He thought that maybe he could adopted their fighting style. Seeing the countdown nearing the end, Auron calmed his mind. After all, a calm mind will help him to make decision.

    "6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... 0" Auron counted down in his mind. When the number shown 0, Auron started to move out.
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