65 Assessment 3

    A notification rang near Auron.

    [An enemy with level 22 had been spawn]

    Auron didn't care about the notification, instead, he was analyzing the terrain. He was looking for a place to set up an ambush. With an ambush, he could catch the enemy in surprise, so Auron would spent fewer resource to defeat that enemy. This could save his mana for another enemy.

    While analyzing the terrain, Auron sensed a movement. He quickly stopped what he was doing and looking at the source of movement. From afar, Auron spotted the enemy. The first enemy was a swordsman.

    To make it fair for the participant, the enemy also got the same treatment as the participant. They got only the basic equipment for their respective class and all of the skill or spell was only at level 1. What differentiate between the enemy and the participant was the character's level. Because the character's level was different automatically, the enemy attribute's also different. At first, they had the same attributes as the participant, however, gradually, the attributes would rise as the character's level also rise.

    This was what the academy want to tested. They wanted to know the participant way of thinking when facing such situation. Will the participant succumb to the pressure from their enemy or they could still give a fight back. This also become the baseline on how many level difference the participant could fight.

    Seeing Auron, the enemy directly used [Charge] towards Auron. However, Auron didn't stay still, he already chanted a spell. An earth spike grow from the ground and attacked the charging enemy. It successfully stopped the enemy charge and damage him. Auron quickly followed up with another spell. He didn't stopped until there, he bombarded the enemy with the spell.

    Auron didn't hold anything because he knew there was only one enemy right now. Under the bombardment of the spell, the enemy could not hold long and died. After the enemy died, another notification rang out telling Auron that he got 22 points. The participant would get points the same as the opponent's level. This way, the participant that start with a level higher didn't have any disadvantage.

    Also, another countdown timer popped out in front of Auron. A 5 minutes countdown was started. Below the countdown there was also a continue button. That button used to dismiss the countdown and directly continue to the next stage. When the timer was going, Auron could not moved. He could only stood still while waiting the countdown end or pressed the continue button to directly start another battle.

    The academy had calculated carefully. Each of every participant character's was designed that 5 minutes was the time needed to fully replenish the all of character's health and mana regardless how heavy their injuries. The debuff effect from the enemy also cleansed out during the waiting period. However, not all of the participant needed 5 minutes to fully replenish their condition. Some of them didn't take any damage or didn't spent many mana. So, they didn't need 5 minutes. That was why, instead of waiting, there was the continue button for them to directly continue.

    After some time, Auron managed to fully replenish his mana. He didn't stay long and pressed the continue button. As soon as Auron pressed the continue button, a notification rang out near Auron.

    [An enemy with level 23 had been spawn]

    Like what he did before, Auron didn't look for the enemy instead he was still analyzing the terrain. While analyzing, he also kept his vigilance up. He didn't want to be ambushed while looking for a way to ambush the enemy. A few moment later, Auron heard a sound of something slicing through the wind.

    Auron tried to dodge. That thing went through Auron and scratched his face before stuck in the tree in front of Auron. That thing was an arrow.

    "So, this time is an archer" Auron thought.

    Auron looked at his health. That arrow scratched him and he got some damage. Fortunately, it was only a scratch, so the damage was not too high. Auron looked at his surrounding looking for the archer.

    The enemy launched another arrow aimed at Auron. However, this time Auron managed to spot the enemy so he could easily dodged the arrow and didn't take any damage at all. After unleashing the arrow the enemy quickly hide behind the tree. However, Auron already knew where the enemy was, so he quickly chanted an advanced spell and aimed at the tree. Auron wanted to destroy the tree as well as attacking the enemy behind it.

    However, the enemy didn't stay still, seeing Auron chanting a high level spell he moved out and launched another attack at Auron while moving. Auron canceled his spell and dodged the incoming arrow. This was his first time battling in a long range battle. Auron could not get used to it.

    The enemy kept on attacking Auron. However, Auron managed to take cover behind a tree. When he was thinking what should he do, a loud sound rang toward him. He knew the enemy was using his skill. He quickly ran out and take cover behind another tree. The enemy's skill hit the tree where Auron stood before and destroy it. The tree fell down, however, it didn't managed to hurt Auron.

    Auron decided to come closer to the enemy. He used [Aqua shield]. A shield made of water was made in front of him. The enemy kept on attacking him, however, the shield managed to deflect all of the attack. When the shield time was ended, Auron managed to shorten their distance. Auron chanted a [Quagmire] at the enemy. The ground beneath the enemy turned soft and managed to slowed down the enemy.

    The enemy shot another arrow at Auron. However, Auron didn't waste this chance, he chanted [Fire Bolt] towards the enemy's arrow. The arrow was burned to dust and since the arrow was shot at straight line, the [Fire Bolt] Auron chanted went to attack the enemy.
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